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Setup and Play an Amnesia Minecraft Server

Last modified on Feb 14, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young



Minecraft is a compact game with lots of content for players to explore, especially those who are new to it. Whether it’s encountering unique structures or fierce mobs, keeping track of everything can be difficult. This is amplified with the Amnesia modpack, as you and other players slowly lose memories about Minecraft. For example, someone can use an item and suddenly forget what they’re using, making the material’s texture go missing. This applies to all blocks and mobs in the game, which increasingly gets worse over time. Following this, it creates challenges for everyone due to losing character knowledge about the world and its aspects. However, there are ways to retain knowledge of Minecraft as you play, giving you the best chance of survival. There are many other features to explore, so let’s take a moment to learn how to set up and play Amnesia on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


The Amnesia modpack was created by Kehaan for Minecraft 1.12.2, collecting over 160,000 downloads since 2019. This pack consists of around 80 mods, making it small and widely available for players to use. While exploring the world with Amnesia, strange generations and missing items or blocks will be common. This is due to your character’s memory issues, as forgetting materials and knowledge results in a broken gameplay. Following this aspect, even mining can become stressful since you may have forgotten the correct item blocks drop. Try to survive in a Minecraft world where basic skills and information are lost, making it seem the game is breaking.

Client Installation

Before starting your Amnesia adventure, you’ll want to download an external launcher for the modpack.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge and Download the launcher for your operating system..
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save this file on your computer, then open it so the program starts installing.
  3. Once it finishes, open the application and click Browse Modpacks in the menu.
    CurseForge Launcher My Modpacks
  4. In the search field, lookup “Amnesia” and press Install on it.
    Amnesia Minecraft Modpack Download
  5. Wait for this to install, then click Play from the My Modpacks section to confirm it works.


Server Installation

It’s time to play multiplayer with Amnesia, which is configured through our panel.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this installation.
  2. Press the currently selected option, which opens the dropdown menu.
    Minecraft Game File
  3. Proceed to lookup “Amnesia” in the search box, then click it and continue to Change Version.
    Amnesia Modpack Server Installation
  4. In the following prompts, press Generate New World and Restart Now to load the modpack.
    Amnesia Loaded on Server
  5. Wait for the server to load, then join it using the CurseForge launcher with Amnesia.


Getting Started

Minecraft Missing Textures

Upon joining the world, you’ll immediately notice the difference in gameplay due to unique items in your inventory and the fascinating map generation. Additionally, there are custom mobs and strange structures to discover around the environment. However, the starter items are important for every player to have since they’re used for progression. These are tool-like features that help with planning and managing your adventure. With this in mind, let’s get started by exploring them and Amnesia’s other features.

Bed Mob

The bed mob can be placed by shift + right-clicking in-game, but also allows you to simply right-click to sleep. It’s a convenient feature from the pack, as it provides a means to safely disregard the dangers of the night. If the mob is placed, then you may feed it white wool to slumber. Make sure to not lose this item, as it can be difficult to obtain again unless you want a normal bed.

Amnesia Bed Mob


Advancement Book
Amnesia Advancements

As for advancements, there are tons of them to discover and learn about. Every time a player completes one, rewards can be given that can further progress the adventure. Although, it’s mainly used to understand what other tasks are available in-game. These can range from crafting specific items to building machines.


Unique Generation

Amnesia in Minecraft

As previously mentioned, the world’s generation can be a bit strange at times. If you remember, this is due to your memory issues and may make the environment seem broken. Although, there are unique biomes or floating islands with custom mobs and items to loot. These are fairly common throughout the map, with some more so than others. For example, floating End blocks with ores can spawn rapidly in every region. This can be used to collect other dimensional items or equipment to help you advance along the journey. Coming across any of these unique block generations is a sight to behold since the Overworld doesn’t naturally produce them. Sometimes, they can make for the perfect and ideal base to prepare for a challenging adventure.

Random Structures

There isn’t any unique generation without custom and special structures in the world, making these the point of interest in the map. A great example of this is encountering partial Nether fortresses, with some having missing textures due to your loss of memory. Another instance is finding impact sites from mysterious objects far above the world. These structures allow players to gather materials and items from other places to build a strong character. Some may have chests, but most will have blocks to be mined.

Missing Buildings

Amnesia Modpack

If your memory is fading, then random blocks may disappear! This is typically found with randomly generated structures in the world, such as broken fortresses. The biome doesn’t particularly matter in this case, making them commonly found.

Natural Craters

Amnesia Modpack

Fallen debris from mysterious origins can happen, leaving behind a crash site full of useful materials. These areas of interest are a miner’s dream, but can sometimes contain hardly any helpful resources. Just like other structures, they’re an average generation to find in-game.

Obsidian Pillars

Amnesia Modpack

As for otherworldly structures, End towers can appear with crystals at the top. This is an exact replication of what’s found in its respective dimension, giving an advantage to players that encounter it. Although, these tend to be more uncommon than the previous generations.


Losing Memories

Losing Minecraft Memory

While actively playing with Amnesia, you’ll notice that some blocks don’t drop their correct item(s). This is intentional, especially if you’re forgetting Minecraft knowledge. What’s more concerning though is that items can become unrecognizable. This makes viewing it in your inventory pointless, as it doesn’t signify what it is. Luckily, events like this only happen when directly losing memory. It’s considered the basis for the modpack, leading to many challenges.


Remembering Minecraft Memories

However, if you’ve been working hard and managed to survive this long, then you can somewhat resolve memory problems. This is done through an Extend Amnesia item, allowing you to remember past experiences and information to use in-game. Unfortunately, it only adds 5 minutes until more memories are forgotten. Having many of these items is extremely beneficial to you and other players, as it retains knowledge about the world.

The recipe for extended amnesia items involve Nether Stars and Block of Memories. Specifically, it requires seven memory blocks and two stars to make. The availability of these materials varies, as a Wither is required for every star. The other blocks are collected through advancements or mining at y-level 0 to 32.

Amnesia Modpack Extend Recipe


Aether Dimension

Minecraft Aether Mod

Different dimensions are accessible for all players willing to discover them, with some sought after more than others. Take for example the Aether, a dominant world many users try to reach for its valuable resources and unique mobs to slay. Creating its portal requires a water bucket and glowstone, placed in the same formation as the Nether counterpart. There are other worlds to find, but requires specific instructions to get there. Using the advancement book will greatly help you and others explore these new dimensions.


Amnesia Modpack Chance Cubes

Due to the large number of features Amnesia offers its players, we’re unable to cover them all. However, there are important ones to note while exploring the world. Let’s start with Chance Cubes, blocks that randomly spawn underground for special events. Once broken, anything can happen! For example, a disco party of colored sheep may appear or a boss fight initiates. As for other features, a noteworthy one is Herobrine. This is a dangerous creature that haunts you as the environment becomes unrecognizable. Be cautious as you play this modpack, there are many enemies, challenges, and risks to encounter.

Common Issues

Unable to Join Server
In cases where you or other players are unable to join the server, make sure that the modpack is installed properly. For instance, restarting from the panel is required after selecting Amnesia in the Game File area. This is for all the changes to be applied in-game, making it so players can successfully join the server. However, in rare scenarios the problem can originate from using the wrong IP address. Ensure you’re using either the subdomain or numerical ones to make the connection.
World isn’t Working
If the world appears normally without any modded features, then double-check you’ve generated a new one. This is absolutely required, as nothing new can spawn in an existing world that didn’t have the pack while it was originally created. Although, if it persists even after generating one, the issue can originate from an internal problem with the modpack. In this case, you’ll want to press FTP File Access near the top left from the main panel. Afterward, login with your password and check mark the following folders: mods, config, jar. Continue to press Delete at the top and Submit the changes, then Restart the server to regenerate the files. This, combined with the other suggestion, will likely resolve any world problems.

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How To Make a Amnesia Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Amnesia server will be created instantly