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Create a Subdomain

Sub-domains at a Glance

As Minecraft servers are created they are given a unique IP: Port which typically looks like the following: This is the raw address of your server and can be used or given out to others in order to join the server. But as you can imagine, it would be a pain to remember this string of numbers every time to wanted to join or hand out to others. A way around this issue would be the implementation of a sub-domain name. A sub-domain is essentially a human-readable string of alphanumeric characters used to masked the raw address of a server. This “mask” makes it easier to remember the server address used to join a server. For example, the sub-domain would be the mask for the IP: Port address Thus you can use to join your server or give to others with recall little effort.

The Setup

Though this option can greatly ease your trouble of joining a server, it can be a tricky process to set up for those new to server management. With this in mind, Apex Hosting is thrilled to offer its new Sub-domain setup tool. Now you can set up an Apex managed sub-domain in as little a 1 minute by filling out several fields of information about your server.

  1. Server IP: The base IP of your server. (e.g
  2. Port: The Port assigned to your server. (e.g 25784)
  3. Server Name / Prefix: The prefix  you want for your sub-domain (i.e this would be “play” in
  4. Zone / Domain: The managed domain provided by Apex Hosting you want to use (i.e this would be the “” in
    *Each zone is virtually the same. You may need to select a different zone if one is currently full.

You can locate the necessary server information via the Welcome E-mail sent when you ordered the server or from the server’s details page. The server details page is the first page you see when you select to manage the respective server from the control panel.

Once you have entered and verified the information into the Sub-domain tool, click Create Subdomain. It can take about 2 hours for the new configuration to propagate and becoming live. After which, you can then join your server using your new sub-domain.


Do I have to pay for the Sub-domain?

No. This service is managed and provided by Apex Hosting as a courtesy, completely free to use for your benefit.

Can I update an existing Sub-domain?

No. The tool is used only to create new sub-domains. You can create a new sub-domain with the updated Server Name / Prefix. Both entries would then be valid server addresses and can be used to connect to the server.

How many Sub-domains can I create?

There is no limit on how many sub-domains you can create for your server.