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Minecraft Modpack Difficulties – The Easiest and Hardest Minecraft Modpacks

Posted: Apr 18, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Choosing the perfect modpack for your Apex Minecraft server to play with friends can be a challenging task, as there are thousands of them available. Whether you focus on combat or progression, there’s bound to be many for trying out. This is amplified if you’re wanting an easy or hard modpack in Minecraft – since the difficulty determines the gameplay. For example, technical or magical mods typically require more experience and knowledge than others. If you’re stuck finding the best modpacks in Minecraft, then look no further! We’ll be showcasing some of our top picks to get you started on a brand-new adventure with friends.

Modpack Difficulty Levels

We’ve categorized our modpack choices into three levels, easy, normal, and expert. Each of these provides you with simple to advanced gameplay, depending on what you prefer in Minecraft. There are many others to check out too, which can be viewed here. The following sections will discuss the basics for each level and show some examples of them. Keep in mind that not everything will be mentioned, so make sure to view the modpacks in the charts below to find out more information.

Easy Modpacks

What makes a Minecraft modpack easy? Answering this question requires understanding the basics – gameplay style. With these packs, mods can subtly or overtly change how players interact with the game. For instance, the Farming Valley modpack allows you to peacefully explore, build, and collect resources. However, one key element is making blueprints to start new villages with custom NPCs. In other words, the gameplay is centered around building and progression without too many advanced mechanics.

Farming Valley Modpack Server Hosting
Chosen’s Modded Adventure Modpack Server Hosting

Other times, easy modpacks can involve being guided toward the end goal. This tends to be with quests or NPCs, which grant players rewards for their efforts. In the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack for Minecraft, you’re able to get a jump start with useful items to begin questing. As you continue playing, the more advanced tasks become – but you’re nonetheless guided to it. This means you don’t have to stress too much when enjoying the modpack. Similar ones are available too, with some differences and unique features.

Check out some of our easy modpacks to host your own Minecraft server down below!

Farming ValleyForge 1.10.2
Valhelsia Enhanced VanillaFabric 1.17 to 1.18.2
Demon SlayerForge 1.16.5
Chosen’s Modded AdventureForge 1.20.1
DawnCraftForge 1.18 to 1.18.2


Normal Modpacks

As for normal modpacks in Minecraft, these have a bit of every aspect to them. Examples include building machines, using complicated magic, exploring new dimensions, and overhauls to crafting equipment. This may sound difficult, but almost every modpack has these features and are considered normal. The gameplay isn’t too rough, as there can be quests along the way to help you progress. One such modpack is FTB Beyond, a good starting point to begin playing with friends.

FTB Beyond Modpack Server Hosting
Craft to Exile 2 Modpack Server Hosting

Rather than focusing on item-based progression, there is also character advancement. This takes the form of skills and special abilities to unlock through actions in-game. Whether it’s farming, walking, fighting, or crafting, you’re able to grow your character into the ultimate player. This is especially true for the Craft to Exile 2 modpack for Minecraft, offering you a wide range of activities to explore. Similar features from other normal packs are also included to improve your gameplay experience.

Take a closer look at the normal modpacks below to host your own Minecraft server!

Better MinecraftForge 1.16.5
Craft to Exile 2Forge 1.20.1
Golden CobblestoneForge 1.7.10
FTB BeyondForge 1.10.2
FTB EndeavourForge 1.16.5
Enigmatica 6Forge 1.16.1 to 1.16.5


Expert Modpacks

Players seeking an extreme challenge in Minecraft might want expert level modpacks. These are highly advanced with machinery or magical progression, sometimes combining the two. Additionally, your starting point will be with nothing – such as Cave Factory spawning you underground without any abundance of resources. You must overcome the difficulties to progress, but quests are there to help you out! It really gets serious when building machines for automation or even planet exploration.

Cave Factory Modpack Server Hosting
Forever Stranded Modpack Server Hosting

One such example of being completely surrounded by dangers is the Forever Stranded modpack for Minecraft. This spawns you on a desolate planet with no trees or water in sight. Hostile mobs will appear all over the place, ancient cities are scattered around with traps, and so much more. These aspects are common for expert modpacks, especially the need to maintain hunger and thirst. In other words, surviving in Minecraft becomes extremely difficult with specific mods.

Consider reviewing our list of expert modpacks for Minecraft below to host your own server!

Cave Factory1.16.5
Volcano Block1.12.2
Forever Stranded1.10.2
Glacial Awakening1.12.2
FTB SkyFactory Challenges1.10.2


Minecraft Modpack Server Hosting

Choosing a modpack to host your own Minecraft server can be a daunting task, as there are many of them to consider. This is why determining the difficulty of your gameplay is important! It helps with making a decision on which modpack to install and play. Whether you want challenges or a peaceful environment, there are packs just for you. Explore them all and choose the best one suited for your needs to begin playing Minecraft modpacks with friends!

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