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New Java Edition Launcher Is Available Now!

Posted: Jul 1, 2019 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

New Java Edition Launcher Is Available Now!


No new snapshot this week because Mojang has been hard at work on another project that is available now and that is a brand new launcher for the Java Edition of the game! It has tons of technical changes that make things run much smoother but also some awesome new features that people have been waiting for! Let’s check them out!


  • Improved accessibility features for Windows and Mac users with disabilities
  • Ability to switch between profiles within the Launcher
  • Added patch notes for new releases
  • Updated News tab
  • New language system
  • Reduced the Launcher update download size
  • Installations (previously called Configurations) can now be played directly from the Installations tab


To get the new update all you have to do is restart your current launcher and it’s looking really good. Be sure to checkout the full breakdown and provide any feedback you have here. With the new launcher and 1.14.3 now both released should be hearing about some big updates to the game and maybe even Minecraft:Dungeons soon! Can’t wait to see what Mojang is cooking up next.


See you for the next update!

Team Apex

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