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Skyblock Server

Skyblock Overview

Number of plugins: approximately 40 Plugins
This minigame is fit for small to large server population.

Those looking for a challenge beyond your standard vanilla survival can opt to create a Skyblock world. In Minecraft, SkyBlock is a survival map where players are challenged to live and build on a floating island. The object of this game-type is to survive, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive. At Apex Minecraft Hosting, you can spool your very own fully loaded SkyBlock server in a matter of minutes. Jump right in with pre-packaged plugins and little configuration on your part and enjoy a new challenge with friends.

Server Owners

Upon entering this gametype for the first time, you will be spawned at the central island. A pre-built spawn with all the basics ready for you to get your server up and running as quick as possible. Included is a spawning platform set in the center of the island with various hologram text introducing your players to the server. As you venture out in either direction, you will come across various pathways that lead either portals or a shop. You can utilize the portals to either teleport players to their unique islands or other custom location like a shop island.

If your players don’t have an island quite yet, no worries. New players have access to a predefined set of commands they can use to navigate the server and get them going. Among the default rank, your server has been preconfigured with 3 other player ranks, Staff rank, Mod rank, Admin rank, and Owner. Each rank with its own set of permissions. However, we highly suggest you review them and configure who has access to what base on ​your personal preferences. In addition to permissions and ranks, your initial world is also automatically protected using WorldGuard. But just incase anything does go wrong, you can catch any pesky griefing with CoreProtect, a block logging plugin, among a number of other things.
As you continue to review the spawn, you will encounter a set of chests with various text and features. These chests can offer rewards to your players for voting or purchasing content from a store. What ever you choose, you can rewards your players for the commitment.

Ready? Set? Go!

To start, players can select a predefined island using the /is command. Once selected they will be automatically teleported to it, ready to go. A few things to note when you start in your island is /shop command. With it, you are able to purchase and sell pretty much everything you would need. Another command to take note of is /ah. This allows you to auction some of your items to other players on the server. A great alternative for things like spawners that you aren’t able to sell on /shop. You can auctions items by doing /ah sell and it will set up an auction for the item in your hand. And then finally the /kits command. This command will bring up a GUI which players can easily select kits from (if they have access to them).

Niffty, What Else Is There?!

This game type is prepackaged with 40 plugins so we won’t be going over each one. But to name a few you have:

ClearLag: This plugin will clear your server of entities every 5 minutes. This will help the server run smoothly over time as players drop items, build mob farms, etc.

ChestShops: Similar to /ah, if a player wants to sell something that isn’t available on the /shop, they can do this via chest shops.

Deluxetags: You can run the /tags command and all the tags you have access to will show there.

UltimateCasino: Add a bit of fun to things by allowing players to coinflip and create jackpots with /coinflip and /rps.

PlayerVaults: A plugin that allows donors access to personal secure vaults they can access anywhere and anytime with the command /pv.

In terms of combat, you can warp to the combat arena with /warp pvp. There, you will need to jump down to engage in combat. CombatTagPlus is installed to manage combat loggers, along with NoCheatPlus to help prevent hackers from dominating your server.

These are just a few highlights the various plugins installed on your server. For additional details on those mentioned and all others, please review each plugins wiki page for more information.

Preset, Pre-configured, Pre-defined But Not Finished

Though your server will essentially function off-the-bat, you will need to eventually tweaked the plugins managing it to your unique preferences. As such, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with each plugin on your server by accessing the /plugins folder. For more information of configuring your server files, please review our guide on ​configuring your server files​.