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How To Install And Use TitleManager Plugin

Last modified on Dec 13, 2021 in plugins

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TitleManager Plugin

Basic Description

TitleManager is a useful plugin for such things as configuring a pop-up welcome message upon players joining your server, or making your tab list more information regarding your server. For the purposes of this server we’ll mostly be focusing on those two. The configuration for this plugin is rather simple, upon going straight to the config.yml file you’ll be able to scroll through and see the separate categories of configuration. You’ll also be able to enable or disable sections simply by changing a few words from “true” to “false” and vice versa. You’ll see that upon pressing the TAB button in game the tablist already has a preset configuration that you are able to edit to your liking. By following the formatting we’ve laid out in the config.yml file it should be straightforward for you to edit it to your liking!


  • /tm : Base plugin command that shows most other commands
  • /tm broadcast  : Broadcasts whatever message you input
  • /tm abc : Actionbar broadcasts any message that is input
  • /tm sb toggle : Toggles the scoreboard on and off
  • /tm animations : Lists any and all currently loaded animations
  • /tm reload : Reloads the plugin and its configurations


Title manager is used to add messages to your server and to add specific detailing as well. You can use it to detail the header and footer of your tablist. Also has a welcome title as well as a first join title. This plugin let you use commands to set all titles and is just an all around great detailer.

Useful Links

Bukkit Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/titlemanager.1049/

Command List: https://github.com/Puharesource/TitleManager/wiki/commands

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