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Setup and Play a DawnCraft Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Jun 13, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young



The adventure in Vanilla Minecraft allows players to create their own journey, as there isn’t a story to follow. This can easily make your gameplay experience dull or repetitive over time. Some users search for solutions, leading them to modifications that can completely change Minecraft. This is commonly done with modpacks, large collections of them to enhance the game through adding features such as magic, machines, new resources, quests, and more. Fortunately, there’s a pack called DawnCraft that implements all of these aspects, among a unique storyline with quests and dungeons to explore. Players are summoned in a village with one main objective, to locate special items and open the End’s gateway to defeat the Ender Dragon. This grand adventure comes with loads of side-quests too, giving users the opportunity to fully embrace this modpack. Setting this up to enjoy with friends is easily done on our panel, but can confuse newcomers if they’re unfamiliar with our system. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and play the DawnCraft modpack on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting guide.


This large modpack was created by a team of developers, with bstylia14 being the owner of the project. Its release date was on February 21st of 2023 for Forge 1.18.2, receiving regular updates that thousands of people download. The main premise of DawnCraft is to replicate popular role playing games, such as Skyrim, in Minecraft for players to explore the world, complete quests, and battle their way through an amazing story.

Client Installation

Before playing DawnCraft, you’ll need to install the CurseForge launcher to download the modpack. This gives you the ability to play the pack on a custom profile, ensuring no issues occur while loading everything. The instructions below guides you through this process.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge, then click the Download button for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save and open this file on your computer, beginning the installation process.
  3. After this is finished, start the launcher and press Browse Modpacks from the menu.
    CurseForge Browse Modpacks
  4. Proceed to enter “DawnCraft” in the Search field, then click Install.
    DawnCraft Modpack Download
  5. Wait for everything to download, then press Play from My Modpacks to load it.


Server Installation

Due to the number of modifications in DawnCraft, it’s strongly recommended to create a Server Profile before installing it on your panel. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and doesn’t conflict with pre-existing files in your FTP area. However, this is completely optional and is not required to get this pack installed. With this in mind, follow along below to begin the installation.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section down below.
  2. Click on the currently selected option, opening a dropdown list.
    Minecraft 1.19.4
  3. From here, type “DawnCraft” in the text field and press it once found.
    DawnCraft Server Hosting
  4. After doing this, click Change Version and Create New World when prompted.
  5. Once you’re done, press the Restart Now button on the final prompt to load the pack.
    DawnCraft Modpack Servers
  6. When everything is finished, join the server with your installed profile via CurseForge.


Getting Started

DawnCraft Modpack Guide

Upon entering your new modded server, you’ll immediately notice unique biomes and creatures nearby. Additionally, a special character called Korok should be close to you. This little tree mob will introduce you to the grand adventure that awaits you, such as how you’ve ended up in the world and what the main objective is to complete. While talking with this NPC, you’ll learn about Mystic Eyes and how they’re required to open the End Portal for you to slay the Ender Dragon. There are other several beasts that need to be hunted down and killed too, as each one causes chaos across the lands. Korok will provide you with rewards after finishing up the dialogue, with the first one being a Spirit Orb. These are used to upgrade your health and stamina, making them valuable for any player.

Besides this, you’ll notice there are several items in your hotbar upon freshly joining the server. These will come in handy when you begin exploring the world around you. For instance, the Antique Atlas is a book that acts as an upgraded map, providing you with vital information. The other is a mysterious piece of paper that reveals a village’s location, which is needed to locate a Guild Master or other NPCs for quests. This helps you move along in the adventure, but can be explored later on if you want. The hero of the story is you and your friends, but make sure to avoid causing mayhem to villagers or peaceful mobs since that’ll make you the bad guy. There are other tasks and details to keep in mind as you get started with DawnCraft, so make sure to review the subsections below to fully understand everything.

Beginner Village

In the first village from the piece of paper, there are many houses and structures nearby. These serve as homes, farms, or armories for the villagers. Be cautious though, as this modpack allows them to view you as an enemy if you steal their items. For example, breaking into someone’s house and grabbing food will result in them becoming frustrated. If this is done too much, the entire village will view you as hostile. By default, you’re a neutral entity to them without any malicious intent.

DawnCraft Village

Although, there are ways to be forgiven by them for your actions, which is mentioned later on in this tutorial.

Collectable Items

DawnCraft Rare Items

Across the village, there are many loot chests for you to steal or freely take items. The vast majority of these are food resources and equipment with special tiers. For example, blue colored armor is almost always better than green variants due to their rarity. Keep this in mind as you find loot, as you want to avoid common items. Besides this, there are unique gems and crystals to find that’ll be used to upgrade your gear later on. This feature allows you to enhance any piece of equipment you own, making it valuable to keep.


Ledger Book

In some cases, players will be caught stealing loot or attacking villagers, which angers them. This is problematic, as some will not give you the best rewards or even offer quests for you. If you’re curious about how they view you, then right-click the Ledger Book at a Guild Master’s building. After doing this and you’ve confirmed villagers dislike you, then there is a way to be forgiven. This requires you to pay for your actions through the Ledger Chest, near the book.

DawnCraft Ledger Book

Although, many players will not need to be forgiven since most of the time nothing bad happens after stealing items, unless you attack villagers.

Goddess Statue

DawnCraft Goddess Statues

Throughout the village, there are tiny statues scattered around specific areas. These include gardens, ponds, or next to some structures. This is known as the Goddess Statue, allowing players to upgrade their character’s health or stamina by spending Spirit Orbs. The minimum amount needed for this is four of them, but there’s another way to do it too. Instead of this statue, a Horned variant requires Emeralds and Essence to upgrade the same aspects.

Each village in the world will have these statues for players to begin enhancing their attributes.

Receiving Quests

DawnCraft Quest Villager
DawnCraft Guild Master

While exploring villages and the world, you’ll come across characters with exclamation points (!) above their heads. This means you can interact with them to start a quest, engage in dialogue, and/or receive rewards. There will be many of these people for you to enjoy, but the Guild Master is the most important one of all. This is due to them giving you a main quest for the story, which is to slay Pillagers nearby. Remember, they’re located randomly in the starting or other villages. Additionally, there’s almost always more than one of these characters for you to engage.

Upgrading Skills

After completing some quests, you’ll be able to upgrade some skills. This depends on the reward type, but the first one provides you with a book to learn how to dodge in combat. It requires 4 stamina points to use, which isn’t too much overall. However, players need to reconfigure the action’s keybind in the settings since it’s not enabled by default. This applies to other skills and abilities like magic, so keep this in mind as you play through the DawnCraft modpack. Another important detail to remember is that these powers can be gained through Guard Requests in villages around the world.

DawnCraft Upgrade Skills


Dungeons & Bosses

DawnCraft Dungeon Boss

Advancing through the story will present you with dungeons full of treasures, but there are many hostile mobs protecting it. One of these is a boss, which has powerful abilities and lots of health. Make sure you’re fully prepared before leaping into the fight, as you can quickly become overwhelmed. Once defeated, the loot chests may contain valuable items or resources such as golden apples, diamonds, enchanted books, and rare equipment.

There are many other kinds of materials to find too, but it depends heavily on your luck.

Collecting Mystic Eyes

Remember, the main objective from Korok is to locate and collect Mystic Eyes. There are many kinds of them to obtain from witches, withers, and custom mobs around the world. The whole point of these eyes is to open the End Portal, requiring 12 of them to do. This means you don’t have to collect every single item beforehand, only the minimum amount. Although, players will unlock advancements upon looting each one. If you’re looking to completely finish this modpack, then hunt down powerful creatures to obtain their eye.

DawnCraft Mystic Eyes


DawnCraft End Portal

Once you’ve stumbled upon a Stronghold, locate its gateway to the End. Afterward, place down each eye you have to begin unlocking the portal. There isn’t an exact combination for them, allowing you to freely activate the frames with any kind of item. The entire process leading up to this event will take you a long time to complete, as there are tons of mobs to slay. Remember to always store your eye items in an Ender Chest or somewhere safe so you never lose them.



DawnCraft Ender Dragon Fight

When you’ve finally reached the End, you’ll be greeted with an epic fight by the Ender Dragon. There are also lots of other creatures lurking around, which will attack you on sight. Be careful as you battle your way through this situation, especially when the dragon decides to smash the ground. It’s strongly recommended that you have enchanted gear with unique abilities to defeat the main boss. Additionally, having long range weapons will be your best bet when fighting. Once you’ve won, the quest will be completed and provide all players with a unique goodie bag full of items. There are always other missions to do in this journey, so don’t get discouraged when finishing the main storyline. This modpack gives you plenty of opportunities to continue playing, leading to endless amounts of entertainment.

Common Issues

Unable to Join the Server

Occasionally, players may be unable to join the server due to various reasons. An extremely popular problem to encounter is entering the incorrect IP Address:Port or Subdomain to make the connection. Make sure everyone is using the right address to join the server, otherwise the problem will persist. However, it’s also possible that the impacted user isn’t using the latest version of the DawnCraft modpack for this process. Ensure this is updated through CurseForge, then proceed to try again. Alternatively, this situation could be caused from a failed installation on the server, especially if no one can make the connection.

DawnCraft isn’t Loading

In cases where the modpack isn’t working on the server, you’ll want to verify that the Game File has DawnCraft selected. Once this checks out, Restart the server to see if that’ll work. If the problem continues to occur, then try making a new Server Profile to reinstall the pack. This allows the server to have a fresh set of directories in the FTP panel, giving you the best chances at having a successful installation. Otherwise, manually installing this on the server is another option that should work without issues. As for client-related problems, simply delete the old instance of DawnCraft on CurseForge and redownload the latest version. Otherwise, allocating more memory to the launcher is another possibility to resolve the situation.

Using the Wrong World

After selecting DawnCraft in the Game File section of your panel, make sure to generate a new world by clicking Create New World when prompted. Alternatively, pressing the Change World button on the main panel allows you to manually create one with a custom name. Regardless of which method you choose, ensure to Restart the server so everything can load properly. Another possibility is to upload the map from singleplayer. This should only be your last resort, as it’s strongly recommended to create the world from the server itself.

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How To Make a DawnCraft Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your DawnCraft server will be created instantly