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Game Server Hosting

Apex Hosting has been providing game server hosting since starting with Minecraft in 2013 and continues to provide high quality servers with industry leading support across multiple games.

Minecraft Server Hosting


Minecraft is a massively popular 3D sandbox game based on survival and numerous ways to craft and build using the game’s blocks. With procedurally generated worlds, you have virtually infinite ways to play through each world, changing the gameplay each time. With our Minecraft server hosting, team up with friends, play alone, and experience the infinite possibilities within the game. Alongside that, plugins and modifications to the game redefine the gameplay as a whole, adding new challenges, adventures, and items to work with. Whether you aim to survive, build, play minigames, farm, and more, Minecraft’s customizable experience is waiting to be unleashed. With hundreds of modpacks and versions to select, Apex Hosting makes your Minecraft server simple, yet intuitive and highly customizable.

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ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game that takes place on the mysterious island of ARK. Alongside roaming dinosaurs, you must also hunt, gather resources, craft, and research in order to build shelters and survive. Using a variety of tools and items, build up your arsenal and begin to kill, tame, or breed the various dinosaurs and creatures that you will encounter. Thanks to ARK server hosting, you can form a team or destroy your enemies in multiplayer mode with other players. From riding atop giant brontosaurus to sauring in the skies on a pterodactyl, the dangerous lands of ARK await your arrival. With the many mods, worlds, and options to customize, Apex Hosting simplifies the process of maintaining an ARK server.

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Ark Server Hosting
ARK: SA Server Hosting

Ark: SA

ARK: Survival Ascended takes place on an island in prehistoric times, surrounded by many diverse dinosaurs and creatures that players must endure to survive. Fight alongside others and collect resources to craft equipment and build bases. As you progress through the game, unlock new technologies and upgrade your character to better overcome challenges. Thanks to ARK: SA server hosting, you can team up with friends and become victors in the age of dinosaurs! Otherwise, battle against others in PvP combat and raid bases to gather resources. There are countless options when you set up a dedicated server, such as having the ability to customize game rules, install mods, and more. Get started today with us at Apex Hosting, making server owning easy and simple.

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Palworld immerses players in a survival challenge. With courage and strength, you’ll build an army of Pal companions, occasionally having to sacrifice them for survival, especially in intense boss battles. Collecting materials, obtaining powerful equipment, and taming Pals are crucial for success in harsh conditions. Dedicated servers enable collaborative survival, with players strategizing, facing dungeons, and bringing your Pals into boss battles to earn unique lootable chests and keys. Construct expansive factories and farmlands, produce resources, and creating structures to shape your own Palworld adventures!

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Palworld Server Hosting
Enshrouded Server Hosting


The world takes place in Embervale, a lost and destroyed realm in Enshrouded – thanks to your foolish ancestors. There have been unleashed fallen creatures plaguing those unfortunate to encounter them, as these hostile enemies will attack on sight. As a Shroud survivor, you must overcome these challenges and help rebuild the lost kingdom. Explore vast lands, underground biomes, dungeons, and more! The search for hidden knowledge awaits, leading you on an epic adventure full of magic, skills, crafting, building, combat, along with tons of unique citizens to help your cause. Shape your destiny in Enshrouded and become the ultimate Shroud survivor.

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Valheim is a brutal survival game in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. Starting with nothing, collect resources to begin crafting bases and tools to prolong your life. As you gather armor, craft boats, and make dangerous weapons, slay the bloodthirsty monsters and beasts that threaten your very existence. With our excellent Valheim server hosting, whether you survive by yourself or join with up to 10 players in a multiplayer server, the world of Valheim is full of secrets waiting to be unearthed. With access to the fan-favorite Valheim Plus mod and the ability to change the game settings on a whim, Apex Hosting streamlines the process of owning a Valheim server.

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Valheim Server Hosting
Project Zomboid Server Hosting

Project Zomboid

Within the zombie-infested sandbox of Project Zomboid, your death is inevitable, but how will it happen? With hordes of zombies waiting to pounce at any moment, you must stray from their vision and hearing by hiding in shadows, turning off lights, or even blocking windows. Along with zombies, you and other players must also struggle to fight hunger, thirst, illness, and even depression in the open and dangerous world. With customization and online servers, you can work together or be a lone wolf as you set up fortresses, gather tools, and even use vehicles. Regardless of how many players you have and how prepared you are, death is always lurking around every corner in Project Zomboid. With easy access to customization files to adjust gameplay or install mods, Apex Hosting simplifies the process of owning a Project Zomboid server.

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In a world filled with chaos and danger, what will you do to survive? In the world of Rust, you find yourself on a mysterious island full of danger at every corner. From the wildlife, inhabitants, and even other players, you will need to be ready to face whatever comes your way. Starting with just a rock and a torch, craft a variety of tools and weapons from axes to guns. Build fortresses with farms, electricity, and more in order to survive against the onslaught that waits in the distance. Team up with or take on other survivors with our Rust server hosting in order to claim their resources, loot, or simply to survive another day. From installing plugins, resetting your world, to using the game console, Apex Hosting allows easy adjustment to keep your Rust server active and interesting for players.

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Rust Server Hosting
7 Days to Die Server Hosting

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a first-person survival sandbox in a world infested with zombies. Featuring combat, crafting, mining, and other resource gathering, you must hone your skills in order to survive the brutal world. With a dedicated 7 Days to Die server, team up with or fight against other players to prolong your life. Build settlements and hunt together or exploit others for your own gain, the broken world is a dangerous place. As you develop your settlements, you’ll go from starting farms to driving around a variety of vehicles. With so much possibility in the zombie-infested world, there is much to do and much to be feared in the lands of 7 Days to Die.

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Counter-Strike 2

Counter Strike: 2 is a competitive first-person shooter game in which two teams fight against the other to come out on top. Alongside this are many other modes such as Deathmatch and Battle Royale to keep the gameplay unique. In addition, the game is compatible with numerous mods and plugins, boosting the game even further beyond its original intentions. With CS2 server hosting and community servers offering additional mods such as ‘surfing’, the game continues to thrive due to the simple yet customizable gameplay. From the ability to easily install plugins, change maps, and our 24/7 support, Apex Hosting is the best option for owning a CS2 server.

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CS2 Server Hosting
Conan Server Hosting

Conan Exiles

In the world of Conan Exiles, you are saved by Conan himself, which throws you into a vast world of survival gameplay. Brave sandstorms, be weary of temperatures and fight for food and resources. With burning deserts and freezing mountains, there is plenty to explore. Gather resources to begin crafting tools and weapons, then begin to create fortresses and cities to call your own. But you are not alone in this world, the existence of other players will ignite all-out wars and battles over territory. Work together with survivors or become a scourge among the exiled lands, the world Conan Exiles is yours to take. With our ever-expanding knowledgebase and access to custom maps and content, Apex Hosting brings Conan Exiles servers to a new level.

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Terraria is a 2D exploration and survival sandbox game, with many ways to play throughout the world. Dig into the depths of the underground, fight the monsters lurking in the dark, and build structures for yourself or the survivors you meet along the way. Gather increasingly powerful weapons and spells to defeat the bosses who wish to strike you down. Using Terraria server hosting, join other players to embark on a quest to gather the most resources, build the largest cities, and slay the deadliest of monsters. Explore the vast world of a Terraria with others or by yourself in the world of Terraria. With full world customization and the ability to change difficulties on the fly, Apex Hosting easily provides access to Terraria server creation and adjustment.

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Terraria Server Hosting
Unturned Server Hosting


In a land filled with endless zombies and undead, survival is your only option. In Unturned, you are one of the few people that are not yet zombies, now you will need to keep it that way. Whether you hunt and gather for food and resources to keep yourself fed, plant crops, or scavenge the abandoned buildings, you will struggle against the world itself. With our Unturned server hosting, you gain the ability to play online with other players, with each person you encounter being a friend or foe. Whether you and your friends raid enemy camps, fight with your weapons, or even arrest bandits for non-lethality, there is plenty to experience. With many worlds, vehicles, and buildings to discover, the world of Unturned will keep you on your toes. From easy access to map changes to automatic installation of mod loaders, Apex Hosting redefines the process of owning an Unturned Server.

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Dropped on an alien planet, your job while playing Satisfactory is to exploit the land and fauna for its resources to build the largest factories and complete Project Assembly. Start with mining by hand, then begin creating your mechanical empire using drills, conveyor belts, and a variety of machines to craft the necessary items to continue your expansion. With our Satisfactory server hosting, team up with friends or other players to create the largest factories with the newest technology. Traverse the world using a variety of trucks, trains, and even drones to reach the farthest corners of the land. With customization tools, choose to decorate your factories with a variety of beams, pillars, and materials. With mysterious artifacts and dangerous fauna lurking around every corner, preparation is key to survive and perform your duties as a FICSIT employee. With access to the server controls and files, Apex Hosting improves the process of owning a Satisfactory server.

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Satisfactory Server Hosting
Factorio Server Hosting


After crash landing on an alien planet, you must build a variety of factories to construct an escape vessel. From chopping trees to oil refining, build a mechanical empire using a variety of tools and machines that await your use. With our Factorio server hosting, team up with friends or other players to build factories that stretch across the world. Whether you work together or split up to build smaller structures, an endless expansion will carve the path to victory. Be weary, however, as the local fauna is hostile towards your presence and will attack at any time. Build defenses to eradicate the enemy and continue the exploitation of the world around you. With a whole planet at your fingertips, your factory kingdom can either be your uprising or your downfall. With the ability to change server customizations, passwords, and files, Apex Hosting improves the experience of owning a Satisfactory server.

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Arma 3

In the world of Arma 3, enemies await your arrival on a war-driven battlefield. With tons of vehicles and weapons, you and your team must head into combat with a variety of these tools and transportation across a large open world. Use tanks to charge ahead, helicopters to soar above the trees, and much more to gain the tactical advantage. Thanks to the Steam workshop, your gameplay can be expanded with community-created mods and gamemodes to drastically change the experience. If the community creations are not enough, various editors and modding tools are at your grasp to adjust the game yourself. Whether you play on a dedicated server with friends or unknown allies, victory awaits in the world of Arma 3.

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Arma 3 Server Hosting
Starbound Server Hosting


After escaping your home’s destruction on a now-damaged spaceship, your only choice is to beam down to the planet below to survive when playing Starbound. Choose from a variety of playstyles by yourself or with friends to farm, explore dungeons, or build massive structures that tower over the world. Made entirely for multiplayer and modding, Starbound allows you to add new items, quests, dungeons, and much more whenever it is desired. Visit a procedurally generated universe on a Starbound dedicated server, allowing you to play through a story campaign and build your crew from the ground up. With so many choices and additions, the world of Starbound is near-limitless.

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In the world of ECO, a vibrant world awaits a civilization advanced enough to stop an impending meteor, but the existing ecosystem must be maintained at the same time. Performing research, creating laws, and advancing the world are just part of your duties. Various buildings and machines can be made to advance progress, but you must also be weary of causing pollution or affecting habitats. With an ECO dedicated server, team up with other players to form a bustling economy and run a functioning community. Run for government, vote for laws, trade goods, and earn money to succeed. With hundreds of recipes and an advanced ecosystem simulation, you must work together with other players to keep the planet alive before time runs out.

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ECO Server Hosting
The Forest Server Hosting

The Forest

As the sole survivor of a jet crash, you are stranded within a mysterious forest. Discover the mystery of the forest as you survive against a society of mutant cannibals that hunt you down. Explore, build, and survive around the large trees and deep underground caverns. With a dedicated server for The Forest, team up with friends or online players and survive together. Find food, create fires, and build camps to continue your relentless quest. Rise up or sneak around as a lone wolf or with others to locate the secrets of The Forest.

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V Rising

In the world of V Rising, awaken as a vampire weakened from centuries of slumber. Take refuge in the night and begin your quest to create your vampire empire. With a vast world inhabited by various creatures and other players, build castles, craft items, and more to further your cause. With a dedicated V Rising server, team up with or challenge the other vampires that sprawl across your world. With vampiric abilities and treasure lurking in each player’s castle, who can you trust? Create an arsenal of deadly weapons and unholy abilities to become the most fearsome vampire in PvE or PvP to reign supreme in the vampiric world of V Rising.

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V Rising Server Hosting
Sons Of The Forest Server Hosting

Sons Of The Forest

After being sent to locate a missing billionaire, you find yourself trapped on a remote island surrounded by cannibals and other dangerous creatures. You must craft, build, and keep yourself alive against the many dangers that lurk in the dark. As time passes, seasons will change, requiring you to be proactive and prepare for the many changes in your world. With a Sons Of The Forest dedicated server, you can team up with friends and online players alike to survive together. Create an arsenal or build the largest base as you aim to survive the hazardous lands in Sons Of The Forest.

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Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires is an open-world survival crafting adventure game, offering players a large world to build their kingdoms. While exploring, gather resources to build hundreds of possible recipes, encounter vast tameable wildlife, and recruit companions to help you survive. Rise up in the ranks of other nations and choose diplomacy to work with them rather than fight. Alternatively, decide to wage war against your enemies to claim victory. In this massive game, Myth of Empires provides you with endless hours of strategic survival open-world entertainment.

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Myth of Empires Server Hosting
Hytale Server Hosting


Hytale is a 3d adventure game featuring a procedurally generated world with tall towers and deep dungeons featuring rewards. Alongside this, the yet unreleased game promises to feature everything from block building all the way up to scripting and minigame creation. Whether you aim to build, adventure, craft, and more, Hytale will allow you to visit the vast landscape fighting various foes and monsters. With our Hytale server hosting, you will be able to play Hytale in a multiplayer environment, allowing you to team up alongside your friends or other players to brave the wilderness and unique worlds that await. With easy access to mods, customizations, and server moderation, Apex Hosting will provide ease-of-access to owning a Hytale server.

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