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Setting Up A Minecraft Subdomain For Your Server

Last modified on Jan 22, 2024 in general

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While joining a Minecraft server, players must enter an address to successfully make the connection. This process typically involves using numbers but can be changed to be anything you want. Rather than typing an IP Address:Port to join a Minecraft server, consider having a subdomain. These can help your players better remember your network or community, such as Hypixel. Additionally, subdomains help build a brand or recognition on voting sites. It’s essentially a URL address but linked to your server. Setting this up can be extremely complicated, especially for those new to the hosting scene. It requires an existing domain and some configurations before players can use it in Minecraft. When everything is finished, you and others alike will be able to use a personalized address to make the connection. We’ll be showing you how to set up a Minecraft server subdomain in this Apex Hosting guide to kickstart your community, along with other helpful information.

IP Address Differences

There are two types of an IP Address, dedicated and non-dedicated (shared). These change how you configure and use a subdomain for Minecraft servers. Due to this, it’s extremely important to understand before jumping into the setup. Dedicated IP addresses make it easier for you to create a subdomain, as it doesn’t require an “SRV Record”. This is only for non-dedicated ones, as they are shared among other users. It’s indicated by your Minecraft server’s port, with 25565 being only for dedicated addresses. In cases where you have this already, then an “A Record” is all that’s left to configure.

Minecraft Dedicated vs Shared IP

Keep in mind that dedicated addresses aren’t required to set up subdomains for Minecraft servers. It’ll only make it easier for you to accomplish, which comes in handy when saving time. Anyone can purchase one from our Pricing Page but can be bought by contacting our Support Team if you already have a server with us. Whether you have a dedicated or non-dedicated address, remember that these will be hidden after finishing the subdomain configuration. With this in mind, review the sections below to get started.

How to Create a Subdomain

Whether you’ve purchased a domain with GoDaddy or another service, nearly all of them have the same DNS configurations. However, some providers might require you to contact them for portions of this process. Remember, only dedicated servers can skip the “SRV Record” steps while shared addresses must do it. Before starting, make sure to write down your IP Address:Port since it’ll be used throughout this tutorial. Additionally, we’ll be using GoDaddy for our purposes – but feel free to follow along below with another domain provider.

Access DNS Settings

  1. Navigate to GoDaddy’s Products page and login with your account credentials.
  2. Once there, begin locating your desired domain for this process.
  3. Upon finding this, click the DNS button near the right-hand side of it.


A Record (Required)

  1. Click Add New Record near the top, while viewing the DNS Records section.
  2. Continue to fill out these fields, respectively:
    Type: A
    Name: play or anything you want
    Value: Numeric IP Address, without port
    TTL: ½ Hour or Default
  3. Upon finishing, press the Save button underneath.
    Minecraft GoDaddy A Record Settings

    If done correctly, the A Record should appear similar to our example.


SRV Record (Shared IP Only)

  1. In the DNS Records category, press the Add New Record button at the top.
  2. Change the Type field to SRV, then fill out the following fields:
    Service: _minecraft
    Protocol: _tcp
    Name: Identical name from the “A Record”
    Value: [Name].[YourDomain].com
    Priority: 0
    Weight: 0
    Port: Minecraft Server Port
    TTL: ½ Hour or Default
  3. Once finished, click the Save button at the bottom.
    Minecraft SRV Record Settings

    All fields should be similar to our example if done correctly.


Joining Server Subdomains

After successfully creating a subdomain for your Minecraft server, simply connect with it to have fun with friends. If you or other players alike need assistance, consider reviewing this guide. For those who already joined the server before a subdomain was implemented, they must delete it from their list and re-add it accordingly. Otherwise, they’ll continue using your numerical IP address. This isn’t a huge problem, but can be a security issue depending on your community. Domains help hide the actual address, resulting in a safer environment from malicious attackers. Keep in mind that your Apex Hosting Minecraft server is protected by the best software available, meaning we’ll deal with any attacks.

Server Subdomain FAQ

Minecraft Subdomain FAQ
Why am I unable to join the Minecraft server?

There are many reasons why you and others alike are unable to join the server, such as incorrect records or changes that haven’t been applied yet. Wait around 30 minutes to 24 hours for everything to properly work, depending on your domain provider. If you’re confident all fields and records are valid, then try again after enough time has passed. Otherwise, double-check check everything is entered correctly – regardless of those with dedicated or shared IP addresses.

Alternatively, contact GoDaddy or your provider for extra assistance. On rare occasions, players might need to restart their Minecraft launcher before connecting with the new subdomain address. Other times, there might be an underlying problem with the server itself. In this situation, contacting our Support Team is the best course of action to resolve the issue.

How can I only use the domain itself?

While editing your DNS settings, make sure the Name field(s) are using @ instead of anything else. Rather than using a subdomain, this method will only have the domain for players to use in Minecraft. Keep in mind that the Value field for SRV Records should only be your primary domain. In other words, refrain from using the “@” symbol in this section if trying to avoid subdomains. You can contact the domain provider for more assistance during this process.

Can I create multiple subdomains?

Yes! You can make many subdomains with your primary domain for multiple Minecraft servers. This is extremely common in large communities and networks, which is achieved by redoing the same process. However, make sure the Name field(s) are unique for each new subdomain.

Am I required to make an SRV Record?

If you have a dedicated server IP address, then you don’t need to make an SRV Record. Otherwise, you must do it to successfully create a subdomain. Remember, this record is only required for those with a non-dedicated (shared) IP address.

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