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How to Create a Subdomain in Minecraft

Last modified on Aug 4, 2021 in Control Panel

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What is a Minecraft server subdomain?

When Minecraft servers are created, they are given a unique IP:Port which typically looks like “”. This is the raw address of your server and can be used or given out to others in order to join the server. But as you can imagine, it can be a pain to remember this string of numbers every time you want to give it to a user so they can join your server. A way around this issue would be the implementation of a sub-domain name. A sub-domain is essentially a human-readable string of alphanumeric characters used to masked the raw address of a server. This “mask” makes it easier to remember the server address used to join a server. For example, the sub-domain play.apexmc.co would be the mask for the IP:Port address “”. Thus you can use “play.apexmc.co” to join your server or give to others with little effort.

If you didn’t set a subdomain when purchasing your server, you are given a default subdomain


How to set up a subdomain

  1. Head to your server page on the game panel and locate “Subdomain”.
  2. In this field, you may see that it already has a subdomain set, either the one you chose when you purchased your server or the default one which is “{username}{serverID}.apexmc.co”.
  3. You can change your subdomain very easily by clicking on the field, typing the desired name, then clicking save.
  4. For example, if you fill it in with `testserver` and click save, it will set your subdomain to “testserver.apexmc.co”.



Do I have to pay for the Sub-domain?
No. This service is managed and provided by Apex Hosting as a courtesy, completely free to use for your benefit.

Can I update an existing Sub-domain?
Yes, you can! All you have to do is change the subdomain field on the game panel and press save.

How many Sub-domains can I create?
You are only able to create a single sub-domain for your server.

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