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Hytale Server Hosting

A whole new adventure awaits

We’re excited for the launch of Hytale as much as anyone! With the launch of Hytale, we will start offering new game server hosting beginning with Hytale from the Minecraft famed server Hypixel.

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Hytale Game

What is Hytale?

Hytale is an upcoming game made by the studio that brought you the most popular Minecraft server, Hypixel. An adventure game that has you traversing procedurally generated landscapes overrun with monsters, bosses, and more. It's very similar to Minecraft in that the game will feature multiple biomes under a blocky aesthetic, but it differs in that the foundation of the game is built on tools that will be available to the community. Players can make custom models, use cinematic tools, animate things, and host their own servers in whatever way they please! Hytale aims to make everything that makes Minecraft great official. According to comments from Riot Games and Hypixel Studios, Hytale is currently set to release sometime after 2023.

Hytale Game

How Does Hytale Server Hosting Work?

Our company has helped over 300,000 players become server owners. Creating your own game server is not a simple task as it requires specialized hardware, software and bandwidth to operate properly. After many years of hosting game servers we have perfected how to operate and manage these servers. The foundation of our service is our fast hardware and reliable networks. Making a game server requires deploying the dedicated server software on this hardware and allowing outside connections for all of your players. Our system does all of this and also keeps the server up to date automatically. You will also need the ability to manage the server which is easily done through our web based control panel. From the panel you can change settings, add passwords or whitelists, implement mods, start a new world and more! Running a game server with mods from your own computer or remote VPS is very complicated and will have poor performance. This is the reason many have chosen Apex Hosting for game server hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Hytale coming out?

The game was announced in December 2018 with a trailer that accumulated more than 30 million views in its first month. The game was expected to have been released in 2014, however, the development team announced in December 2020 that the game did not have a scheduled release date. Then in July 2021 the Hytale team announced that they did not expect Hytale to be released until 2023 at the earliest. They also announced that Hytale was being developed for computers, consoles, and mobiles.

What is Hytale?

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game by Hypixel Studios. Production began in 2015 by developers from the Minecraft multiplayer server Hypixel with funding and assistance from Riot Games, who later acquired the studio in 2020. It is planned to be released for PC, consoles, and mobile devices in 2023 “at the earliest”.

How to play Hytale?

Although the game has not yet been released, we do have some information on how you’ll be able to play Hytale. It is planned for release on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, so you’ll be able to play Hytale just about anywhere when it finally arrives. You’ll also be able to choose between solo play and adventuring online with your friends on a Hytale server.

How much will Hytale cost?

Now that Hypixel studios have the backing of Riot Games it opens up the possibility that Hytale can financially support itself while it works on in-game monetization. Think about League of Legends and Valorant you can see how well the free to play model works for these titles, Riot not only have the experience in this monetization method but they’ve been very successful at it.