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Sixth Annual $2,000 Minecraft Scholarship
The Worlds Only Minecraft Scholarship

Application Deadline is July 31st, 2021

All of us here at Apex Hosting believe that education is a fundamental part of living a full and joyful life. In the past, we have partnered with educational institutions and libraries as part of our commitment to education in the classroom and the power of Minecraft through our minecraft server hosting service. This typically has been in the form of sponsored get togethers, class projects, and similar programs and colleges, high schools, middle schools and libraries.

We are proud to now be able to offer a scholarship to enable students to focus on their studies and career goals.

Students are able to apply for our $2,000 scholarship which can be used towards tuition for their next semester at college. All drawings will be done early August each year after submission deadlines have passed. All interested students will be required to write a short essay about their opinion on how Minecraft can be a positive influence within their education and career development. Minecraft has been used in many different facets of education and we want to know how you believe that the game can be further utilized to enhance learning and development. We are interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences about how this amazing game that we love can be much more than just a game.

Apply Below If Interested

Eligible students will need to:

  • Write a short essay of no less than 500 words about your opinion on how Minecraft can be a positive influence on education and career development.
  • Fill out the information form below with your essay and appropriate information.


  • You must be a United States citizen
  • You must currently be enrolled in college or high school
  • You must carry a 3.0 or higher GPA


  • Submissions must be received by July 31st, 2021.


The Apex Hosting LLC scholarship committee will review each application and notify the recipient by e-mail.


Please send any questions to Open Livechat
Minecraft in The Classrom

Apply Below: