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Server Version Updates January 13th 2022

Posted: Jan 13, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for January 13th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
First, the Mod Packs. A Bit of Everything has a fairly normal update with additions, updates, and four fixes. All of Fabric 5 adds a couple of recipes while replacing some inputs. All the Magic Spellbound added multiple mods, reworked configs, fixed more bees and disabled an aspect of twighlight forest. All the Mods 6 added sulfur to blaze drops while updating its library. All the Mods 7 fixed two mods and updated its Forge version. Another Quality Modpack 2 had a fairly large update where it had removals, disabled some features, reverting of some mod versions, and more. Another Quality Modpack 3 disabled an explosion, increased performance, and a couple of other things. Better Minecraft 1.16 fixed a couple issues and updated the rest. Better Minecraft 1.18 had the same update. Better Minecraft FABRIC removed two mods, fixed an issue, and updated a mod. Better Minecraft PLUS removed many mods, made multiple fixes, and updated its library. Craft to Exile changed aspects of the mod while adding some new features. Farming Valley changed distance between towns config. Farming Valley Lite did the same. FTB Direwolf20, FTB Endeavour, and FTB Academy all have no changelog available. FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition updated its mods and added to its library. Hexxit II has a very large update with config changes, additions, cfixes, updated forge versions, updated library, and more. Medieval Minecraft and Medieval Minecraft Fabric both remove RPGStats. Pokehaan Craft removed a mod, added Hwyla, and updated a mod. Ragnamod VI configured mods and updated the rest. Seapolis removed kraken spawning naturally. Sky Bees updated all mods and fixed a quest. Team Rustic removed addons, fixed a few quests, and added mods. Valhelsia Fabric added mods and updated the rest.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.16.5 created a parent directory when creating empty config files, 1.16 redux. Forge 1.18.1 reworked world persistence hooks to fix the double registry injection when loading single player worlds.
Further on, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.14 has no changelog. Paper 1.18 fixes chunk range int overflow. Spigot provides no changelog.
lastly, the Gametypes. Boost, Caveblock, Creative, mcMMO, Murder Mystery, Paintball, Skyblock, SkyGrid, The Bridge, Villager Defence.

Mod Packs:

  • A Bit of Everything updated from 3.9.4b to 4.1.0
    – Fix Apo worldgen
    – Fix added Warning text to advise the game hasn’t crashed or frozen and to be patient to server joining or SP world loading
    – Fixed Agricraft config
    – Fixed the infamous “Player Timed out” bug on second connect, culprit being NotEnoughCreativity.
    – Updated all mods
    – Added mods
  • All of Fabric 5 (AOF5) updated from 0.2.7 to 0.2.11
    – Hide Indrev steel & silver armor from REI.
    – Replace inputs of magitek mechs iron gear with MI equivalent.
    – New recipe for Basic Machine Frame (https://i.imgur.com/psubDWt.png).
    – New recipe for Grinder (https://i.imgur.com/8pdGxfN.png)
  • All the Magic Spellbound - (ATMS) updated from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2
    – added hexerei
    – added the undergarden
    – added create plus
    – added create deco
    – added werewolves
    – added guide api
    – added mahou tsukai
    – added farmers respite
    – added abnormals delight
    – added and updated quests
    – special configs for mahou (thanks to KirinDave)
    – reworked configs and scripts for the abyss 2.0
    – fixed more bees
    – disabled the twilight forest uncrafting table, it couldn’t be crafted but was still obtainable and exploitable.
  • All the Mods 6 (ATM6) updated from 6-1.8.16 to 6-1.8.17
    – Add sulfur to blaze drops from Hostile Neural Networks
    – Add more seeds to Botany Pots/Cloche
    – Remove Redstone P2P quest
    – Add smeltery recipes for Create crushed ores
    – updated mods
  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated from 0.2.19 to 0.2.23
    – Fix for Minecolonies
    – Fix for Crystal Chests
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 39.0.17
  • Another Quality Modpack 2 updated from 1.5.2a to 1.6
    – Disabled Ward Block’s Experience Block (XP Block never used to do this, only loot block did, which has been disabled. the whole instantaneous slaughter doesnt work for me)
    – Got rid of Laser Blade due to… you know.
    – Buffed Mother Demon and Icon of Sin
    – Added the Custom AQM2 Items, Star of Sin, Demon Pearl, and Corrupted Emerald. All which drop from Dooms Bosses (Mother Demon, Icon of Sin, Arch Makyr)
    – Created dough tags for dough items which are now interchangeable for other recipes requiring them
    – Updated Mythic Metals which came with some new allowable heights, so new ranges for ore set
    – Reverted Falling Tree back to needing to press SHIFT to utilize the log shifting down
    – Doom mobs spawning in the end
    – Palladium Ore not spawning
    – Laser blade mod removed
  • Another Quality Modpack 3 updated from AQM2 v1.0.2-hotfix to 1.2.2a
    – Client mismatch. Enchant with mobs was still in the client pack when it should have been removed
    – Performance updates
    – Fixed Awesome dungeon spread/separation due to config reset
    – Blacklisted Graveyard and Dungeons Arise from lootr chests
    – Disabled Ars Nouveau Explosion due to decimating thousands of blocks including Bedrock
  • Better Minecraft 1.16 updated from 52.5 to 53.5
    – Fixed Void Worm Quest for the last time
    – Fixed Warden Icon show up when Crouching
    – Updated Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark
    – Updated Serene Seasons
  • Better Minecraft 1.18 updated from v10 to v11.5
    – Fixed Void Worm Quest for the last time
    – Fixed Warden Icon show up when Crouching
    – Updated Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark
    – Updated Serene Seasons
  • Better Minecraft FABRIC updated from v8.5 to v10.5
    – Removed Wild Update Mod (Causing minecraft:click Bug)
    – Removed Creeper Overhaul (Spawning Issues)
    – Fixed minecraft:click Bug hopefully as the Wild Mod Devs said it was their Mod causing the Issue
    – Updated Bountiful (Fabric)
  • Better Minecraft PLUS updated from 35 - Major Update to 36.5
    – Added Skinned Lanterns (Forge) (by nuxthefox)
    – Removed Create Deco (Causing Ghosting Issues with Create)
    – Removed Nether’s Exoticism (Not Needed)
    – Removed Ambient Sounds 5 (Immersive FX already adds it)
    – Removed Beyond Earth (Causing Crashing and Server Issues)
    – Removed Enhanced Celestials (Causes too much Lag on Servers)
    – Fixed Quests
    – Fixed Ghosting Issues with Create
    – Fixed Warden Icon Showing up on the left side
    – Fixed Xaeros Modded Icons not Showing up
    – Fixed Ore Stone Variants Texture Missing
    – Fixed Biomes O’ Plenty not generating on Servers
    – Disabled FTB Waypoints on Death
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Craft to Exile updated from 2.14.3b to 2.14.4
    – Changes to Block (listed below) should allow it to be a more viable defensive option while not changing it for players who enjoy how it currently works.
    – New shield thorns stats have been added from level 1-50.
    – New shield physical thorn stats have been added.
    – Reenabled the Tropicraft sifter.
  • Farming Valley updated from 1.0.5 to 1.0.7
    – Changed distance between towns config from 25 to 128
  • Farming Valley Lite updated from 1.0.9 to 1.0.11
    – Changed distance between towns config from 25 to 128
  • FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.16 updated from 1.13.0 to 1.13.1
    – updated mods
  • FTB Endeavour updated from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0
    – no changelog available
  • FTB Academy 1.16 updated from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0
    – no changelog available
  • FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition updated from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0
    – mods updated
    – mods added
  • Hexxit II updated from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0
    – Changed Hexxit Gear to a custom fork by phantamanta44, with an extremely important fix to a bug causing armor sets to reduce all incoming damage by >91% (instead of only magic damage reduction for the Sage set). This makes Hexxit Gear sets balanced again as intended, with protection levels equivalent to diamond plus the set bonuses & abilities.
    – The new Hexxit Gear fork also includes changes to the set bonuses of each type of armor, in order to make each type useful in different situations (try to master the Thief set’s wall jumping!). There are also new tooltips on the items with the relevant information.
    – Fixed the Mac incompatibility by including the latest version of Chocolate Quest Repoured.
    – Added Smooth Scrolling Everywhere, for a better scrolling experience in game menus, and also added Reach Fix which fixes some entity hit detection issues.
    – A few config changes & fixes, such as enabling the Capsule mod’s Recall enchantment on weapons (to counter mobs which drop your weapon!).
    – Updated Forge, and 12 mods to their latest versions – these updates include some new features, such as nicer Bountiful boards & new dungeons, and many fixes (apart from Mac compatibility), such as working Mo’ Creatures water mobs on servers and working Fairy Lights on fences!
  • Medieval Minecraft Forge updated from 47 - Major Update to 48.5
    – Removed RPGStats (Crashing when Wandering Trader drinks Invisible Potion)
  • Medieval Minecraft Fabric updated from 4.5 to 9.5
    – Removed RPGStats (Crashing when Wandering Trader drinks Invisible Potion)
  • Pokehaan Craft updated from 1.1.14 to 1.1.15
    – Removed theoneprobe-1.12-1.4.28
    – Added Hwyla
    – Updated PixelmonInformation-1.12.2-8.3.0-0.4.1
  • Ragnamod VI updated from 6.0.27 to 6.1.1
    – Configured Mods
    – updated mods
  • Seaopolis updated from 14.1 to 14.3
    – Removed kraken spawning naturally
  • Sky Bees updated from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2
    – Updated all mods
    – Fixed Witchwater Quest
  • Team Rustic updated from 4.0 to 4.1
    – Removed KubeJS addons – will add back if/when I actually use them.
    – Fixed a few quests.
    – A Coin To Your Witcher chapter is delayed to 4.2
    – Xaero’s Minimap is added this update so your corpse gets marked after death but the actual minimap is hidden. You can turn it on in the configs if you want it!
  • Valhelsia Fabric updated from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
    – Added mods
    – updated mods

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.16.5 updated from 36.2.22 to 36.2.23
    – Also create parent directories when creating empty config files, 1.16 redux
  • Forge 1.18.1 updated from 39.0.10 to 39.0.19
    – Rework world persistence hooks to fix the double registry injection when loading single player worlds.

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.14 updated from 244 to 245
    – no changelog
  • Paper 1.18 updated from 133 to 148
    – Fix chunk range int overflow
  • Spigot updated from 3395 to 3400
    – no changelog


  • Boost updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Caveblock updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Creative updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • mcMMO updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Murder Mystery updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Paintball updated from 1.14.4 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Skyblock updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • SkyGrid updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • The Bridge updated to 1.18.1
    – version update
  • Villager Defence updated from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1
    – version update

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