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How to Play Modpacks with Technic

Last modified on Dec 21, 2022 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft is an extremely flexible game, offering players many different gameplay options. A popular example is using mods to enhance combat, exploration, or building. There are tons of these modifications, with most being used by players in collections known as modpacks. These can contain hundreds of mods to form a completely unique experience in Minecraft, such as Technic packs. Whether you’re wanting to set up a Tekkit server to play with friends or enjoy a singleplayer world, you’ll need to install everything properly. This includes downloading and preparing the Technic Launcher, then configuring settings for multiplayer. It can be a bit tricky to do this, especially if you’re brand new to the modding scene in Minecraft. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to play modpacks with Technic on your server or in a solo adventure.

Downloading Technic

As previously mentioned above, installing the Technic Launcher is a requirement for any of their modpacks. This is due to their team updating packs only on their platform, rather than multiple areas like on CurseForge. It’s important for all players to have updated modpacks, as servers tend to have the most recent versions. Follow the instructions below to begin installing and setting up the Technic Launcher.

  1. Navigate to the official Technic Download page.
  2. Scroll down and choose your device’s operating system, starting the download.
    Technic Launcher Download
  3. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  4. Open it up to begin installing the Technic Launcher.
  5. When it’s done, log into your Microsoft or Minecraft account.
    Technic Account Link
  6. After successfully logging in, you’re prepared to use the launcher.


Client Installation

Once the launcher is installed with your account linked to it, then downloading a modpack is the next step. Whether you’re wanting to explore new packs or try popular ones, this is all done through the program. Its user-interface is straightforward, making it easy to begin the process.

  1. After installing and signing into the launcher, select Modpacks at the top.
    Technic Modpacks
  2. Once there, proceed to type your desired pack in the text box near the left corner.
    Hexxit Technic Download
  3. Locate the modpack in the list below, then select it.
  4. To the right hand side, press Install to begin downloading it.
    Technic Install Modpack
  5. Wait for this to finish, then click Play at the bottom right to load the modpack.
    Technic Play Modpack


Server Installation

If you’re wanting to start a server to play with friends on a particular modpack, then reviewing our steps below will help. It’s all done through our simplified panel, only needing a few clicks to automatically load them. However, we may not have every single modpack in our system, requiring you to manually install it.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section.
    Minecraft Game File
  2. Proceed to open the dropdown menu by clicking the current server type.
  3. Lookup the desired modpack you want in the text box, then select it from the list.
    Minecraft Hexxit Server Installation
  4. Continue to press Change Version and Create New World in the following prompts.
  5. Afterward, click Restart Now in the final prompt to begin loading the server’s modpack.
    Minecraft Modpack Loaded
  6. Once the server comes online, join it using the Technic Launcher with your pack.


Common Issues

Not Enough RAM

In cases where you’re trying to launch a modpack and it’s requiring more RAM, then allocating more is required. Essentially, what this means is that the desired pack needs additional memory to fully work. After making sure the Technic Launcher can use extra RAM, try to Play the modpack again to see if it properly loads. However, if the issue persists, then close down unneeded applications on your computer to reduce memory usage.

Downloading Errors

Sometimes, receiving a downloading error may be the result of an antivirus or firewall preventing a stable connection. Keeping this in mind, double-check if your protection software is actively blocking the Technic Launcher. Creating an exception for this is likely required to resolve the situation, but disabling the antivirus or firewall is also an option. However, this entire problem could be the result of Technic’s end. In this scenario, you’ll have to wait until they fix the issue before downloading your modpack(s).

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