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Setup and Play a Volcano Block Modpack Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Mar 24, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young

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Vanilla Minecraft is relatively easy for most players, as there are tons of resources available around the world. However, sometimes you or others alike want a new challenge to overcome. This can be done with the Volcano Block modpack, forcing players to complete quests to progress in the map. You’re surrounded by a fiery sea of lava on a small island, with almost no resources. Complete missions to get rewards to continue advancing your journey, which leads to machines and unique materials to collect. There are countless tasks to try out and conquer, which is only available in this modpack. Whether you’re enjoying the challenges alone or with friends, this pack creates an enjoyable gameplay experience for all. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to quickly install and use Volcano Block on your Minecraft server.


The Volcano Block modpack was created by Dark_Arcana around 2019, collecting over 700,000 downloads over the years. This pack is for Minecraft 1.12.2 and has 160 modifications to completely change the game. Experience a wonderful adventure full of quests and chapters to complete, giving rewards to all players finishing them. These missions are the only way to progress, leaving you with a task at all times until you reach the finish line.

Client Installation

All players wanting to enjoy this modpack will need to install it on the CurseForge launcher. Review the instructions below to begin this process, then continue to the next sections.

  1. Navigate towards CurseForge, then click Download for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save the launcher file somewhere on your computer, then begin the installation.
  3. Once fully installed, run the program and click Browse Modpacks in the menu.
    CurseForge Browse Modpacks
  4. Proceed to enter “Volcano Block” in the Search field, then press Install on it.
    CurseForge Volcano Block Download
  5. Afterward, simply click Play from your My Modpacks section to confirm the installation.


Server Installation

After preparing your launcher, review these steps to start setting up your Volcano Block server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and find the Game File section near the bottom.
  2. Upon locating it, click on the currently selected option to reveal a dropdown menu.
    Minecraft 1.19.3 Server
  3. Continue to search for “Volcano Block” in the text box, then press it once found.
    Volcano Block Server Installation
  4. In the following prompts, proceed to click Change Version and Create New World.
    Minecraft Volcano Block
  5. Afterward, press the Restart Now button to begin loading everything on your server.
  6. Once it’s fully loaded, join with your installed Volcano Block profile on CurseForge.


Getting Started

Volcano Block Modpack

Upon entering your world, you’ll notice a small platform of grass blocks surrounded by cobblestone in a sea of lava. This is your only area to play with, but you will expand it later on in the gameplay. Besides this, you’ll also notice two items in your inventory: Quest Book and Wooden Knife. The first is used for managing your quests, as hinted in its name. There are many chapters to complete, which all provides rewards and information to help you advance in-game. As for the second, it’s mainly used to complete the first quest.

Accessing the starter quest involves right-clicking with the book in your hand, then selecting it in the menu. Doing this allows you to see what tasks need to be completed, then what rewards you’ll receive afterward. Additionally, you can begin taking a peak at future missions to get a better understanding.

Volcano Block Quests

Make sure to not lose this Quest Book, but you can also access it from your inventory at the top left corner.

The First Quest

Volcano Block First Quest

Beginning your first quest requires you to hold the Wooden Knife, then shift + right-clicking with it. This will slice some of your character’s flesh off, needed for the quest’s task. Be cautious when doing this though, as your health depletes upon every time. If you’re in a dire situation, then you can replenish your HP by eating your flesh. However, it’s best to avoid eating yourself at the start, due to it being vital for the next task.


After obtaining your flesh, simply place it anywhere in your crafting area from the inventory. This produces Bone Meal, required to complete the first mission. Once you do this, head towards the Quest Book area and continue to take your rewards from the “So it begins…” option. Doing this will complete it and allow you to move forward in chapter one. It may be best to collect lots of bone meal, as you’ll want to have some extra on hand in the future.

Volcano Block Bone Meal Recipe



Volcano Block Farming

After you’ve obtained bone meal, right-click the grass blocks with it. This spawns vegetation on them, allowing you to collect Seeds, Sticks, Sugar Cane, and other materials. The most important ones are sticks since you’ll have to craft a Wooden Hoe with them. A minimum of three is required to make the tool, but feel free to click on it from the Quest Book to learn its recipe. When you’ve gathered enough seeds, start placing them on Farmland blocks. This will help you progress through other quests, while also providing food for your character. If you want crops to grow faster, shift + right-click them to do that. A popular tip is to constantly spawn vegetation with bone meal to collect more seeds, as there are tons of them to find in grass.

Unique Crops

After farming for a short while, you’ll reach the “Some Strange Seeds” quest. This is only completed after obtaining specific seeds from breaking your spawned vegetation. After completing the mission, one of the rewards is a Guide to Unique Crops book. Opening this in-game allows you to research strange and useful crops to grow. We’ll review some popular ones down below to get you started, but keep in mind that others are available and needed to finish quests.


Volcano Block Artsia

The most useful crop in the early-game is Artsia, as it allows you to obtain a Crafting Table. It instantly drops this once harvested, which can be used to make Crafting Station. Before doing any of this, you’ll need to collect 4x Normie Seeds to make Artsia Seeds. This is a requirement for a quest, plus other ones later on in your adventure. Regardless of you completing all of chapter one, this crop is always useful since it provides fuel sources for furnaces later on.


Volcano Block Precision

Another useful crop to try is Precision, allowing you to obtain random helpful items or materials after harvesting it. However, this doesn’t happen every time since there’s only a small chance of it occurring. Make sure you look for visual cues when the crop grows, as this indicates it’ll drop something instead of nothing. This isn’t needed for an exact quest in chapter one, but will help your progression if you get lucky.

Dirigible Plum

Volcano Block Dirigible Plum

If you’re wanting lots of good to sustain your hunger, then growing Dirigible Plum crops will help. These automatically drop items that are used to create a Large Dirigible Plum. Make sure to collect them right away, as they can rot away if left unattended. Upon eating these items, you’ll float for a short amount of time. This is due to their helium properties, so be mindful of your player’s position so you don’t fall into lava.


Collecting Resources

Volcano Block Resources

After finishing more quests, the tasks will slowly become more difficult over time. For example, you’ll need to grow Wheat for Hay Bales to use for other activities. A critical point during your gameplay will be the Cobblonia Seeds quest, as this permits you to collect Cobblestone. This will help you create many useful tools, items, and blocks to grow your island. It’ll also help you finish other missions in chapter one, which factors into the other ones. Make sure your priority is completing quests, but also always collecting resources to exponentially expand your building area.

Extra Chapters

After finishing all of chapter one quests, you’ll find yourself in the second one. This is where you get special blocks, items, and so many different kinds of materials to help you. The first item in chapter two’s introduction is a Food Book, giving you more information about what players can eat. It’ll also keep track of how many you’ve tried in-game, making it a notebook of your progression. Later on in the chapters, you’ll notice countless quests and interesting rewards.

Volcano Block Chapters

Some of these rewards the player with machines and other fascinating materials. Eventually, you can even obtain a Dragon Egg, meaning there’s a lot of potential during your adventure.

Common Issues

Modpack Won’t Load

Incorrectly installing the Volcano Block modpack will result in loading errors, whether it’s on the server or client. If you have issues on the panel, then make sure you’re either using a new Server Profile or ensuring no previously existing files are conflicting with the installation. However, manually installing the pack is an option if you’re still having problems. As for the launcher, redownloading the modpack will resolve the situation. Otherwise, CurseForge could be having their own issues causing Volcano Block to not load and/or install properly.

The World Isn’t Lava

Upon selecting the modpack on your server panel, make sure to choose the Create New World option to generate the correct map for the mods. This appears to you in a prompt after the Change Version button, so make sure to not miss it. Otherwise, you can load it in singleplayer and follow this tutorial to upload the world files into the server. Either of these solutions will resolve the entire situation.

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How To Make a Volcano Block Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Volcano Block server will be created instantly