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Restore Your Backup

Last modified on Sep 16, 2019 in control panel

mc head By Apex

Minecraft Tutorial

Once you create a backup of your servers world you can restore it using the Restore feature located in the Backup management option. At Apex Hosting, backups of your world files are taken on a daily basis. But with this we only retain the 2 latest versions, so it recommenced you take a manual backup during a significant point in your worlds progression. You can find these backups located in the root directory of your server labeled with the name of your main world (ex. world.zip and world1.zip).

The panel assumes all .zip files within the server root directory as backups, with this in mind you could manually upload a backup (.zip) to the server and restore in similar fashion as explained in this tutorial. When restoring a backup its important to remember that any existing files on the server will be overwritten with the ones extracted from the backup. With this in mind we recommend you move these files into a different folder for safe keeping just in case you wish to recover them.

Restoring a backup

  1. Click the stop button in the control panel and stop the server.
  2. Navigate to FTP File Access and rename the existing world folder you are playing on. Example: If your world folder is named VanillaMap change it to something like VanillaMapOld.
  3. From our Control Panel, navigate over to the left side menu and click Backup.
  4. Then on the left side menu, click Restore.
  5. The following page list all available .zip archives from the home directory that can be extracted. If you do not see your .zip archive, ensure it is in the home directory of your server.
  6. Select the respective backup and click restore to extract its contents back onto the server. The panel will then confirm your request and begin to unpack the .zip archive and overwrite any existing files on the server with the ones in the .zip.