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Setup and Play a Forever Stranded Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Sep 25, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young

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Playing through challenges in Minecraft servers are common activities across the community, as surviving with limited resources is an enjoyable experience with friends. These tend to include modifications, which are combined into modpacks for the ultimate gameplay session. This can be like Volcano Block or FTB OceanBlock, but may not be for everyone since there isn’t an exact story to follow. Due to this, we introduce the Forever Stranded modpack, forcing players to survive on an alien planet after crashing their ship. There is hardly any water, food, or supplies, making this a difficult challenge to overcome. Fortunately, as you explore and progress in the world, resources will become available for you to begin the adventure. Expect fierce fighting, lootable chests, complicated machinery, and more in this modpack. As for setting it up, the process can be confusing for newcomers to the hosting scene. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to set up and play Forever Stranded on your Minecraft server.


This modpack was created by GWSheridan and published on CurseForge’s platform in late 2016, making this an older pack. However, over the years it gathered 2 million downloads and continues to be regularly updated by the author. It’s for Minecraft 1.10.2 and has over 100 mods for players to experience. The main premise is to survive on a far away planet with almost no resources to hopefully escape or make it your new home.

Client Installation

Anyone wanting to play Forever Stranded will need to install the CurseForge launcher, used for downloading many modpacks. Follow the instructions below to begin this process.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge and press Download for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save and open this file on your computer to begin the installation.
  3. After it’s finished, startup the launcher and click Browse Modpacks from the menu.
    CurseForge Modpacks
  4. Continue to enter “Forever Stranded” in the Search field, then press Install.
    Forever Stranded Modpack Download
  5. Wait for this to download and click Play from My Modpacks to load it.


Server Installation

We strongly recommend using a new Server Profile for this installation, as Forever Stranded comes with an existing world needed for its gameplay. Having another profile to run this will avoid any unwanted issues, while keeping your other files safe. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin the process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
  2. Click the currently selected option, revealing a dropdown list.
    Minecraft 1.19.4
  3. In this area, type “Forever Stranded” in the text box and press it once found.
    Forver Stranded Modpack Server Installation
  4. Proceed to click Change Version and Use Included World in the following prompts.
  5. Afterward, press Restart Now to begin loading the modpack on your server.
    Forever Stranded Minecraft Modpack
  6. When everything is finished, join with your installed profile from CurseForge.


Getting Started

Forever Stranded Modpack Hosting

Upon joining your modded server, you’ll immediately notice how different it is compared to a normal map. All your surroundings have sand and is desolate, with only a crash site nearby. You’ll want to make your way inside of the ship before anything, as deadly creatures will crush anyone once nighttime comes around. Besides this, it’s important to note that your character can overheat and become tired, especially if you don’t eat or drink water. Additionally, players should have a few items in their inventory upon freshly joining the world. These are important, as they provide you with information about what to expect with Forever Stranded. Although, viewing crafting recipes is mainly done through the right-side of your inventory.

However, an important starter item is called Better Questing and allows you to view available missions to complete. The first chapter is called Basic Survival, containing necessary steps to start obtaining essential resources. Clicking on highlighted quests will give you a brief description of required Task Items and Rewards. Keep this in mind as you continue playing through the modpack.

Forever Stranded Quests

Another important note is that players will need to press Detect/Submit after doing the activity, triggering its completion.

Collecting Wood

Forever Stranded Chest

While inside of the crashed ship, there’s a room with a single chest. This holds Bone Meal, Water Bottles, and a Sapling to get started. Make sure to grab everything stored in this container, but don’t carelessly waste them. These will not respawn or appear again in the ship, so use them wisely in your modded world. After obtaining them, you can complete the first quest to receive your rewards. This will include a piece of Dirt that’ll help you grow Trees.

Place the piece of dirt down somewhere, then use the sapling on it. Afterward, make it grow faster with your bone meal to almost instantly get a tree. Break the Wood Logs and Leaves, which hopefully will drop you Apples to get an early source of food. Do this until you’re satisfied, but make sure you have enough Wood Planks as they’ll come in handy for more quests in the first chapter. It’s suggested to collect lots of these resources before nighttime hits, as hostile mobs will lurk for a long time.

Forever Stranded Tree


Loot Chests

Forever Stranded Loot Chest

A unique item from your quest rewards will be a Loot Chest, used to obtain random items and materials. These can include Grass, Stone Tools, Diamonds, Emeralds, among other resources. It’s completely random, so half the time you’ll get “Not Good” chances and occasionally land better ones. It’s encouraged to use them when received, but saving them for later might be better. This depends on if you’re confident to survive in the daunting environment around you.


Crafting Tools

As you make more progress in the Basic Survival chapter, specific stations are required. These include Stencil Tables, Part Builders, and others to help you craft strong tools. However, anyone can freely make default equipment in the Crafting Table, but isn’t as powerful compared to the modded kinds. Doing a mixture of both is recommended, as you’ll have good equipment and the potential to upgrade it later on. Otherwise, some players may simply build the stations for the quest.

Forever Stranded Tools


Survival Tips

Forever Stranded Modpack Guide

The Forever Stranded modpack is a challenging experience for any Minecraft player, as survival is difficult. Fortunately, there’s a few tips and tricks that’ll help you stay alive in the harsh environment. Whether you’re building a mob farm to easily slay zombies or better managing your character’s health, keeping in mind our suggestions will help advance your adventure. Review the subsections below to gain a better understanding of them.

Fighting Mobs

Forever Stranded Mob Farm

An extremely popular mob farming concept with this modpack is to build underneath the crashed ship. This allows you to attract hostile mobs, while keeping you safe. The main block required for this is a Slab, as it’ll protect you from damage. However, crafting a pickaxe and sword is also needed for this task. Most players should have these by now, but make sure you have enough of them just in case they break.

Additionally, if you ever need to leave the ship, ensure to time it correctly since an overwhelming number of zombies might be around.


As briefly mentioned before, your character can overheat and become exhausted. This will eventually kill you if nothing is done about it, so make sure to jump into liquid. Players can find a stream of water outside of the ship, but there’s also dripping lava inside that can achieve the same goal. If you’re unsure when overheating is happening, then make note of the ball icon near your hotbar.

Forever Stranded Overheating

This will be gray when a player isn’t too hot, but slowly turns orange when becoming overheated. If left unchecked, it’ll turn into a fire icon that shakes and will damage your character.

Food & Thirst

Forever Stranded Food and Water

Besides managing your heat and fighting off mobs, you’ll also need to take care of your hunger/thirst. One of the first food items players will stumble upon are Apples, as they come from trees when breaking leaves. Unfortunately, these aren’t enough to sustain your hunger. Luckily, once you’ve completed some quests, Zombie Jerky will become available. As for water, players need to finish the Need Water activity for required materials to obtain liquid.

There are other methods too, such as crafting Dirty Water Bottles with Dirt and normal Bottles.


Instead of using wooden tools, stone or iron equipment is an option for anyone. This requires a Heavy Oak Sieve with Compressed Dust, providing you with mineral seeds. Once enough are found, players can combine them into Ore Chunks for crafting and smelting. As for obtaining stone, you’ll need to use a normal Sieve with Dirt to loot Stone Pebbles.

Forever Stranded Minerals

Combine these items to create Cobblestone, used for building bases, furnaces, and other recipes. Additionally, this also provides players with crop seeds to start a farm.

Generated Structures

Forever Stranded Structures

While exploring the sandy world, you’ll come across unique structures. Some of these mimic vanilla ones, such as Desert Temples or Mineshafts. Although, the vast majority of them will be custom types from the modpack. Almost all of these will have lootable chests containing valuable or bad items for players to use. However, there’s a special area in the world that contains an entire city.

This is found by following the quest line, but can be randomly found by anyone. We’ll briefly go through this and another common structure to explore in the world.

Abandoned City

In the Tink a Pow chapter, players will be sent off somewhere to locate a mysterious area. Upon reaching here, an abandoned city will be found with mob spawners and chests scattered around. It’s strongly advised to be geared up before making your way there, as it’s a dangerous place. However, there are lots of rewards and hidden secrets to find when exploring each broken down building. This adds onto the modpack’s story, as people once lived here until chaos ensued.

Forever Stranded Abandoned City


Mob Tower

Forever Stranded Mob Tower

Other structures to explore are large towers, filled with several levels of mobs and loot. After defeating them all, there’s a Golem Boss at the very top. This is an extremely powerful and dangerous fight, so make sure to have basic armor, supplies, and weapons to win. After doing this, you’ll be rewarded with lots of valuable items. These can include Enchanted Golden Apples, Diamonds, Emeralds, and more.

Unfortunately, the tower’s levels will slowly explode one by one. Ensure to run away almost instantly after defeating the boss and taking the loot.

Quest Advancements

Forever Stranded Modpack Base

Further along your journey, there will be complicated factories, large farms, and tons of other useful aspects. For example, Lifeblood Crystal items can be found or awarded to players that gives them more hearts. However, this tends to be earlier on in the adventure. Quest chapters like Moving Worlds or Creating Life is when the Forever Stranded modpack truly becomes detailed. Playing through challenges and overcoming obstacles will lead you on brand new missions, allowing you to have different sceneries and gather unique resources.

Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

In most cases when players have issues, it’s being unable to join the server. This typically happens when the impacted user entered an incorrect IP Address:Port or Subdomain to make the connection. Make sure everything is valid, as this directly affects the joining process. Besides this, installing the wrong version of Forever Stranded and/or not loading it through CurseForge can result in the same issue. Double-check you’re using the latest one and starting Minecraft with it from the modded launcher so no further problems occur. However, if this situation is persisting despite your efforts, then it could mean the server is encountering an error.

My Modpack Isn’t Loading

Whether you’re experiencing loading issues on the server or in the launcher, there are solutions. On the panel, make sure you’re selecting Forever Stranded from the Game File section. This is absolutely necessary for everything to work properly. Although, using an incompatible Server Profile could contribute to the overall problem, so creating a new one might be best. Otherwise, manually installing the modpack on your server is an option, but you’ll need to upload the world too. As for client-related issues, redownloading it is one of the best ways to combat loading failures. Alternatively, allocating more memory to the launcher is another important aspect to resolve the situation. If this problem is associated with the world, then perhaps the server isn’t using the correct one.

Playing the Wrong World

Occasionally, server owners will forget to generate a new world after selecting the modpack in the panel. This causes the server to load, but fails to include the crashed ship map. With this in mind, ensure you’ve clicked on Create New World after installing it or selecting Change World in the panel to achieve the same result. This should resolve the entire situation, but uploading the map from singleplayer is another option if nothing else is working.

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How To Make a Forever Stranded Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Forever Stranded server will be created instantly