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How to Upload a Custom Jar File For Minecraft

Last modified on Oct 8, 2021 in Control Panel

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There are many different versions a Minecraft server can run. Each one of these uses custom jar files in order to launch the game properly. Our game panel has access to many of these jars, however, you may find that the version you are looking for isn’t listed. Typical custom jars that you might want to install include TacoSpigot, Bungeecord, Waterfall, Spigot, PaperSpigot or other custom versions. The process of uploading a custom jar is not very difficult and we will guide you through the process on how to install a custom jar file into your server.

You can check what jars we have available for one-click install from the jar selection drop-down on your server game panel. You can find our guide on changing the server jar here.

How to install a custom jar


Resetting the World

When changing the jar to custom, you will see a popup asking if you want to create a new world. It is highly recommended to perform a world reset when changing the version of your server. Doing this ensures there won’t be compatibility issues, especially when you are changing to an older version or if your previous world had mods.

Installing the jar

  1. Login to your Apex server panel and stop the server.
  2. Go to the jar selection drop-down and select Custom Server Jar.
    Custom Jar Dropdown
  3. Scroll down and hit save.
  4. To the left of the panel click on the FTP File Access tab and log in.
  5. Rename the jar you are going to upload to custom.jar
  6. Open the jar folder.
  7. Click Upload and drag the custom.jar file into the page.
    Custom Jar Upload
  8. Once the file is fully uploaded, head back to the main panel page, then start the server.


Common Issues

Console says “Unable to access jarfile /jar/custom.jar”:
This error might be caused by a variety of reasons. Most of the times, the jar is missing in the jar folder, it was renamed incorrectly, or it was corrupted while uploading. In order to resolve this, head into the FTP File Access tab in your server panel and double-check the file is there and named correctly. If after this the issue persists, please repeat the upload process.

Console says Missing libraries or related:
Take into account that some jar files might require some other files and/or folders in order to function correctly. For these, make sure to also upload these files inside the same jar folder of your server panel. Once added, restart your server and try again.

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