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Rust Server Hosting

  • Always Online Game Servers
  • 24/7 Livechat and Ticket Support
  • High Performance Hardware
  • Full FTP File Access
  • Automatic Backups & Updates
  • High Performance Hardware
  • Unlimited Player Slots
  • Easy to Manage and Configure
  • Complete DDoS Protection
  • Worldwide Locations
Multiple Regions

Intuitive Control Panel

Apex Hosting provides an easy to use control panel accessible from any web browser. Managing your server is easier than ever with video guides on every page. Access files, configurations, databases, console and more directly from the panel. We also make it easy to switch between games and server versions.

World Class Hosting

Knowledgeable Assistance

Chat with experienced server administrators around the clock through our renowned 24/7 livechat service. Someone is always standing by to help you with connecting, configuring and anything you may need assistance with. A ticketing system is also available if you would like to leave us a message. We have hosted over 300,000 game servers and know the solutions to many common problems.

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Host Your Rust Server With Ease

Apex Hosting provides one of the world’s best Rust server hosting services. Your server will be created instantly upon checkout and ready to play. We are dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible so you can spend your time playing with friends and not worrying about the server. If you run into any issues rest assured that our team is here to help.

Mod Support

DDoS Protection

24/7 Support

Ultra Low Latency

Instant Setup

Free Subdomain

Automated Backups

Powerful Panel

High Performance CPU

Fast Connections

Solid State Drives

Linux OS

Why Our Customers Choose Apex

We have proudly hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers.

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Test Our Server Locations

Our test servers around the world provide the lowest ping for your players.

Test Ping
  • Portland, Oregon

  • Los Angeles, California

  • San Jose, California

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Vint Hill, Virginia

  • Miami, Florida

  • Montreal, Quebec

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Gravelines, France

  • Warsaw, Poland

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Moscow, Russia

  • Singapore, Singapore

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • Tokyo, Japan

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer only, open world game with no set objective other than pure survival. In this world, the player's main goal is to survive against a variety of harsh conditions and enemies. Just beating hunger and starvation is not enough, the real enemy of Rust is the wildlife and especially other players. Starting with nothing but a blank slate, obtain power through cruel methods ranging from stealing and killing fellow players to hunting animals and grinding resources. Grow your power and become the strongest player in Rust.

How to Start a Rust Server

Creating a dedicated Rust server while possible, can be quite the task. These servers require expensive hardware, software, and lots of bandwidth to provide the best environment for players. As we understand how difficult and expensive it can be to set this up, we have created a simple Rust server setup making it easier than ever before to play together with your friends. As one of the most experienced game hosting companies, Apex Hosting has perfected how to operate and manage Rust servers effectively. When creating a Rust server, it requires dedicated server software on the hardware and the ability for outside connections for all of the players. However, with our system all of this is done already allowing for an easy setup. And that's not even including our web-based control panel which allows you to control the setting, create new worlds, install mods, and more! Without a dedicated server, playing multiplayer rust will require someone setting up the game world every time you want to play. With a dedicated Rust server from Apex Hosting, anyone can join your world whenever they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RUST server hosting?

The best Rust hosting company is one that will provide a persistent lag-free experience, unmatched uptime, and a 24/7 helpful support team all while being at a reasonable price. The host will also need to make sure that the server is automatically updated so players can always connect from the game client.

How much does Rust hosting cost?

When opening a Rust server, the price is calculated based on the amount of ram the customer would like allocated to the server. While many providers will charge based on performance, slots, or customer support, we do not limit any of this. When ordering a server and choosing how much ram is necessary, it is recommended to take into consideration the size, amount of players, and modifications you would like on the server.

How to make yourself admin on a rust server

To add yourself or a player as an Administrator you will first want to note the players Steam64ID. You can find this by heading to the following website https://steamid.io/. Head to the Apex Game Panel, then navigate to the FTP File Access and login. Once there, locate the “server” folder, followed by the folder that has “rust_” and then random numbers. Once you enter this folder, continue into the “cfg” directory. On this page, select the “New File” button to the top left of the game panel. You are going to add the following line inside of this file. It can be repeated on new lines for multiple players: ownerid steam64idhere yourname

How to find your rust server ip

To find your Rust Server IP address, you’ll first head to the Apex Panel. Once you are on this page, scroll down to the “IP Address:Port” field. You can then select the copy icon and paste it into Rust, or you can select the “Connect with Steam” button to automate this process.

How to add plugins to a rust server

To add plugins to your Rust server you will need to first enable uMod support. You can do this by heading to the Apex Panel, and selecting the “Enable uMod Support” checkbox under the “Game Selector” selection. Once that is done, head to the “FTP File Access” tab to the left of the panel, open the “oxide” folder, and then the “plugins” folder. Once on this page, select the “Upload” button to the left of the panel and drag and drop in the plugins you would like to run.