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How to Find Minecraft Plugins

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in general

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft plugins are a great way to bring new life to your server. Whether it’s used for admin purposes or to enhance the game play, having these additions can be very beneficial. While these are great, researching Minecraft plugins can be challenging. There are multiple ways to locate them, but some methods are safer than others, and not everyone knows about them. Harmful files exist online, so using secure tactics is best to protect your server. Apex Hosting happily created this resource to teach you the best techniques to find plugins for your Minecraft server.

Method #1: Spigot

Spigot’s search engine for plugins is one of the most commonly used methods. Following the instructions below teaches you to research them properly.

  1. Head to the Spigot Resources section of the database here.
  2. After that, you can start filling out the areas according to what plugin you want. You can focus on the Keywords field for that.
  3. Spigot
  4. You may narrow down the search more with the Search in Categories section, which is suggested.
  5. Once you enter that information, click Search.
  6. You’ll now see the entire list of plugins matching your keywords and selected category.
  7. Make sure to click the one you want, verify it’s the plugin you want, and press Download near the top right.


Method #2: CurseForge

The second commonly used option for finding plugins is CurseForge’s database. The directions below demonstrate how to locate them.

  1. Head to the All Bukkit Plugins section of the database here.
  2. Once there, you will see categories to the left to select, a Game Version menu, the Sort by menu, and the Search field. Fill them out according to your desired plugin.
  3. CurseForge
  4. After that, you can press Enter from the Search field to look up all the plugins relating to the set fields.
  5. You may either view the plugin by clicking on its name or press Download to the right of it.


Honorable Mentions

If the other methods did not suffice, then here are a few more that are your other options. Please note that we encourage using the above techniques for any research.

Using your Browser’s Search Engine

Researching plugins through Spigot or CurseForge is the best to find credible sources, but it can take time. Using your search engine on the browser is a great tool to find plugins from all over the internet. You may find them on Reddit, Github, or other websites that have plugins. However, using this method can also return untrustworthy plugins that might harm your Minecraft server. An example would be backend plugins that allow access to your server commands or functions to grief the world. Luckily, Apex Hosting has wonderful support to resolve the dire situation if that happens.

Using the Plugin List on your Server Panel

Instead of going online or using other databases, our system has a tool for you to look up any plugin directly from the server panel. The Plugin List taps into the Bukkit and Spigot database for plugin research. It’ll link you to the plugin’s page, a brief description of it, and the compatible Minecraft versions. For more information on using that, please go here.


Minecraft on its own is enjoyable, but plugins can bring more enjoyment to your server. It can be tools for admins, optimization, fun gamemodes, and so much more! These are great additions to the game but require research to find the exact ones to use. Online searches can contain unsafe websites or plugins, so using trusted sources is encouraged. You don’t want to harm the server or your computer with viruses or malware. Apex Hosting created this guide to make sure you know the proper methods for finding Minecraft plugins. If you’re unsure about what type of plugins you want, you can check our suggested ones here.

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