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How To Reset Your Minecraft World & Start a New World

Last modified on Dec 7, 2023 in control panel

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So, you’re tired of your old and decrepit world and want some spice in your life? Maybe the generation of the current world doesn’t suit you? Or your friend blew everything up by accident, and you just want a fresh start. Whatever reason, it can be a bit tedious to reset the entire world.Today’s guide will be on how to reset your Minecraft world and start anew. So, let’s get started.

How to reset your world


Method 1 – Changing the world name

The fastest way to reset your world is to change the world name in your Multicraft Panel. It’s recommended to change the name to something you will remember, like adding a simple letter or number at the end of the original name. Make sure your server is turned off before making any serious changes.

Please be careful with this method, as you can easily clutter your server files with multiple useless world files if you do this often.

tutorial snip
  1. Stop your server with the red Stop or Force Stop button.
  2. Under the World bar, change the name to anything you would like, as long as it is different from the previous world name.
  3. Click the green Save button, and your world will be reset to a new seed with the old one being still available in the server files. (To access the old world again, just change the name back)
  4. Restart the server. This will load a new world.


Method 2 – Delete the existing world

A slower, more technical route allows you to deliberately delete any world files you no longer want in your server files. With this method, you would go into the server files and then delete any worlds you don’t want, and after restarting the server a new world would generate. Make sure your server is turned off before making any serious changes.

ftp file access
  1. Stop your server with the red Stop or Force Stop button.
  2. Access your server files with the FTP.
  3. Delete the existing world file(s) (The default name for a world file is world but if you set a custom world name, it will be different)
  4. Restart the server. This will load a new world.


Method 3 – Total annihilation

So, let’s say you didn’t just want to reset the world, but you wanted to reset EVERYTHING. This method will reset all of your server files entirely, from mods to whitelists and more. Do not do this unless you seriously want everything gone, along with a fresh start!

reset server files
reset server files confirmation
  1. Select the Reset Server Files’ button.
  2. When prompted, type in reset and select the green Reset Server button.
  3. Start the server. This will load a new everything.

As a final warning, this option will totally wipe every little bit of customization you had on your server. All the files will be restored to their original default state, so beware!

Common Issues

I deleted the world, but when I restarted the server it stayed the same!
If you've attempted to delete the world, but when you got back on the server nothing had changed, you most likely deleted something else. If your world file is named something besides 'world' which is the default, then you're going to have to find it and delete it properly. There's also the case where they may be multiple world files if you've done Method 1 too many times, in which case you'll need to delete a few world files.
This issue is simply caused by Method 1 if the naming messes you up when deleting the world file, so just keep deleting world files until you have none left.


Now you know how to reset your Minecraft world like a pro! Sometimes, making technical changes like these would warrant some technical skill but we have systems in place to make things easier for you. Changing your world for whatever reason will give you a fresh start and ensure you have a new area to explore to your heart’s content. With that said, I hope you have a great day!

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