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How To Install And Use ShopGUIPlus Plugin

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in plugins

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ShopGUI+ is a premium Bukkit plugin that allows you to add a custom shop to your Minecraft server that can be accessed via the /shop command. This plugin is the basis for your server’s economy. It allows you to set up GUI based shops that players can buy and sell various in game items from. You can set item price, amount, etc. within the plugin. This is definitely a plugin that you’ll want to mainly edit via the config files on your control panel. ShopGUIPlus is an advanced shop plugin that allows you to create server shops and allow your players to sell items from anywhere on your server without having to physically be at the shop. As the name suggests the shops are entirely GUI based which brings a really clean look to your server and is helpful for all players to make selling and buy items as painless as possible.

As far as plugins go, ShopGUI+ is a must have for any server as it allows you to create an entire economy. You can sell everything from grass blocks to mob spawners to beacons allowing your players to finally have a use for the money they generate in game. Speaking of generating money in-game, ShopGUI+ can also buy back items from players using the /sell hand command giving players a use for all of the extra items they don’t need. ShopGUI+ has tons of different configuration options for your Minecraft server, and you can check out exactly how to setup ShopGUI+ using the video above!


    • /shop : Opens the main shop menu


    • /shop reload : Reloads the config file


    • /shop [name] : Directly opens a specifically named shop


    • /sell hand : Sells whatever item is in your hand


    • /sell handall : Sells all items which are the same as the one being held


    • /sell all : Sells all items from your inventory



The complete list of commands can be found in the developers documentation below.

Helpful Links

ShopGUI+ Download Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shopgui-1-7-1-13.6515/
Vault Download Link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/vault
Developer’s Documentation: https://wiki.brcdev.net/ShopGUIPlus/Installation_%26_configuration