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Top 5 FTP Clients to Access Your Server

Last modified on Jun 17, 2022 in General

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Managing server files in a fast and efficient manner is key to running a successful server. Whether you need to upload a world or download a manual backup of the files you will want to use an FTP Client. FTP Clients are just more advanced versions of the Apex FTP File Access on the panel. Using them, you can connect to your server files to perform more advanced tasks.

FTP Panel

In order to connect to your files, you will need to find your credentials in the “FTP File Access” tab on the left hand side of your Apex panel. Once you have these credentials you will be able to use them with any FTP Client software you prefer. Today we will be showcasing some of our top recommendations for FTP Client software.

How to Connect with FTP

A majority of FTP programs work in the same way, but may look different. Luckily, this means that once you learn how to use one, the others are also quite simple!

  1. Open your desired external FTP program.
  2. Locate the login section (This usually consists of Host, Username, Password, and Port).
  3. Using the login details from the Apex FTP File Access, enter each field.
  4. Connect or Quick Connect once all information has been entered.

You can now upload, download, or move files around on your Apex Hosting server!

Top 5 FTP Programs

Below is our list of top 5 recommended FTP Clients. There is no particular order for these, but rather the 5 that we believe are best suited for operations.


FTP Filezilla

FileZilla is one of the most popular and efficient FTP Client programs out there. We use this program at Apex Hosting every single day and highly recommend it. There are many admirable features that FileZilla boasts. Some of these include configurable transfer speed limits, availability in multiple languages, and the fact that it is cross platform.

FileZilla is available to use on Windows, macOS, and Linux. To begin, simply use the “QuickConnect” fields at the top.


FTP CyberDuck

Another extremely popular option for an FTP Client is Cyberduck. With cyberduck you can mount to many different storage solutions. This includes your typical FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more. If you need to download your world straight to your Google Drive for safe keeping, you can do just that!

Cyberduck is open source and free. You can install this program on Windows and macOS. To begin, press “Open Connection” to enter the FTP information.



WinSCP is another free and open source FTP client for use with Microsoft Windows. There are many great features that come with WinSCP. These include but are not limited to a Command-line interface, Transfer Queues, Master Passwords, and File Encryption. With a similar design to Filezilla, it is a great alternative for those with previous experience!

Unlike some of the other mentions, WinSCP is only available on Windows operating systems. To use this, go to “Session” at the top, then press “New Session”.



FTP Core

Core FTP LE is another free and lightweight FTP client. This free, secure FTP client will be able to give you a fast, easy, and reliable way to transfer files via FTP. Some of the features of Core FTP LE include Site-to-Site Transfers, Drag and Drop Support, and Browser Integration.

Similarly to WinSCP, you will only be able to use Core FTP LE on Windows operating systems. To begin, use “Sites” at the top, open the “Site Manager”, then enter your details.

Commander One

FTP Commander One

With Commander One you can easily and securely transfer files off of your server using a macOS compatible device. Commander One, like all the others in the list, has a list of features that include Zip file support, File Operations Queue, Unlimited Tabs, and full font and color customizations.

Commander One is only available on macOS compatible devices. To start, press the “Connections Manager” in the top-right toolbar, press “FTP”, then enter the details.



Overall, all external FTP programs behave in a similar manner, but each will have their own designs and features. Because of their simplicity, transitioning from one FTP program to another is as simple as locating the login field. Whether using one for ease of access or to perform advanced file adjustments, we highly recommend using an external FTP program to keep your server maintenance smooth and easy!

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