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Minecraft Desert Temple

Posted: Oct 28, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Exploring your Minecraft world is a fun adventure, whether you’re running it solo or having friends tag along. However, the desert biome tends to be dismissed by countless players for not being too interesting. This makes them miss out on the fascinating secrets the area holds for explorers. One of the best features from this biome is the desert pyramid or temple, as it allows you to loot precious and powerful items. It’s rare to come across this, but once found it’s well worth the time. Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into desert temples and their lootable items to give you an in-game advantage.


Minecraft Desert Biome

Within the desolate desert biome, little is found throughout the lands. Every Minecraft player encounters this eventually, an entire area of sand that lasts forever with no seemingly apparent structures nearby. However, one may just be hidden in plain sight, which many miss during their desert adventures. Besides this, you’ll at some point find villages, mines, and tons of cactuses. Despite the boring aspects of Minecraft deserts, its hidden secrets offer a wide variety of items to yoink. The only requirement to begin looting is exploring and hunting down the unique structure in your world.


Minecraft Desert Temple

As for the structure’s specifics, it’s a pyramid with connected towers making it appear as a temple. This is sometimes buried in sand, looking ancient-like to those lucky enough to find one. Once entered, players will see many small areas to explore. However, the main room is beneath the temple near the center. Be careful though, you might set off the explosion trap that destroys everything in its path. If you manage to climb down there without taking damage or dying, then you’re rewarded with four loot chests. Unfortunately, this is the only lootable area you can get since the rest of the pyramid is empty.


Minecraft Desert Temple Loot
Minecraft Desert Temple Loot

Now for the best part, the loot! This ranges in awesome goodies for you to obtain, but can also be dogwater. For example, one chest can have multiple diamonds and enchanted books, while the other can have just bones. Due to this, lucky players tend to get really overpowered items, making this an essential looting spot for early gameplay in your world. Although, sometimes these chests only provide terrible items and nothing good. Besides this, the ultimate item you want is an enchanted golden apple since this isn’t craftable anymore. It all comes down to your luck, so hopefully you aren’t like me. On another note, review the list below to know the best lootable items within these desert pyramids.

Best Desert Temple Loot
ItemAvg. Per ChestChance %
Enchanted Book0.25923.5%
Golden Apple0.25923.5%
Enchanted Golden Apple0.0262.6%
Gold Ingot0.87318.0%
Iron Ingot0.58218.0%



After finding multiple desert temples, use their loot to your advantage by crafting diamond armor, applying enchants to weapons, or stashing golden apples. This is what most players do in their server or singleplayer world, as these structures offer a boost at the start of a new adventure. Otherwise, turning the pyramid into a base is another idea to try out. Doing this could result in an awesome and heavily protected home, as you’ll have the surface and underground areas to use. Besides that, we hope this gives you gamers a better understanding of desert temples in Minecraft.

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