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Start a Minecraft Prison Server

Last modified on Jun 9, 2022 in gametypes

mc head By ApexHosting

Start a Minecraft Prison Server

Setup Time: 10 – 15 Mins
Setup Difficulty: Intermediate
Players: 1+


The Prison Game type is meant to emulate the popular prison servers that thousands of players play on each day in Minecraft. Essentially, when you begin you will spawn into the lowest tier cell block and work your way up until you achieve the ability to “free” yourself from the prison! Along the way you’ll have to perform various tasks that will grant you money in order to “rankup” to the next block, this continues until you’ve gotten through all prison blocks allowing you to be free! Inside the prison there are various ways to make money.

Mining and selling resources is popular but you can also sell directly to different players. Many prison servers also have a “guard system” that ensures that players are following the “prison rules” these often include such things as enforcing contraband rules that one will find within a prison. These include a variety of item bans as well as possible PvP bans in certain areas. If a player breaks the rules he or she may be handsomely rewarded by the profit gained from doing so, but only at the risk of being caught by a guard and sent to the “solitary” block for a limited amount of time. Your sentence awaits you, time to decide how you’ll serve it.

Getting Started

When you first load into the Prison game type you’ll be greeted in the spawn area by displays telling you some basic introductory info such as how to get started, etc. From the main spawn area you’ll be able to get to the different blocks that you have permissions for and once you enter the default or first “block” you’ll be able to begin mining/tree farming and whatever else you’d like to do in order to start progressing through the different prison ranks. You’ll be able to type /ranks to see all of the different ranks or blocks that you can progress through.

All the mines in the prison will auto reset after a certain amount of time and they shouldn’t hurt the players inside of the mines during their reset. If you’d like you can also set players up to be guards that can enforce any prison rules that you put in place for your players. This adds an entirely new dynamic to the game that adds a risk/reward factor to anyone trying to earn money in an “illegitimate way” You’ll also be able to check how much money you need to rankup and once you’ve gone through all the ranks you’ll be able to be free and leave the prison to do anything you want in the outside world!


There are 12 Ranks setup on the server. Staff ranks Admin & Mod Then ranks 1-9 for the miners and a Free rank for when your Done
Ranks 1 – 9 – By default everyone will join as Rank 1. This will allow them to play the
games but not edit them or have any extra perms.
Free – This is rank you get once you have finished prison.
Mod – Has the ability to ban, kick & mute players. Mods can not edit maps.
Admin – Has every permission.

The ranks can be edited using PEX https://github.com/PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx/wiki/Commands.

Unique Plugins

ChatControl – Sometimes, especially on a Prison server, chat might get a little toxic, this is where ChatControl comes into play. It’s has features such as AntiSpam, AntiBot, and AntiAd, that allow you to control what people say in chat and make sure that you don’t have anything unwanted or overly rude in your chat as well. There isn’t much formatting to do other than going into the config.yml file for the plugin via your Multicraft control panel and blacklisting any words or phrases that you’d rather not allow. You can also set permissions to override for people posting links such as allowing your Admins to do just that. In order to see all the commands that this plugin uses you can type /chc list

CosmicVaults – This plugin is similar to the old Player Vaults plugin. This is the best way to allow players to store their items without the need for chests. It lets them use the command /pv to open up a menu to access different vaults that players can store items in. If you’d rather not limit your players to have to store items in physical chests like cells or if you’d rather keep the vaults as a donor perk or something of the like they are extremely useful for that as well. The base command for the plugin is /pv as previously stated and as an admin that will give you access to everything you need.

If you’d like to configure the plugin that can easily be done via the config.yml file. Upon opening the config.yml file you can change various functionality of the plugin. In the config you can choose to block items that players can put in their vault and also configure the messages the plugin sends out as well as customizing the look of the vault menu and a few other minor aspects of the plugin. As for allowing players to access vaults you’ll need to give them access to the cosmicvaults.amt.(enter amount of vaults you want here) This node will let the player have access to the amount of vaults you choose. You can also set the size of vaults with cosmicvaults.size.(multiple of 9 up to 54) We will have some of this pre configured for you in the permissions file but if you’d like to change it that would be the best place to do so.

DailyRewards – With any type of server it’s good to reward player loyalty. That’s where DailyRewards comes in. You can set up rewards that players can access just for logging in to your server for a certain amount of time per day. It’s super useful for automating the process of showing love to players who play on your server a lot.

The base permissions for this plugin are /reward and /dailyrewards. The /reward command is the default command for players that lets the access the features of the plugin. The /dailyrewards command is for admins, it lets you reload the plugin and reset player’s rewards. In order to edit the different rewards you’ll need to go to the config.yml file. There you can edit pretty much anything you’d like, the broadcasts when a player collects rewards as well as the physical rewards that players can get.

DeluxeTags – DeluxeTags is a useful plugin for adding custom “tags” that players can earn and then change out at will. They basically change the player’s prefix into whatever they like based on the different tags they’ve unlocked. You can really make a tag for anything and give a player access for it. For example you could have a parkour race event for the server and whoever wins that event gets a custom tag that they can attach or remove whenever they’d like. It’s a useful way to allow players to “show off” for lack of a better term and lets players feel unique with the different tags they’ve earned.

The base command for this plugin is /tags and from there you’ll be able to see all other useful commands that the plugin offers. The config.yml file is where you’ll be able to define tags and how they appear, again we have some set up by default and by following the setup that we have provided you’ll be able to create your own tags as well!

EZBlocks – Another useful plugin for prison servers, this one allows you to track and reward players based off of how many blocks they’ve mined. It also lets players display how many blocks they’ve mined on their specific pickaxe. In order to allow players to see this they’ll need to have the ezblocks.pickaxecounter permission node. A few of the useful commands are /blocks and /blocks help In the second link below you can see an example config.yml file that has global rewards and specific player rewards as well. Since mining is an integral part of a prison server this plugin can be useful for amplifying that experience for players.

Example config: https://hastebin.com/peregakele.sm

EZPrestige – This plugin can be used once a player has reached the maximum rank on your server. With the /prestige command they can reset to the first rank as a prestige player similar to the prestige system in popular FPS title Call of Duty. It basically just allows the player to run through the ranks again and re-experience the server in full while also displaying that they’ve already completed it before. The commands for it are simple, /prestige to enter the new prestige and /prestiges to view the different levels of prestige that can be defined in the config.yml file for the plugin. In the config you can edit how the prestige menu works and in order to edit how the prestiges work you’ll need to go to the prestige.yml file. Here you can also edit how much it will cost players to prestige.

PlotSquared – This plugin lets you allow players to buy different plots, this is useful if you are trying to create a centralized shop area within your prison. For this server there is a plot area set up on the side of the main prison near all of the tents. Players can purchase one of these tents and set up their own shop that will reset upon them deciding to abandon the shop or deciding to rent a different shop. The plot can also be used to set up personal housing areas for prisoners near or at the prison once they are free. There are multiple possibilities that this plugin can be used for and it is definitely the best of its kind.

Blocks can be restricted within plots and privacy can be edited as well to your specifications. The configuration for this plugin is good out of the box but if you’d like to change pricing, building within plots, or anything else of that nature than you are free to do so in the config.yml file. These are also various add-ons that you can download if you’d like that enhance the plugin’s abilities. The base command per the usual is /plot help and this will help you access all of the other commands, in addition all plugin commands are linked in the second link below. All permissions are also linked below in the third link!

Plugin Commands: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/wiki/Commands
Permissions: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/wiki/Commands-and-Permissions

Prison – Prison is obviously a plugin that is extremely useful for prison servers. It allows you to create prison mines that reset and teleport players to safety which used to be a huge issue on prison servers. This plugin also lets you create rank ladders for rankup so that you don’t need to use a separate plugin for that like you would on another server. If you’d like to disable any of the features of this plugin you can go to the modules.yml file and disable them. You can also change any of the base messages in this plugin as well. /prison is the base command which will allow you to access any off the other commands that you need.

Creating mines is straightforward and easy you can use /mines wand and then select a specific area that you’d like to create into a mine by typing /mines create (name). You can then add blocks to the mine by typing /mines block add (name) stone 50% and then continue adding blocks until you get a percentage equal to 100%. The plugin will tell you if your percentages are off. You can then set a mine spawn that will define the position player will be teleported to while the mine is being reset. For the ranks aspect of the plugin you can use the command /ranks to check out the ranks commands and /ranks create (name) (cost) (ladder) (tag) This lets you use the Prison plugin for the purpose of ranking up through the different prison ranks instead of needing a separate plugin to do it.

Wiki: https://confluence.onultz.com/prison/docs/latest/en

SimpleRename – This plugin allows you to rename any item and to add lore to it. This can be especially useful for event items or custom items that you’d like to sell to players. For example if you’d like to create a sword that can only be won by completing a specific task then this plugin lets you create that sword and make it as overpowered and fancy as you like. Basically this is a lightweight plugin that lets you add an extra layer of customization to various items on your server. The commands are simple too, they are /rename or /setname and to add lore you can do /relore and /setlore. There are other commands that can be useful and the full list of them is right on the spigot page about halfway down that is linked below!

TokenManager – Tokens basically allow you to create a secondary economy on your server that you can use to reward players with items that are not dependent on money. For example, if you’d like you can give players tokens for every X amount of minutes spent on your server, in turn they can spend those tokens on items, plots, pretty much anything you want.

Obviously you want your server’s base economy to be based around actual money, but if you’d like to add a secondary economy that can only be used for very specific items or rewards then TokenManager is the way to go. Your base commands are /token or /tokens and the admin command is /tm or /tokenmanager which displays the admin help page. A full commands list is down below in the second link. Anything you’d like to change such as messages or storage usage, you can configure that in the config.yml.

Commands list: https://github.com/Realizedd/TokenManager/wiki/Commands

Common Plugins


ChestShop – This is a plugin used across a variety of servers in a variety of ways. It allows your everyday player to create a shop that they can then link to a sign and chest in order to sell or buy any items within the game. For a prison server this can be useful if you’d like to allow players to buy their own plots and set up shop in order to make more money or if you’d like them to be able to set up shops inside their cells.

ClearLag – ClearLag is a common plugin for any type of Minecraft server, essentially what it does is allows you to remove any trouble entities that may exist on your server.

Essentials – Essentials is the quintessential (pun intended) Minecraft plugin, it enables all of the most recognizable and used commands in the game, from something as simple as setting a spawn point to creating kits, to setting warps, Essentials does it all.

HolographicDisplays – HolographicDisplays allows the server owner or staff members to create easy to see and edit displays that can be used to relay information in a clean and timely manner to players.

Multiverse (Core) – Multiverse is another plugin you’ll often find in various types of Minecraft servers.

NoCheatPlus – NoCheatPlus is a useful plugin for nearly any server, This is an anti- cheat plugin that basically prevents any sort of hacked clients from exploiting on your server

PermissionsEx – This is the basis for all permissions on your server. If you want to have different ranks or groups that your players can be a part of then a permissions plugin is a necessity for your server.

ShopGUIPlus – This plugin is the basis for your server’s economy.

TitleManager – TitleManager is a useful plugin for such things as configuring a pop-up welcome message upon players joining your server, or making your tab list more information regarding your server.

Vault – Vault is used on nearly every server for storing various data as well as allowing plugins to hook into one another and work as a conglomerate.

WorldEdit – Another plugin included in almost any server configuration you’ll find is WorldEdit. This is quite literally a tool used for editing the physical Minecraft world on your server.

WorldGuard – WorldGuard is a plugin that lets you set up different flags for specific areas on your server (or entire worlds) that you would like to protect.

Default Editable Configurations
(Plugins omitted from this section are left as default and do not have to be edited to be used or should only be edited by the customer based on their intentions)

ClearLag – Left default other than letting users know they could customize messages
CombatTagPlus – Changed tag time from 15 seconds to 10 seconds based on gameplay

Works Used

PI Creative Team Prison Map – https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/full-prison-server-map-download-by-pi-creative-team/
This is a fantastic prison server map especially for those that want to get away from the “grindy” feeling prison servers and create more of an immersive feel to their prison server. This map has a few mines but more can easily be added if you’d like to create many more ranks. I recommend using it all as intended, replacing the signs with holograms so it’s easier to navigate. So much potential in the map and I absolutely love it.

How To Make a Prison Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Prison server will be created instantly