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How to Make a Mob Farm in Minecraft

Posted: Oct 31, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Survival in Minecraft can become challenging when players need to gather resources, especially from hostile mobs. These can range from gunpowder to ender pearls, which are notoriously difficult to farm. Due to this, unique and creative mob farming designs emerged from the Minecraft community to make this easier. As an added benefit, it’s also used for leveling up your experience points, allowing you to quickly enchant equipment. However, there are many different types of farms and each varies in difficulty to create. For instance, building one might become too hard depending on the monster and method you choose. With this in mind, let’s learn how to make a mob farm in Minecraft so you can become the ultimate player.

Mob Farming

The main concept of farming passive or hostile mobs is fairly straightforward, as it involves an enclosed space that allows them to spawn so the player can kill them. This is easier said than done since there are hard designs to try out, which tends to be more effective than simpler ones. Regardless of the type of farm, you and others can enjoy its high amount of loot and experience points.Although, if you don’t create multiple farms then don’t expect crazy amounts of loot. Besides this, review the design ideas down below to get started.

Chickens & Eggs
Minecraft Chicken Farm 1.19

The first design is a simple automated chicken farm, which works by waiting for chickens to lay an egg. Once this happens, lava is dispensed over the newly hatched mob and will kill it upon growing up. Due to the wait, having more than one of these stations is recommended for the best results. For example, building five of these farms will produce more chicken, feathers, and eggs. The hoppers will catch these items and organize them accordingly. It works via observer activation with minor redstone setup, which takes time to see since it only functions when eggs are laid. After creating this farm, you and players alike can customize the outside to make it more appealing in your base.

Required Materials

Any Building Block x10Any Building Slab x1
Chest x1Hopper x2
Observer x2Redstone x2
Dispenser x2Lava Bucket x1
Glass x8Comparator x1
Carpet x1


Zombies & Skeletons

The next design is based on a mob spawner found in dungeons, which can work with zombies or skeletons. This requires a bit of work compared to the previous farm, but it’s well worth it. The main room has to be 9×5 with the spawner in its center, two blocks away from the roof. Beneath it will be water and pull mobs towards a small hole, where the transport system comes into play. Preventing the water from spilling, zombies or skeletons can move towards this and be lifted after using kelp on soul sand. Afterward, it leads to another room above the farm by 25 blocks and forces them to land with 1 heart at your hopper. You can easily kill them and collect their XP and loot without any chance of dying.

Minecraft Zombie Skeleton Farm 1.19

Required Materials

Any Building Block x64Any Building Slab x3
Any Building Wall x1Torches x10
Sign x3Kelp x30
Water Bucket x3Chest x2
Hopper x1Soul Sand x1


Minecraft Creeper Farm 1.19

This is likely the most intense mob farm, as it requires over half an hour to create and must be over the ocean. There are two levels in the main spawning room, where water pulls creepers into a 2×2 center that drops them towards hoppers to collect items. They’d instantly die upon impact, making it an easy and efficient gunpowder machine. It’s best to make this as a standalone structure, but it can be implemented into a mountain to save blocks. Once it’s built, you will get 1800 gunpowder every hour on average. This is all automatic, so you can AFK near the bottom and work on other tasks.

Required Materials

Any Building Block x2688 (42 stacks)Any Building Slab x1088 (17 stacks)
Trapdoor x1600 (25 stacks)Ladder x128
Torches x16Water Bucket x8
Chest x4Hopper x4
Glass x4Campfire x4



As for the final design, this involves the End dimension since enderman spawn there the most. You’ll want to use leaves to build away from the main island, then create a 9×9 square with a 3×3 hole of hoppers in the center. This’ll be where you kill endermen and collect their ender pearls, but they must fall from a 13 story tower beforehand. The main structure is 31×31, giving enough space for all the mobs to safely spawn. In the center of this, it’ll attract an enderman by a name tagged endermite floating above the hole. When everything is finished, you can go from having no experience points to 30 levels in one minute. Additionally, you’re going to have tons of ender pearls in your hoppers and chests.

Minecraft Enderman Farm 1.19

Required Materials

Any Building Block x1344 (21 stacks)Any Temporary Block x64
Carpet x128Leaves x128
Fence x32Ender Pearl x32
Hopper x12Trapdoor x8
Observer x2Dropper x1
Minecart x1Rail x1
Lever x1Iron Bar x1
Water Bucket x1Name Tag x1 (named)
Endermite x1



In almost any type of Minecraft server, there is a need for mob farming. This is due to experience orbs and loot that helps you enchant gear or build a base. These can be automatic or manual, typically having different designs for each type as previously mentioned. Although, you aren’t limited to anything since you can combine some or invent an entirely new one. The control is ultimately yours to use, meaning you can explore new farms and focus on specific types you want. Once you have multiple ones, you’ll notice how quickly it is to get levels and loot from them. Keeping everything in mind, we hope this guide helped you create and use mob farms in your Minecraft world.

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