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Setup and Play an FTB Beyond Server in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

FTB Beyond Server Hosting
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Across Minecraft’s community, there are players seeking for an improved gameplay experience since vanilla becomes mundane over time. This leads some users to try out modifications or large collections of them, known as modpacks. Unfortunately, these packs can completely overhaul Minecraft’s design and become unrecognizable from the default appearance. Due to this, we introduce the FTB Beyond modpack that subtly changes how the game looks, yet allowing flexibility for those wanting a different experience. Whether you’re wanting to add furniture in your base or collect a wide variety of new resources to use, there are many opportunities for all kinds of players. This is a wonderful time with friends, as there are so many activities to make progress in the world. Setting up the modpack on a server is easily done with our panel, especially when it comes preinstalled for your convenience. Although, newcomers may have a difficult time navigating through our system to install it. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to set up and play FTB Beyond on your Minecraft server.


This modpack was developed and published by an extremely popular team called Feed The Beast (FTB). The pack is for Minecraft Forge 1.10.2 and collected over 250,000 downloads. Its main premise is to allow players the ability to have an enhanced vanilla experience with tons of possibilities. In other words, FTB Beyond can be tailored to almost any person’s playstyle in Minecraft.

Client Installation

Before playing the FTB Beyond modpack, you’ll need to download the official launcher. This is done by following the steps below, which will only take a few minutes.

  1. Navigate to FTB App, then choose your operating system to download the launcher.
    FTB App Download
  2. When it’s finished, open it and login with your Minecraft account near the bottom left.
  3. Afterward, Click Browse on the left and type “FTB Beyond” in the Search field.
    FTB Beyond Download
  4. Once found, press the Download button and click Install on the next prompt.
    FTB Beyond Installation
  5. Wait for this to complete, then click the Go To Instance button when it appears.
    FTB Beyond Instance
  6. From here, you can press Play on the modpack to confirm everything works properly.


Server Installation

Remember, our panel has this modpack built into the system for your convenience. However, the loading stage will require a short amount of time to complete. When you’re prepared, follow the instructions below to easily install the modpack on your Minecraft server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section down below.
  2. Proceed to click on the currently selected option to reveal a dropdown menu.
    Minecraft 1.19.3
  3. In the text box, type “FTB Beyond” and press it once found in the list.
    FTB Beyond Server Installation
  4. Click the Change Version button on the following prompt.
  5. Continue to press Generate New World and Restart Now to load the modpack.
    FTB Beyond Restart Server
  6. After everything is finished, join the server with your installed instance from the FTB App.


Getting Started

FTB Beyond Server Hosting

Upon joining the server, you’ll notice a few differences from the normal version of Minecraft. There will be helpful items in your inventory that reveal some basic information about the modpack. Additionally, there is a menu of all the possible materials to find or craft. Selecting one from the right of your inventory will display its recipe or other useful tips about it. If you’re wanting to change how the minimap appears in the top right corner, then press Period (.) on your keyboard to view its configurable options. Besides this, there is new vegetation and slight terrain changes that’s been automatically generated. It’s encouraged that you start collecting Wood Logs and breaking nearby plants for Food Items to get started. Once you’ve obtained enough resources, review the subsections below to gain a better understanding of how to progress in the world.

Building Parts

Instead of using the default set of tools from Minecraft, players can now use the Part Builder with Patterns to create individual pieces for a stronger item. However, a Stencil Table and Crafting Station are required for completing the tool. Remember, all these recipes are found in your inventory by selecting it from the list. Players will need to make all needed parts before building their desired tool or weapon.

FTB Part Builder

These resources will significantly help you get started, especially when you obtain better minerals.

Mineral Ores

FTB Beyond Ores

On the topic of minerals, there are many different kinds to find throughout the caves you’ll encounter. Some of these ores include Silver, Resonating, Peridot, Monazit, Yellorite, Uranium, among other types. Each one serves a purpose, such as materials needed for better equipment or energy for machines. There are still default minerals to discover, meaning Diamonds and Iron are still widely available.

It’s strongly recommended to smelt down every ore you collect, as they’ll be used for later.

Unique Items

Due to the amount of mods in FTB Beyond, there are countless items to craft and use in the world. These range from unique pickaxes to scythes, but we’ll go through common ones that all players will obtain at some point. If you’re curious about the others, then we suggest you go through the list of all items in your inventory, as there are too many to review here.


Without any tools, players cannot successfully progress in the game. Fortunately, there are many types of pickaxes, shovels, axes, and more to try out. For example, Obsidian can be used to create any of these for more durability and abilities. The rarer minerals used to craft such items makes them stronger, so make sure to continue your exploration to obtain them.

FTB Beyond Tools

Otherwise, even a basic wooden tool has more benefits than a vanilla variant.


FTB Beyond Weapons

On the other hand, crafting unique weapons will provide players with increased damage, durability, and abilities. These follow the same concept as with tools, meaning the same minerals are applied. For instance, a Cobalt Broadsword is lightweight and has momentum when swinging it. This and other powers can help you combat against the undead at night.

Alternatively, they can be used to easily takedown enemy players trying to raid your base.

Slime Islands

FTB Beyond Slime Island

As players explore their new modded world, some may notice small islands floating high above them. These are known as Slime Islands, allowing you to kill unique slime mobs for special items. There’s also rare resources on them that aren’t found anywhere else in the map. Each island should have slimes, but some do not and require players to wait for them to appear. This is perfect for a mob farm, as they provide loot and experience points for enchantments. Otherwise, it can be used for a secured base since it’s in the sky and away from hostile creatures.

Better Villages

FTB Beyond Villages

At some point along your journey, villages will appear on the horizon. These are similar to vanilla ones, but are enhanced with specialized buildings and loot. This is the best way to easily get advanced equipment to start your adventure. However, this location is also used to trade with villagers for other items. These can help you build new items or machines, depending on the bartering.

Alternatively, the custom houses make for a wonderful starter base.

Lootable Chests

Previously mentioned above, there are interesting items to obtain from lootable chests inside villages. These may include rare minerals, useful blocks, food items, or equipment. For instance, players can collect Bronze or Steel weapons and tools, which have stronger buffs than vanilla variants. The best chest is located inside the Blacksmith’s building, but other types are scattered around.

FTB Beyond Village Loot

It’s highly recommended to search for as many villages as possible due to its benefits.

Enhanced Farming

FTB Beyond Farming

Another useful tip is gathering a bunch of seeds from the wild, as each one is special. For example, Cotton or String is easily obtained by this method. These are found by breaking Grass, which randomly drops a seed for players to grab. There are tons of them, including Coffee, Candola, Industrial Hemp, among others. A simpler concept is applied for randomly generated crops, as they can be extremely beneficial for increasing your food supply.


Chunk Claiming

When you’ve found a suitable location for setting up camp, claiming the surrounding area is encouraged. This will protect all chunks from explosions, but requires you to create a Team. Everything is done through the inventory menu on the left-hand side. After making a group, you can begin claiming chunks by selecting its option.

FTB Beyond Chunk Claiming

This reveals a map of your current location, allowing you to left-click areas to protect them. If you’re wanting to unclaim, then right-click the claimed chunk to release it back in the Wilderness.

Common Issues

The Modpack Isn’t Loading

In some cases, players may have issues loading FTB Beyond on their server or launcher. This is caused by a wide variety of reasons, with an invalid installation being the most common. With this in mind, ensure you’ve generated a new world after selecting the modpack from the Game File area in the panel. This is required for the mods to load and generate blocks properly in-game. Besides this, using the incorrect Server Profile could result in a failed installation due to possible file conflicts in the FTP area. It’s suggested to make a new profile for this modpack to avoid any unwanted problems. If the situation is still happening, then consider manually installing FTB Beyond on the server to ensure everything is working properly. As for the launcher, simply delete the old instance of it and redownload it. However, allocating more memory to the FTB App is another solution that may resolve this issue.

Unable to Join Server

Another common problem to encounter is being unable to join the newly created modded Minecraft server. This happens when the connecting player isn’t using the correct modpack to join. Double-check that FTB Beyond is being loaded with the latest version through the FTB App so everything works as expected. Otherwise, confirm that the IP Address:Port or Subdomain are being entered correctly to make the connection. If after ensuring these are right and the situation persists, then it could mean the server is having an unforeseen problem.

My Server is Crashing

In rare events, the entire server will crash due to problems in-game or from an incorrect installation of FTB Beyond. For example, ticking entities from automatic farms or machines can trigger the problem. Solving this is best done by restoring from a backup, as this reverts the world to a previously stable state. Alternatively, following our Modded Optimization Guide is another great way to improve performance and fix crashing issues. If nothing seems to be working, then contacting Support is strongly recommended since they’ll work with you to find a solution.

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How To Make a FTB Beyond Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Beyond server will be created instantly