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Jobs at Apex Minecraft Hosting

Have you ever wanted to be a part of one of the world best Minecraft server hosting companies? Well great news! The Apex Minecraft Hosting team is hiring for several positions and you have a chance at getting one. The team here at Apex is a tight knit group of dedicated Minecraft players and internet enthusiasts. We’re crazy about how much we like this stuff and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We’re always on the computer whether we’re gaming, chatting with friends, researching cool new things, or working together on Apex. If you sound like someone who thinks the same then checkout our available job listings below and apply to be a part of Team Apex. All positions are paid hourly for the scheduled hours you are assigned. Most support start as Entry and are promoted within to Technical and Billing. Exceptions are made for applicants with exceptional experience and skill.


We get dozens of applications a day and unfortunately we cannot hire everyone. As a result we have to be strict about those we accept to be part of our team. Therefore we have setup a few basic requirements for all positions each applicant must meet in addition to the job specific requirements. Please review the list and act accordingly. Failing to do so is an automatic disqualification of your application. Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of Team Apex.

  • Age All Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Internet Speed 25mbps+
  • IP Static IP for security purposes.
  • Computer Use of laptop or desktop.
  • Software Filezilla or similar FTP program.
  • Availability A consistent and widely available schedule.
  • Activity High activity on Slack including strong communication with the team and even greater activity on job duties.


If you do not have the internet speed or static IP then you can use a VPS as your work station. We recommend

We are currently looking for a Content Creator

Positions At Apex Hosting

Entry Level Support Knowledgeable about Minecraft servers and their inner workings. The ideal Support rep has nearly countless hours of play time and experience with various plugins, mods, and server setups. If you know how to trouble shoot plugin conflicts, mod errors, and bungee servers then you’re our ideal candidate. This position requires a high activity on our live support chat, active participation in non-billing related support tickets, and a positive attitude.

Map Builder This person will be responsible for creating new and interesting maps and game modes to be used on our services. This can be a combination of schematics, publicly available maps modding, and new authentic creation. User must be familiar with WorldEdit and be reliable.

Technical and Billing Support In addition to the entry level chat support’s requirements the Technical and Billing support are also responsible for handling various actions in our billing system and profile management. These support are scheduled hourly and are our backbone to constant support in both tickets and chats.

Social Media Manager This person will be responsible for creating content for the Apex social accounts as well as communicating and interacting with the community. This person should have a good understanding of social platforms and be confident in creating interesting content for our users and followers.

Back end developer Requested languages are PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, Java, C#, with experience in MVC frameworks and REST API. This position will be dual parts support and technical coding.

Content Creator This position entails creating and editing video content for our tutorials, promotional advertisements and more primarily for Youtube. Experience using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere is requested. Knowledge of Minecraft and server management is a plus but not required. Please have a portfolio of your existing works available.

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