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One of the most exciting parts about hosting a Minecraft Server is the ability to customize it past Vanilla Minecraft, and one of the best ways to do this is with plugins. Unlike mods, plugins do not need to be installed client-side and do not need any special software client-side to run. However, if you want to run plugins you will need to have your server as either Craftbukkit, Spigot, or Paper. Plugins can provide a multitude of extra commands to better manage the server and add in fun and useful mechanics, such as the ability to set who can access and build in certain areas, add prefixes and suffixes to names, create different ranks with access to different commands, add RPG elements, add virtual economies, and many more. There are thousands of plugins available on the Bukkit and Spigot repositories that you can choose from to spice up your server. It’s likely that if you have played on Minecraft Servers, you have had experience with some plugins. While plugins are great, they can sometimes be a bit difficult to use and install if you have not done so before. This is why we have a knowledgebase full of useful tutorials for a variety of popular plugins that will teach you how you can install the plugins, configure, and use them.

Chat Formatting with Essentials Chat – Blog

Chat Formatting with Essentials Chat

Chat formatting lets you control what the chat looks like when anyone speaks in-game. This is how you typically set group names and generally change the formatting to make players or groups stand out. Chat formatting in Paper is made up of two parts....
ChestSort Plugin – Blog

ChestSort Plugin

One of the main Minecraft features is collecting materials to build bases and craft items. However, as many players likely know by now, there is tons of junk in-game that fills up chests. This can be a big problem, as sorting through all your chests to...
Citizens Plugin – Blog

Citizens Plugin

One of the best things about a Minecraft Server is being able to customize it past Vanilla Minecraft. Adding plugins is just the way to do it, and a great way to bring life to your server is with Citizens, a Minecraft plugin that enables the creation...
Coins Plugin – Blog

Coins Plugin

Making a Minecraft server introduces many possibilities, with a common one being an economy for players to sell and buy materials. Most of the time, users have to collect items to trade for in-game currency at an existing shop. This can be hard for some...
CombatLogX Plugin Guide – Blog

CombatLogX Plugin Guide

Hosting Minecraft servers by default has player combat, which is used in many different servers. Although, users can leave in the middle of combat and cause issues such as robbing the killer of loot. This, among other problems, makes fighting unfair and...
Coreprotect – Blog


This plugin is best used when in the hands of server mods and server hosts, people who need to know when something happened and who did it, or even if something happened. We all have had that friend who says they got diamonds, but you’re never really s...
Crazy Enchantments Minecraft Plugin – Blog

Crazy Enchantments Minecraft Plugin

Enchantments are an everyday occurrence on a Minecraft server, as they often become the focus after you move to the mid-to-late game. Whether you’re looking to increase your damage output or have the most overpowered gear, enchanting is the way to go. A...
Custom Images Plugin – Blog

Custom Images Plugin

Minecraft server owners can implement a vast range of addons, such as Bukkit plugins that can enhance gameplay. For example, a popular feature that players enjoy is in-game images, making branding and events easier to do. This can help promote your server,...
DragonSlayer Minecraft Plugin – Blog

DragonSlayer Minecraft Plugin

A large part of vanilla Minecraft is travelling to The End to face the Ender Dragon itself. While it can be exciting, the suspense and challenge will mostly fade after it is defeated. The dragon can be respawned, but it often stops there. This is where...
DualWield Minecraft Plugin – Blog

DualWield Minecraft Plugin

Dual wielding in Minecraft is an already beneficial feature Mojang added, as it gives players an extra inventory slot for food, shields, or blocks. However, this doesn’t allow you to mine materials or hit mobs from your left-hand, making it pointless t...
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