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How To Add Plugins To Your Minecraft Server

So you now have your very own Minecraft server with fast hosting, but you want to add plugins to it to enhance its functionality and make it as customized as possible. Here are some notes to read through before trying to add plugins to your server.

Step 1

Make sure that your server is using a version of Bukkit or Spigot. This can either be any version of Spigot or Bukkit. which can be selected from the dropdown in the Multicraft control panel. After making your selection be sure to save this then restart your server for the new jar to load in.

Step 2

You are now hosting a Bukkit based server which enables you to use plugins on it. You have two options for adding plugins:

Option A – Bukget

NOTE: Before adding plugins you need to ensure your server is running some form of Craftbukkit otherwise they will not work.

To add a plugin from the panel will use a feature called Bukget by navigating over to the left side management options menu and clicking Bukkit Plugins.

The following page then lists the various Craftbukkit plugins offer by Bukkit from their repository. From here you can search various plugins base on their category, plugin name, description, or status.

Installing a plugin onto your server

1. Start off by searching for a plugin you’re interested in either by category, name, description or its status.

2. Once you find the one you want, click the name of the plugin to be directed to its information page.From here you will be presented with important information that will ultimately determine if the plugin is compatible with your server.

3. Since Bukget can’t determine what version is right for your server, you will need to review the information it provides. Then choose the respective version accordingly by utilizing the Craftbukkit Version Compatibility pane over to the right. The Version indicates the Minecraft version its compatible with. So if you are running a 1.8 server and its list 1.8 under Version then the plugin version next it would be one you would select from the Version drop-down.

4. Once we have our plugin version selected we can then click the Install button to install it onto the server.

5. After a few seconds the plugin will be installed and can then be loaded up by either restarting the server or reloading the plugins with the /reload command.

#In Game Admin Command

#In Control Panel Console Command


To further confirm that the plugin has loaded onto the server you can head to the server console and type in the “pl” command to list all active plugins. If the respective plugin shows as green, you’re good to go. If it’s red then there was an issue when trying to load it; for more information you will need to review the console or server log on the details or contact Apex support for a consultation.

#In Game Admin Command

#In Control Panel Console Command


Option B – FTP

When you initially run a Bukkit server it will create a folder called plugins on the root directory. This can be accessed by logging into the FTP server using a client such as FileZilla. Read more about how to use a FTP Client here. After accessing your servers files you will want to download the corresponding .jar file and upload it to this folder. When you /reload or restart the server it will access all plugin jars and run the commands creating a folder full of files related to the plugin you have selected. This is often where you will find the configuration files that will need to be changed to make it suit your server.

To see our recommended bukkit plugins to use for your server take a look at our tutorial.

Recommended Bukkit Plugins