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Chosen’s Modded Adventure Server Hosting

Last modified on May 14, 2024 in Modpacks

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Hosting your own Minecraft server opens the door for a wide range of new adventures, which is amplified with mods. Large collections of these, known as modpacks, introduce tons of content for players to check out in-game. Whether it’s new structures, magical abilities, or bosses, anything is possible. One of these modpacks is called Chosen’s Modded Adventure, perfect for experienced modders and newcomers to the scene! Grab friends and start a new multiplayer journey in an immersive world filled with endless opportunities. Complete quests, receive special rewards, and uncover all the features of this pack. There are over 300 mods that completely transform the classic Minecraft aesthetic into something else entirely. Let’s jump into the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack and how you can start your own server with it in this Apex Hosting guide.

Server Setup

Before starting your own Chosen’s Modded Adventure Minecraft server, purchase one by visiting here – if you don’t already own one. Afterward, you can follow along below!

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate and click the Game File area.
  2. Proceed to type “Chosen’s Modded Adventure” and select it in the options list.
    Chosen’s Modded Adventure Minecraft Server
  3. Continue to click Change Version, Create New World, and Restart Now.
    Minecraft Modpack Loaded
  4. Wait for these changes to apply before joining with your Minecraft client.


Client Installation

Joining your Chosen’s Modded Adventure server requires you to install the modpack locally on your launcher. This is accomplished by using a third-party client, as it’s much easier compared to the normal method. The following steps below will guide you through this process.

  1. Download the CurseForge launcher from their official website.
  2. Afterward, navigate to Chosen’s Modded Adventure and click the Install button.
    Minecraft CurseForge Install
  3. If successful, you’ll be redirected to the client for the download to begin.
  4. Wait for the modpack to finish installing, then click Play on the right.
    Chosen’s Modded Adventure Modpack
  5. If you have issues loading, consider allocating more memory.


Chosen’s Modded Adventure Modpack

While playing on your newly created Chosen’s Modded Adventure Minecraft server, you and others alike will immediately notice the new changes. There are unique biomes full of colorful trees, enjoyable ambient noises, and dazzling shaders that amplify the entire experience. Additionally, there is a book in your inventory that can be accessed – providing you with the means to complete quests. This also acts like an information guide, helping you progress through the adventure. Keep this in mind as you continue playing the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack, as it’ll greatly come in handy later on.

Getting Started

We strongly recommend opening the Quest Book to begin reading about the core features and mechanics that this modpack offers. This also gives you starter items to help you begin the journey! After completing the “Welcome!” chapter, you and other players will have swords, shields, food, and other helpful materials. Beyond items, many of these quests provide EXP points to help with enchanting weapons or armor.

Minecraft Modded Quest Adventure Modpack

Due to all the items you’ll be receiving, we suggest making a base to store everything before progressing too far ahead.

New Structures & Biomes

Minecraft Modded Structures

While exploring this new world in the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack, new biomes, and nearby structures will appear on the horizon. Whether you stumble upon a wizard’s tower or miner’s campsite, make sure to loot its valuables. Additionally, you might have noticed there are lots of new environments to discover – including many amplified vanilla biomes.

As you continue the exploration, new ambient sounds might be triggered depending on your in-game location. This greatly helps with the modpack’s immersion, along with realistic audio positioning.

Better Loot Tables

Due to all the new changes in Minecraft from this modpack, expect tons of items in lootable chests. These can be normal equipment to rare materials, including unique ingots. There are even pieces of lost technology inside of them! Chosen’s Modded Adventure provides you with many possibilities when discovering chests in structures, so make sure to have enough inventory slots.

Minecraft Modded Loot Table


Unique Mobs

Minecraft Modded Skeleton

Whenever night rolls around, expect to see mysterious mobs unlike you’ve ever encountered before. These can be entirely new creatures or a combination of existing ones in Minecraft. Examples include a Fallen Knight, having the base of a skeleton and the top of a zombie – plus equipment. This trend is followed by other hostile mobs all over the world, with some being overpowered.

Try to avoid unnecessary battles with these creatures, as they might prove too dangerous in your early adventure.

Besides enemies, there are tons of new passive mobs for players to admire! These include different variations of sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens, along with new species to discover in Minecraft. This offers a more immersive experience, as Chosen’s Modded Adventure tries to make everything as realistic as possible in-game. This also means you can expect wildly mysterious nocturnal creatures in the nighttime, so don’t be spooked if you see the unknown.

Minecraft Mob Variants Mod



Minecraft Mod Bosses

While adventuring in the Minecraft world, randomly appearing bosses might appear out of thin air. These events happen randomly throughout the night, along different dimensions too. Whether you’re in a dungeon or traversing an island, these bosses can spawn. They will have special color outlines that determine their difficulty, with green being the easiest. Their nametags will also signify if they’re a hard boss to defeat.

After slaying one, you’ll receive powerful equipment with socketed abilities to use in-game. More information about these features can be found here.

Magic & Tech

Instead of the classic combat and machine features we know in vanilla Minecraft, there are new systems to try out in the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack. These include designing your own spells to defeat foes or building devices for better storage. Both of these require energy sources, which can be limited depending on how you play the game. Following the “Magic” or “Tech” quests in your book helps reveal more information about each category.

Minecraft Magic Casting

Use this to your advantage, as the more you play through this modpack – the more advanced it becomes.

The End & Nether

Minecraft Modded End

After finding the stronghold to reach the End dimension, you’ll be greeted with the classic Ender Dragon fight. There will be unique Enderman creatures, along with their normal variants. These offer interesting combat abilities, so be cautious while fighting in this world. Once you’ve defeated the dragon, consider exploring this dimension to uncover vast islands with strange structures on them.

This includes space materials scattered throughout the void, along with many other wild elements. It’s strongly recommended to only venture off with the proper equipment since everything is dangerous.

Similarly, the Nether dimension offers many new areas to explore. However, there are many extra biomes compared to the End. These range from glowing mushrooms to burning trees, along with others. This helps immerse you even more in Minecraft, as the Chosen’s Modded Adventure modpack includes new ambiance too. Whether you seek modded items or areas to build a new base, you have endless options when it comes to these two dimensions.

Minecraft Modded Nether


Chosen’s Modded Adventure Servers

Hosting your own Chosen’s Modded Adventure Minecraft server leads you and your friends along an amazing journey. Explore powerful magical arts to overcome any challenges or build the most sophisticated machine with Create features, there are many possibilities to try out. Grab friends and unite together for the ultimate adventure in Minecraft with this modpack – or seek new journeys by yourself to discover mysteries. Choose your destiny and what kind of gameplay you want in the best Chosen’s Modded Adventure server hosting available on the market!

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How To Make a Chosens Modded Adventure Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
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  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Chosens Modded Adventure server will be created instantly