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How to Connect To Your Minecraft Server With FTP

Using a FTP Client (Recommended)

The most popular FTP program is FileZilla. Download the latest copy by clicking here.


If you’ve ever wondered how you access your server files, it’s via FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s a standard network protocol that enables the transfer of files from one machine to another over a network such as the internet. In this case from the server to your local machine.

To utilize FTP we need to use an FTP client such as Filezilla or the built-in client offered on our panel. A third party client such as Filezilla offers more features as opposed to the built-in client but lacks the general availability since it requires installation. The built-in client is great for quick edits and small file uploads but isn’t an efficient method for managing a lot of files consecutively.

Regardless of what method is most convenient for you, you will need to navigate over to the FTP File Access section on the panel to log in to the built-in client or obtain the credentials for the third party client.

In order to upload and download files to your server through FTP you must first follow a few simple steps to prepare. You have two methods available to you. The first method is Multicraft’s built-in file manager. This is rather limited though and will most likely leave you wanting more functionality. If functionality is what you seek, it is best to access your server files using a third-party client.

Accessing Files From Panel

  1. Navigate to the server you plan to access and click FTP File Access on the left side management menu.
  2. The following page will then list the servers FTP credentials along with and input for your panel password. Authenticate yourself by entering in your panel password.
  3. If successful you will be connected to your server files and at the home directory of your server.
  4. From here you can edit your server files.


Accessing Files From Third Party FTP Client

  1. Download an FTP client, we personally recommend Filezilla for its ease of use and feature rich system.
  2. Navigate to the server you plan to access and click FTP File Access on the left side management menu.
  3. The following page will then list the servers FTP credentials with the exception of Password, which is your panel account password. Take note of Host, FTP Username, and Password.
  4. Open your FTP client and locate its authentication inputs to connect to a server. For most clients this will be several fields labeled Hostname, Username, and Password. Once you find these inputs, enter in the respective credentials we noted in the last step. Host for Hostname, FTP Username for Username and Password being your panel login password. Once entered, connect to the server.
  5. If successful you will be connected to your server files and at the home directory of your server. From here you can edit your server files in a similar fashion to the panel client.


How to Log In to FTP

On signup you will receive an email with your login information as seen below. In order to log in to your FTP account you will need to get three important pieces of important from this email.
A.) The first one is your IP. This is the number in the form of To learn more visit our post on IP’s here. This will be put in spot A as host in FileZilla. Remember not to use the IP:PORT combo. Only use the IP.
B.) Second you will need your FTP username. This is going to the your username.servernumber. It is listed in the welcome email Login. This will go in spot B in Filezilla below.
C.) The last piece is your randomly generated password. This is going to be the password you use to both log into your control panel and to log into FTP. It is random and unique. Make sure to use this when logging into FTP. It will go into spot C below. If you changed your panel since recieving the welcome email then you will need to use the new password. Finally we can hit connect and established a secure connection with our new FTP account.

1.) Get your Log in Info from your Start up Email


2.) Put the Information from the Email into FTP.


Find your Log In Info in your Control Panel

You can also get your access information from Multicraft’s back end system. Navigate to your Apex Minecraft Hosting Control Panel and then to the multicraft control panel. Select the server you wish to access. On the main page, you should see your unique IP address displayed. Using this as the first input for FTP access, add your account name you purchased your server with and the password you chose on sign up. In addition, you will need a port number. It will most likely be port 21 unless otherwise noted. Launch the FTP connection with the button on the right. You should see some connection code as the FTP makes the connection. If you put all of your information in correctly then you should now be able to access your FTP client and upload or download files as needed.

Note: Warning to all users, be careful as to what you change in the FTP. Restoring your server is a quirky process that will take some time. Save yourself the hassle and be safe. It is also a good idea to save any file you intend on changing to your desktop. This way if you mess something up you will be able to upload your old files and the server should be at its original state.