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How To Install And Use WorldGuard Plugin in Minecraft

Last modified on Feb 7, 2022 in plugins

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One of the most important parts of hosting a Minecraft server is protecting your server from griefers. Nothing is worse than spending hours of hard work on a build just for someone to come along and destroy it. One of the best ways to protect your server from griefing is using plugins like WorldGuard. This plugin has been around for years and is continually being updated to make sure it is available for each update of the game. It has a number of useful features for server owners aside from protecting your world. Please note that in order for WorldGuard to work properly you must also have WorldEdit installed on the server.


WorldGuard has a ton of different uses and features that make managing a server much easier. Here is an incomplete list of the more popular uses for the plugin:

  • Create zones in your world that only permit certain players to build.
  • Set server-wide or region specific rules such as food and health regeneration, disabling TNT, enabling PvP, disabling mob spawning etc.
  • Blacklist certain items and blocks so they can’t be used.
  • Dump useful statistics and information about your server (/wg report -p)
  • Add useful commands like an immediate “STOP ALL FIRE SPREAD” command.
  • Protect against the most common types of griefing such as: TNT cannons, lag machines, arson, and crop trampling.
  • Control certain interactions in the world such as opening doors, pressing button, and using levers

How to install WorldGuard

  1. Go to the official WorldGuard page on the Bukkit website and download the plugin by clicking on the blue “Download Latest File” button.
  2. Head to your server’s control panel and click on the FTP File Access tab on the right side of the page. You will need to login using your control panel password.
  3. Once you login to the you will see a list of the files and folders for your server. Click on the “Plugins” folder to open it, then click on the “Upload” button at the top left of the page.
  4. Drag and drop the plugin file you got from the Bukkit website into the big grey box on the right side of the page. A status counter will appear as it starts uploading the file.
  5. Follow the same process for WorldEdit if you haven’t already.
  6. When the status counter hits 100% you are done. Restart your server and the plugin will be installed as the server loads up.

How to use WorldGuard

To create a region and set flags with WorldGuard you will need to get a WorldEdit wand. You can do this by running the //wand command in your game. This will give you a wooden axe, which WorldEdit uses to make selections. After you have the wand, use it to select the opposite corners of the region you want to create. Left-clicking will select the first position, right-clicking will select the second position.

If you want the region to expand from bedrock to the build limit you can use the command //expand vert to expand the selection. Finally, run the command /rg define NAME to create the region in WorldGuard. You can change the NAME to any name you would like for the region. It is generally a good idea to pick short descriptive names such as “spawn” or “mob farm” to keep your regions organized.

From there you can add a large variety of flags to control what can happen in the region. For example, if we wanted to stop mobs from spawning in a region called “Market”, we could run the command: /rg flag Market mob-spawning deny. There is a complete list of available flags here.

Interactive Flags

You can also run the command /rg flags to create an interactive list of flags in your chatbox. By using this command, you can click through a complete list of flags and toggle them on or off without having to run a command for each and every one.

WorldGuard Commands

/region - Base WorldGuard command, allows you to see available command arguments
/region define - Defines a region as whatever you name it in the area you have selected
/region info - Gives you information about the region you select
/region list - Lists all regions that have been created
/rg remove - Removes a region
/region redefine - Replaces the exciting region with your current WorldEdit selection
/region flags - Displays an interactive list of flags for the selected region.


WorldGuard is used in tandem with WorldEdit to protect your server from malicious players. It can also be used to set rules for specific areas such as banning or enabling PvP, creating welcome messages, or controlling mob spawning. WorldGuard and WorldEdit are two of the oldest and most useful plugins available for Spigot or Paper. When used together they can provide your server with exactly what you need to edit and protect your world and all of your players.

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