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Setup and Play an FTB Endeavour Server in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

FTB Endeavour Server Hosting
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Exploring and building in Vanilla Minecraft can become too repetitive for some players, as there aren’t many widely available structures to enjoy. These tend to be villages, strongholds, outposts, and other standard areas that lots of users already experienced in the game. This can lead players to search for modifications to enhance the gameplay, such as adding new mobs, dungeons, machines, magical abilities, and lots of useful items. Fortunately, a collection of mods called the FTB Endeavor modpack introduces all of these wonderful features. Whether you’re wanting to create an automatic smelting system or leap into a wonderful adventure of exploration, this pack provides you with tons of opportunities. There is an enormous amount of mods, giving players the perfect chance to have fun in their own way. Setting up a server with this modpack is easily done on our panel, as it comes preinstalled. However, some newcomers to the hosting scene may be unfamiliar with our system. Due to this, we’ll show you how to set up and play through FTB Endeavour on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


As hinted in the modpack’s title, it was developed by the Feed The Beast (FTB) Team and published on their official launcher. This is for Minecraft Forge 1.16 and was designed to expand on their previously successful pack. Since its release, it’s been played over a million times and collected tons of downloads. FTB Endeavour’s main premise is to give everyone the chance to experiment with different gameplay styles, from using magic powers to creating large factories.

Client Installation

Before setting up the server, you and others will need to install FTB’s official launcher to download the modpack. The steps below guide you through this straightforward process.

  1. Navigate to the FTB App page, then select your operating system to download it.
    FTB App Download
  2. Afterward, open the launcher and login with your Minecraft account near the bottom left.
  3. Once logged in, click Browse to the left and type “FTB Endeavour” in the Search field.
    FTB Endeavour Download
  4. From here, press the Download button and continue to Install on the next prompt.
    FTB Endeavor Install
  5. Wait for everything to finish installing, then click the Go To Instance button.
    FTB Endeavor Instance
  6. You may now press Play to confirm if the FTB Endeavour modpack works.


Server Installation

Remember, our panel has FTB Endeavour preinstalled on the system for your convenience. The entire process will only take a few minutes, with the majority of it being the loading stage. When you’re ready, follow along below to set up the modded Minecraft server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
  2. Press the currently selected option to reveal its dropdown menu.
    Minecraft 1.19.3
  3. Proceed to type “FTB Endeavour” in the Search field at the top.
  4. Once found, click on it and select Change Version in the following prompt.
    FTB Endeavor Server Installation
  5. Afterward, continue to press Create New World and Restart Now.
    FTB Endeavor Restart Server
  6. When everything is loaded, join the server with your installed modpack via FTB App.


Getting Started

FTB Endeavor Server Hosting

Upon joining the server, you’ll be greeted with custom biomes, new mobs, and wild vegetation across the land. The first steps will mimic normal Minecraft, meaning you’ll need to collect wood and other materials to craft basic tools. If you get lucky, perhaps a nearby structure will have loot for you to easily get started. However, you may want to tweak the minimap on your screen. This is done by pressing M on your keyboard, then selecting Settings at the bottom left corner. Afterward, you can resize and move the map’s location to an ideal configuration. Besides this, everyone has the ability to view all items and their recipes directly from the inventory menu. On the right-hand side, simply click on the material you wish to learn more about.

FTB Endeavor Encyclopedia Psionica

Another way to better understand this modpack is opening the Encyclopedia Psionica book by pressing C on your keyboard. This allows you to go through several interesting items, blocks, and functions. For example, there’s an exosuit that players can craft for special abilities. Although, this is for the PSI modification and will not include everything about FTB Endeavour. It’s encouraged to review our subsections below so you and others can truly learn all there is to know about the pack.


World Generation

If you’ve noticed by now, there are many kinds of biomes to explore in this modpack. However, there are tons of other interesting areas to playthrough too. These include new structures, cave systems, and dungeons. Almost all of them will have unique loot for players to collect, making these locations an ideal way to quickly get started.


There is a wide variety of biomes to explore, with the majority of them being dominated by intense forests. For example, colorful trees may completely overtake your surroundings. In some cases, players will stumble upon extremely large mountains infested with thickly vegetated jungles. Any builder will absolutely take advantage of these naturally generated biomes, as they make for great spots for bases. Otherwise, they simply bring new life to Minecraft for anyone to enjoy.

FTB Endeavor Biomes



FTB Endeavor Structures

Other times while exploring the new world, you’ll encounter random houses, crystal shrines, towners, among other types. Most of these will have chests for players to loot or entry points to other areas. However, be on guard when you’ve discovered one of these structures since hostile mobs might be lurking around. For instance, Hunting Illagers stay within cabins near forests and will attack anyone on sight. Stay cautious, yet adventurous as you enjoy FTB Endeavour.



Due to the ridiculous amount of items to craft, there are lots of resources to obtain. These are mainly found in brand new cave systems, which may appear similar to biomes in the Nether. It’s strongly recommended to fully explore all of them, as unique ores can be found hiding around. However, the majority of other caves will appear normal, but with these brand new resources. Occasionally, players may discover secret structures containing valuable loot.

FTB Endeavor Caves



FTB Endeavor Dungeons

As previously mentioned throughout this guide, players will encounter dungeons along their journey. This is mainly achieved by locating towers on the surface, then heading downwards to uncover it. However, some users may randomly stumble upon them by following a cave system or strip mining. Each dungeon will have mob spawners that spawn hostile creatures with enchanted gear, among several chests around it.

There are larger rooms with unique blocks, but players must battle the undead before reaching this spot.

Unique Items

Once you’ve built a base and gathered resources, you may wonder about the different kinds of unique items to craft. There are lots of options, which is viewable in your inventory’s menu. Make sure to check for its crafting recipe when you’ve found an interesting item to create. Due to the possibilities, we’ll briefly cover some common ones to craft.


FTB Endeavor Waystones

An extremely popular modification called Waystones implements a teleportation method for anyone to use. This works by crafting a special block with Obsidian, Stone Bricks, and a Warp Stone. Whether you’re wanting to create a global area for all players to use or a private one, Waystones offer this to you. These can greatly help exploring the world, as you can simply place it in your base, then one far off to instantly navigate the environment. Otherwise, they make for a great tool to use for newcomers on your server.

Vision Helmet

FTB Endeavor Vision Helmet

When nighttime rolls around, visibility gets low and can be unplayable for some. With this in mind, you may want to craft a Vision Helmet with Glowstone and a piece of Crystalized Amber. Afterward, this provides you with Glowing Night Vision while wearing it on your character’s head. This will enhance your oceanic or cave system adventures in the world, as it’ll always be activated while using it. Alternatively, it makes for an awesome helmet to show off on the server.

Mining Gadget

FTB Endeavor Mining Gadget

Instead of using pickaxes, get creative with a Mining Gadget to quickly obliterate anything in your path. This must be powered by energy sources, which will come later when you’ve progressed enough. Crafting this requires rare minerals and an Upgrade Module, as it’s a complex scientific laser tool. Any miner should have and use this gadget, as it easily breaks blocks with high durability for a longer lifespan. Otherwise, it’s entertaining to shoot other players with a red laser beam.


New Mobs

The entire world is filled with unique vegetation and biomes to discover, but are also full of new mobs. These can be both passive and hostile, so be cautious when approaching an unfamiliar animal. Some of these include Whales, Orcas, Roadrunners, Monkeys, and many more. Unfortunately, it can be rare to randomly stumble upon one in the wild, unless you’re lucky. Remember, you won’t be finding monkeys in the desert, so make sure to be aware of which biome you’re exploring.

FTB Endeavor Mobs


Endless Possibilities

FTB Endeavor Machines

After playing the FTB Endeavour modpack for a long time, you have the necessary resources to make amazing machines, gadgets, weapons, among lots of other items. For example, using the Create mod to produce an automatic iron smelter is entirely possible. Although, there are lots of other creative designs to implement in your modded Minecraft world. With this in mind, get creative with your builds and see what enhancements you can try for the best in-game experience. However, it may take longer than expected for some players since these machines are complicated.

Common Issues

The Modpack Isn’t Working

A common problem you or others can encounter is the modpack being unable to load properly. This applies to both the server and client, which mainly occurs when the installation was incorrectly done. For instance, if you didn’t generate a new world after selecting FTB Endeavour in the Game File area, then issues will appear. Otherwise, doing this process on the wrong Server Profile can also contribute to the overall situation. Make sure to either create a new one or simply confirm the profile since it creates a separate FTP directory for your game files. In rare cases, the modpack may continue to fail loading on the server, which can be corrected through a manual installation of it. As for client-related issues, try redownloading the modpack from the official launcher. This will likely solve any problems, but allocating more RAM can also suffice.

Unable to Join Server

Another common issue players may find themselves in is being unable to join the server. This is likely caused by them not using the modpack to load Minecraft, meaning they’ll have to do this through the FTB App instead of the normal launcher. However, it’s equally possible that entering an invalid IP Address:Port or Subdomain caused the situation. Additionally, loading an outdated version of FTB Endeavour through its official launcher could result in a failed connection. Make sure to double-check the address and which modpack instance they’re using to resolve the situation. Alternatively, the server itself could be incorrectly configured hence no one can join.

My Server Crashed

On rare occasions, the server could crash due to various reasons. For example, creating too many automatic machines with the Create mod can cause a ticking entity problem or overwhelm the memory. If this is happening for you, then it’s best to restore a backup or contact Support to resolve the situation. Alternatively, you can review our Modded Optimization Guide to see what other solutions are available. An example of this is to add helpful mods to increase the in-game performance, such as AI Improvements. Remember, the modpack is for Minecraft 1.16 and cannot be changed, so some Forge modifications will not work.

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How To Make a FTB Endeavour Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Endeavour server will be created instantly