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Create Minecraft Mod

Last modified on Aug 9, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Dalton Whalen


When playing through vanilla Minecraft, many players choose to automate their gameplay so they can focus on alternative tasks. AFK farms, auto-smelters, and more are fun, but are often limited in their design. For others, more automation opportunities are desired, which leads players to turn towards mods. Introducing Create, a massive mod that adds hundreds of new items to redefine the gameplay experience. Smelt items in bulk, make auto-crafters, add conveyor belt spaghetti, and much more. Knowing where to start can be tough for new players, so we have created this Apex Hosting guide to get you started with the Create mod.


The Create Mod for Forge is owned by simibubi, with the Fabric edition owned by tropheusj, as well as authored by Pepper_Bell and thatguynamedalpha. The mod has over 28.8 million combined downloads with versions ranging from 1.14 up to 1.19 at the time of writing. Create adds hundreds of new items to create automated contraptions that work together.

Create Mod Download

  1. Visit the Create Mod Curseforge for either Forge or Fabric.
  2. Press Files near the top to view all available versions.
    Create Mod Files
  3. Scroll down and locate the version you wish to play with.
  4. Afterwards, click the Download button on the right-hand side.
    Create Mod Download
  5. Save the file to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.



Forge Version:
When running Fabric on Forge 1.18.2 and lower, download the matching version of Flywheel.

Fabric Version:
To run Fabric mods, download the matching version of Fabric API.

Server Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown menu.
    Create Mod Version
  3. Ensure you are running the matching version of Forge or Fabric.
  4. Afterwards, enter the FTP File Access in the left-hand menu, then log in.
  5. Locate or create the mods folder, then enter it.
  6. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop mod files into the right side.
  7. Once at 100% uploaded, return to the main panel page.
    Create Mod Upload
  8. Restart the server to load Create mod for use.


Client Installation

  1. Before proceeding, ensure you have installed Forge or Fabric client-side.
  2. Open your Minecraft launcher, then proceed to Installations at the top.
  3. Hover over your modded profile, then press the Open Folder icon.
    Create Mod Open Folder
  4. In the new window, locate or create the mods folder, then enter it.
  5. Here, paste your Create .jar with its required dependency.
    Create Mod Client Mods
  6. Afterwards, return to the MC launcher and press Play on your mod profile.


How to Get Started

Once you jump into the game, there is no shortage of potential creations to make. The mod is made up of several blocks and parts, each with their own unique functionality. While this is confusing for most players, Create allows you to view various information for applicable items.

Pondering items

Create Mod Ponder

To ponder items, open your inventory and hover over the desired object. If available, hold W to ponder the item. A new screen will appear, providing information and uses of your specific item. The controls at the bottom of the screen will allow you to identify objects, change scenes, replay, and adjust the text speed. This is paramount when trying to construct a machine within the mod.

Create Mod SummaryWith some items, such as the Linked Controller, you will instead be prompted to hold Shift to view a summary of the item. This will often display a small blurb about its uses, as well as other vital information.
Create Mod ControlsFor other items, holding Ctrl will display information on the object controls. These may include right-clicking functions, sneak-clicking and much more. Many items have multiple uses, so knowing each of them is helpful.


Notable Blocks

As alluded to previously, are many new blocks and mechanics added to the mod. There is too much to cover here, however there are a few notable examples below:

Create Mod ShaftsIn Create, shafts make the world go ‘round. Almost everything operates off of mechanical force, which is extended through these shafts to generate rotational force to other blocks.
Create Mod CogwheelsIn addition to shafts, they are often combined with cogwheels to power a variety of machines. Whether these are for decoration or necessary for automation, the small and large cogwheels are ready for use.


Create Mod BeltsWhen it comes to item transport, nothing works quite as well as conveyor belts. These belts attach to shafts to transport items and mobs in a multitude of directions, including elevated angles.
Create Mod ChutesAnother staple of item transport is the use of chutes. These are used to route items downwards, often onto conveyors or into chests. The smart chute variant can even be configured to only accept specific items.


Create Mod FansLooking to transport items, but don’t want them attached to a conveyor belt? The fans can be configured to blow items and mobs away or draw them in. The faster the rotational force, the stronger the current.
Create Mod PulleyIf you’ve ever wanted to build an elevator, now is your chance. With the pulley, you can move attached blocks upwards and downwards. By using the Super Glue item, you can move entire structures.


Bearings and Chassis
Create Mod Bearing

Create Mod Chassis

Another way to move items is with the bearing and chassis blocks. When bearings are attached to rotational force, it will spin the structure above it. The chassis blocks are extensions, allowing you to attach a variety of blocks and form new shapes. When combined with bearings, you can add machine parts such as drills or harvesters to activate while spinning.

Create Mod DrillWhy bother mining blocks by hand when you can have a drill do it for you? The drill block will automatically break any block in front of it. It can also be attached to a moving contraption to make an automatic miner, as well as store blocks in an attached chest.
Create Mod SawYet another automatic block, the saw can be provided with wood to make new blocks. A log will become stripped, which can then be turned into 6 planks. If attached to a contraption, it can fell an entire tree by cutting the bottom-most block.


Example Builds

With so many possible blocks, there are just as many possible contraptions that you can create. Whether they are for farming, crafting, organizing, or more, the possibilities are up to you. It is recommended to tinker with the mod and make your own, but here are a few examples:

Automatic Item Smelter

Create Mod Auto Smelter

Sick of collecting fuel to power your many furnaces? By combining fans and lava, you can smelt large chunks of items at a time. This bulk smelter only requires rotational power, with the rest of the heat energy being provided by the lava. Add a chute for the input to drop stacks of 16, then attach the output to a conveyor belt to relocate the ingots to storage.

Crop Collector

In addition to automatically smelting your ores, why collect your own crops when a machine can do it for you? Grab a few harvesters, a mechanical bearing, as well as a few chassis and you can create a spinning crop harvester. The crops will either drop onto the ground, or they will be placed in an attached chest for later automation or collection.

Create Mod Crop Collector

Hidden House

Create Mod Hidden House

Don’t let your base be found by enemies, create entire moving buildings to hide structures underground. Add a gantry shaft, gantry carriage, and a ton of super glue to relocate entire structures. This can allow you to create hidden bases or even use the same mechanics to extend bridges and open doors. Be wary, as moving large structures is often intensive to the game.


Sure, clocks are available in vanilla Minecraft, but they do not carry as much potential as a clock tower. With a clockwork bearing, linear chassis, and secondary chassis, the clock will begin keeping track of the time when powered. Using the two different chassis parts will create both a minute hand and an hour hand. All that’s left is to decorate the tower to your liking.

Create Mod Clock Tower



In the end, there are near-limitless possibilities with the Create mod. Each part can be used on its own or in a larger contraption of any size. Automate every aspect of your game from mob breeding to item organization for your base. Whether you are a farmer, miner, builder, or more, the mod can upgrade the experience for anyone. It can be quite daunting to learn the ins-and-outs when you first start, but with time you will create massive factories with ease. With this in mind, you are ready to jump into the world of Create and start your mechanical empire.

Common Issues

The mod crashes during startup:
This issue often means that there is either an incorrect version or a missing dependency mod. First, ensure that either Flywheel or the FabricAPI is also installed on both the server and client depending on your chosen game version. If issues are still occurring, validate that your modloader, mod, and dependency are all running the same Minecraft version, otherwise these issues will continuously occur. After it has been fixed, restart the game and server once more, then try again.

I cannot join the server:
Oftentimes, this error means that the mods are correctly installed on the server, but are not running on your own client. Ensure you have installed both files directly into the mods folder, otherwise they cannot load. Additionally, make sure you are launching your Forge/Fabric profile, as they are required to use the mods. Once this is done, relaunch the game and try to connect again.

Helpful Links

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