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This is actually very cheap and reliable and has a very easy to use control panel. I recommend it 9.5/10.

Jayson M.

Great server and easy to use. Switched from another and apex is much better!


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Play protected from any type of attacks, including DDoS.

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Guaranteed world protection from the very start.

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Automatic backups guarantee you never lose your data.

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We Support All Modpacks

We support all Modpacks and Game versions of Minecraft and are the official host of the Technic Platform. Whether you want to play FTB, ATL, Voidswrath, Technic, Bukkit, Spigot, Vanilla, a Snapshot, MCPE or more we have what you need. You can also easily change server version at any time.

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Why Choose Apex?
Start Your Own Minecraft Server With Ease.

Reliable Minecraft server hosting is the backbone of our business. Our team of specialized server administrators work constantly to provide the best hardware and support offered in the industry. We have the expertise necessary to ensure your satisfaction and guarantee this. We will work with you from picking which hosting package which is right for you to buy, all the way through the launch of your server.

We guarantee that choosing us for Minecraft hosting is the correct choice. Our customer service professionals have lots of experience, and are standing by to assist you create your servers. We are a Minecraft server host that has years of experience and can install any version or plugins that you would like to run. We can also help you get the correct plugins installed on your Minecraft server, so you can get started in no time.

Huge Collection of Minecraft Hosting Tutorials and Guides

With one of the largest and well documented Control panels online running a Minecraft server has never been easier. Our video tutorials and hand written guides have been carefully curated by a team of professionals to provide the best support possible.

What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

This guide will tell you how to host a minecraft server. All of the software that you need is provided by Mojang and other third party developers that have created their own versions of the download. If you are just getting started creating your own server for the first time, it is advised to use the standard version of Minecraft distributed by Mojang. As you become more experience with running a server, consider using custom server software which is available from a number of websites. All of the software is provided for free, all that is required to purchase is a license to use the client to connect to your server and play the game. These are the most common versions of minecraft servers that our clients are using:

Server Version Description RAM Add Ons Difficulty
Vanilla The standard Minecraft server release from Mojang. Includes everything that you need to enjoy playing the game. There are different versions available including the latest updates that are available from Mojang known as snapshots. 512MB+ None Easy
Bukkit A server release that allows players to connect without a specific set of addons called plugins. You can install and configure these plugins for your server which anyone can easily connect to and enjoy. There are thousands of plugins available for Bukkit servers. 1GB+ Plugins Moderate
Forge A server version that is created by loading mods and creating either a server or client pack. There are also mod packs existing through a variety of launchers such as FTB, ATL, Technic and others. 1.5GB+ Mods Moderate
Spigot An optimized version of bukkit that also supports networks of servers. 2GB+ Plugins Advanced

The first option for how to make a Minecraft server is to do so on your own computer. This means that your personal desktop will be running the server, which consumes your available memory and processing power. If you are simultaneously running the client and attempting to play the game, you might experience lag if your computer is not powerful enough. Once your friends and others start to connect to the server, it will increase the load on your computer and begin to slow down. You will also need a very fast internet connection to be able to support all of these connections. Creating a server on your personal computer is usually an option for getting started with building a world, but when you have multiple players it is suggested to use minecraft server hosts. There are also security considerations that should be taken as you will need to give your IP out allowing players to connect to it. Chances are that you do not have any security from DDoS attacks whereas our hosting service includes advanced mitigation for free. This is why many Minecraft players choose to purchase hosting from Apex. Some other benefits that also come with purchasing a server include:

With all of these benefits, it is clear why choosing Apex as your Minecraft server hosting provider is a great choice. There are many advantages when using this service, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the game, and less time worrying about how things are running. The pricing is monthly and is very affordable when compared to the costs of other games with monthly fees. Once you are ready to set up your hosting, you will need to decide how much RAM is required for what you are looking to accomplish. We have the ability to install whatever server version, mod pack or plugin that you would like to have on your server. The only requirement is that there is enough memory available to support your server building aspirations. The following are our most popular server hosting packages:

Package RAM Recommendation Price
Grass 512 MB RAM Great for getting started with a vanilla Minecraft server and a few friends. Learn how to play the game and build worlds in survival or creative modes. $3.99 / month
Stone 1024 MB RAM An introductory choice for larger vanilla servers or small Bukkit servers with a few basic plugins like essentials and World Edit with a few friends. $7.99 / month
Iron 2048 MB RAM The ideal solution for most servers that would like to use mod packs or multiple plugins trying to start a great Minecraft server and community. $15.99 / month
Bedrock 6144 MB RAM Perfect for larger servers that have many players. It is possible to install any mod pack or use many plugins to fully customize your server. $39.99 / month

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