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Rankup Plugin

Last modified on Nov 1, 2021 in Plugins

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Rankup Plugin


Rankup is a plugin that lets you use the /rankup command to move through the ranks defined by PermissionsEx, there are 6 ranks to move through by default and as you gain money through jobs and mcMMO you’ll be able to rank up and unlock some really neat perks, extra sethomes, as well as the ability to rank up your jobs and mcMMO skills even faster.


  • /rankup : Allows you to rankup to the next rank
  • /ranks : Views all ranks you can access and get to
  • /prestige : Prestige and reset your rank again after attaining max rank
  • /prestiges : Views a list of all prestiges
  • /pru : Displays general plugin information, check for updates, and reloads config
Level Up Doug


Rankup is a lightweight plugin with a dependence on having a ranks plugin already installed such as PermissionsEx, all that rankup does is allows you to move through the ranks with a simple command rather than using the complicated process that using the actual ranking plugin you have installed would use.

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