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How To Install And Use WorldEdit On Minecraft Servers

Last modified on Jun 29, 2020 in plugins

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Basic Description

WorldEdit is on pretty much every Minecraft server that runs plugins. This is because it is a huge help to build the incredible spawns and builds that you see on servers. On top of that, WorldEdit makes it very easy to copy builds from one server to another, and you can even use WorldEdit to remove things from your server using the //cut feature. If you need to replace one block with another, you can do that with the //replace [from block] [to block]. This plugin is commonly used with WorldGuard, another very popular plugin.

And that is just scratching the surface of everything WorldEdit can do. Need to create a cylinder? WorldEdit can do it. Move something from one server to another? WorldEdit can do it using a schematic. What about copying something on your server? You can do that by making a selection and doing //copy and then //paste where you are pasting the build. Overall, WorldEdit is a super in-depth plugin with tons of different options, and it really is a must-have on any hosted Minecraft server.

This plugin has quite literally hundreds of different functions that let you modify the world around you or remove different problems that may plague your world. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Change thousands of blocks in an area at once by selecting regions.
  • Use over 100 functions to modify the world or remove problems.
  • Remove large chunks of land as you wish.
  • Sculpt the world and build mountains with brushes.
  • Fix annoyances such as broken water, missing snow, raging fires, and more.

The base command for WorldEdit is //wand, this will give you a tool (usually a wooden axe although the physical item can be changed in the plugin’s config file) From there you can do pretty much anything you’d like regarding world modification.


    • //wand : Gives you the base WorldEdit wand
    • //undo : Undo your last action
    • //redo : Redo your last undone action
    • //pos1 & //pos2 : Sets positions where your player model’s feet are
    • //expand : Expands the selection the direction you are looking
    • //set : Set all blocks in a selected area to a specific block
    • //replace : Replace all non-air blocks in a region
    • //regen : Regenerates the terrain in a selected area
    • //copy : Copies the area within your selection
    • //cut : Cuts out the area within your selection
    • //paste : Pastes your copy or cut with relation to where you were when you performed the command
    • //flip : Flip the clipboard that you’ve copied
    • //rotate : Rotate the clipboard that you’ve copied
    • //schem : Allows you to create a schematic of what you’ve copied

Full Commands List: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference


WorldEdit is a dynamic plugin that can be used for many different things such as:

  • Creating a building or town
  • Editing terrain to fit more with your build
  • Copying and pasting various builds that you’d like to spread around or save as schematics
  • Protecting a spawn area
  • Much much more

Useful Links

Download WorldEdit: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit
Developer’s Documentation: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit
Command List: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference