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How To Reset Your Minecraft World & Start a New World

Last modified on Mar 25, 2020 in control panel

mc head By ApexHosting

If you want to start your Minecraft server on a new world this is very easy to do. You do not need to purchase a new Minecraft server and can be playing on a brand new world in 60 seconds by following this tutorial. There are two ways to change your server to a new world which will completely reset it.


Changing To A New World Name

This is a great way to start over on a new world while saving the old world in case you need it later. All you have to do is go into the Multicraft control panel and change the world setting to something else. The default value for this setting is world, so we recommend that you change it to something like world2 which will make it easy to keep track of versions for you.

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Change the world setting and click Save.
  3. Start your server.


Deleting the Existing World

Another way to get a new world for your Minecraft server is to delete all of the files that are currently there. You can access all of the server files with FTP. There will be a folder titled world, or whatever your current world setting is, which you will need to delete. Once this is deleted a new world will be generated when you start your server again.

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Delete the existing world folders.
  3. Start your server to make a fresh world.