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Start a Murder Mystery Minecraft Server

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Gametypes

mc head By Dalton Whalen

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Whether you play on a Minecraft server or simply have some sneaky friends, being weary of others can be beneficial for your base and items. With this concept in mind, the Murder Mystery minigame was created, which has players fight for survival with distrust for others. With a large group of innocents surviving against an unknown murderer, players will need to team up and figure out who it is with the help of the sole detective. Whether you aim to kill everyone as the murderer or try to survive, no one can be trusted. With Apex Hosting, installing the Murder Mystery gametype is as simple as performing a few clicks, so we will show you how to get started.


  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel and stop the server.
  2. (Optional) Download any important files using the FTP File Access.
  3. Once back on the main panel, press Reset Server Files in the left-hand side.
  4. In the prompt, check All Server Files, then press the green button.
    Murder Mystery Reset Boxes
  5. On the next pop-up, enter reset to confirm the deletion.
    Murder Mystery Reset
  6. Press Reset Server to complete the removal of all files.


Murder Mystery Installation

  1. On the main server panel, scroll down to the Game File section.
    Murder Mystery Version
  2. Locate and select Murder Mystery from the list.
  3. When prompted, choose the green Change Version button.
  4. In the next pop-up, choose to use the included world.
    Murder Mystery Included World
  5. Restart the server to load up the gametype.


Getting Started with Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Lobby

When the server is first joined, you will be in a small lobby. This area is based off of the Mansion map that is available in the game. This is where all players will mingle before starting a match.

Selecting a Map

Murder Mystery Signs

When you are ready to begin, move over to the signs on the side of the room. Here, you can right-click a sign to join the respective waiting queue for that map. The number of players that are available for a map as well as the status will be displayed for everyone to see.


Murder Mystery Intro

When the countdown begins, you will spawn into the chosen map and have your role and mission displayed on the screen. These include hunting other players as the murderer, surviving as an innocent, or finding the culprit as the detective.

Murder Mystery Innocent

As an innocent, your goal is simply to survive until the time runs out and hide from the murderer by any means.

Murder Mystery Killer

When you play as the murderer, your mission is to kill every surviving player and be the last one standing. However, the detective is your greatest weakness.

Murder Mystery Detective

When playing as the detective, you must deduce who the murderer is before yourself or other players are killed. But beware, killing the wrong player will end your own life.


Earning Points

Murder Mystery Gold Bar
Murder Mystery Mystery Potion

As you play through a map, you will earn points for various tasks. These include surviving and picking up the gold ingots that will spawn around the area. These ingots can be used to earn a mystery potion which will provide a random effect upon consuming it. This can be helpful with invisibility or detrimental with slowness and more.

Winning a Match

Murder Mystery Results

Once a player’s goal has been achieved, the round will be complete and the winner will be announced. This can occur if the time runs out and an innocent survives, if the murder kills all players, or if the detective successfully kills the murderer.

Available Maps

While playing on a murder mystery gametype, there are three maps that are currently available for use. These include:

Santa’s Factory
Murder Mystery Christmas Map

A Christmas workshop-themed building with various twists, turns, and decorations for the holidays.

Murder Mystery Mansion Map

Dark and gloomy, the mansion map has many side rooms accessible from the main hallway, but has long corridors.

Murder Mystery Office Map

A confusing building full of twists, turns, and various rooms from bathrooms to a break area.


Notable Player Commands

/mm join [Arena] - Join a specific arena on the server.
/mm randomjoin - Join a random area.
/mm leave - Return to the lobby from the current arena.
/mm stats - Display your player stats.
/mm top [Statistic] - The top leaderboard for a selected statistic.


Notable Admin Commands

/mma forcestart - Forcibly begin an arena without a countdown.
/mma reload - Reload all arenas and plugin configurations.
/mma stop - Stop the arena you are currently in.
/mma tp [Arena] [Lobby/Start/End] - Teleport to an area within a map.
/mmroleselector - Select a role to play as.



With that, you now know how to install and get started with the Murder Mystery gametype. With many combinations of players, roles, and maps, the gameplay will never become stale. Additionally, the longer you are without a role, the higher the chance you will receive that role in the next game. This allows all players to have a chance to play as the murderer or detective the more they play, rather than it being truly random each time. With your newfound knowledge of this gametype, jump right into murder mystery and survive for as long as you can or eradicate the others.

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How To Make a Murder Mystery Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Murder Mystery server will be created instantly