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Your Panel Profile Overview

Your panel profile can be accessed by navigating to the cog along the top right section of the main navigation on the Apex Panel. From here you can manage language, email, password, and view your Craft-List account information.


Switch between English or German language.


The registered email can be changed as needed and is only used to notify the owner of changes to the panel account i.e. new server added or password changes.


The current password field is used as a form of authentication before committing any changes to the account.

The New Password and Confirm Password fields allow you to change the password of the respective account.

Craft-List ID

The ID assigned when you signup with a Craft-List account.

Craft-List Access Token

Your access token is used to recognize and authenticate your panel account with your Craft-List account.


Connect or disconnect your panel account with your Craft-List account.