Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware do your servers use?

Our Minecraft hosting services use highly reliable and very powerful equipment.

  • CPUs: Intel Xeon E5-1650v3
  • Uplink: 1Gbps
  • Integrated 300 gbps DDoS Protection
  • OS: CentOS 64-Bit
  • Locations: North America East, North America West, Europe, South America

Test Servers:
North America East:
North America West:
Latin America:

Where are our servers located?

We have servers in North America, South America, Australia and Europe. In North America, we have servers available on the East and West coast in Arizona, Las Vegas and Montreal. Our European servers are located in Amsterdam or France. Our South American servers are located in Miami and have optimized connections. Our Australia servers are located in Melbourne. With players in over 50 countries, we are able to offer great connections to our customers across the globe.

Test Servers:
North America East:
North America West:
Latin America:

When will my server be ready?

Our servers are instantly created and all information including your server’s IP and control panel login information are emailed to you when the order is complete.

What if the server version or mod pack I want isn’t listed?

We can install any mod pack or server version that you would like. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to set it up for you.

How do I use my free subdomain?

Simply submit a ticket after registering with the subdomain you would like to use and you will receive the domain name [yourserver] for free. You will be able to use this address to connect to your server, or the number IP, both will work. Please allow up to 24 hours for the subdomain to become active.

Do I get a MySQL database?

Yes, SQL databases are included with all of our packages. Your Multicraft control panel will have the information required for you to manage your databases.

Do I get a control panel with my server?

Yes, Multicraft control panel is included with all packages. This advanced software package gives you complete control over your entire server with an easy to use interface. You can access the console from here and access the servers files via FTP right from the platform. You can see Multicraft in action here

What uptime do you provide?

Our hardware has over 99.9% uptime and rarely goes down. The most common cause of an outage is a rogue plugin or mod which we can help diagnose and fix.

What types of server jar can I use?

You can use any jar that you want. We provide a many jars and full modpacks for you to use already. You also have full FTP access to your server to add and remove jars as you would like. We can also help you do this to install the exact server version and mods you would like. Please log into your billing area and submit a support ticket to receive help.

Can I change my server hosting package?

Yes, Simply submit a ticket to our billing support staff and let us know which package you would like to change to. We will be able to complete the change within a few hours.

Can I use plugins?

Yes, Since we provide full access to your server plugins are simple to add and remove. The Multicraft control panel will make this process quick and easy.

How long will it take for my server to be ready?

Server setup is automatic and instant. As soon as you choose a package your server will be ready to host a game of Minecraft.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do. Our Affiliate program offers 10% recurring monthly commissions on every sale. You can log in to your current account here to activate your affiliate program and get your links and banners today. If you do not already have an account then you can register for one here and become an affiliate at no charge.

How do I cancel my service?

If you want to cancel your server please log into your billing area and submit a billing cancellation ticket here.

What is my server IP?

To find your IP log into the members area and make your way to the multicraft control panel. When here, select your chosen server. On the main servers page you will see your IP address in the format IP:PORT example: Use this to access your minecraft game. Please make sure you include the IP and PORT when connecting.

Can I upgrade my server and add more RAM?
To upgrade your services you must first submit a ticket to our support staff requesting the change. They will send you an invoice for the difference and your server will be upgraded. Your server IP and all of the files will stay the same, the only thing that will increase is the RAM and slots.
What is the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock?
Minecraft currently has two different versions of the game. The original Minecraft was written in Java and is now referred to as Minecraft: Java Edition. This is the most common version found on our servers and has the best support for mods, plugins and customization. Minecraft was formally known as Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and was built on the language C and is used for The Windows 10 edition, Xbox, mobile and more.
Do I need to use port forwarding for my server?
Not at all! We make it very easy to get started on your server with very little technical knowledge needed. We will send you the IP and Port combination that you will enter into the launcher which will work without any additional configuration.
How can I get support for my server?
Our team boasts the most comprehensive support in the Minecraft hosting industry. Our support representatives have in depth knowledge of Minecraft, customization and the infrastructure that we use to run them. You can reach our support team via live chat, ticket or email.
Can I change my server location?
No problem at all, just contact our support team to being the process for server migration. We will have to take your server offline temporary and the transfer depends on the server size, but on average we can have this process completed within a few minutes. Please note that your server IP will change so if you are using a subdomain please request that we also update this.
Do you offer partnerships or sponsorships?
Absolutely, we love the developers, streamers, youtube channels, organizations and more that we have partnered with. Please refer to our sponsorship page for more information and how to apply.


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