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Rankup Plugin

Last modified on Nov 17, 2022 in Plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Many Minecraft Paper or Bukkit-related servers have a rank system, whether that’s LuckPerms or another permission management plugin. However, most rank plugins don’t allow for players to rank themselves up by paying for it with in-game money. Luckily, the PrisonRanksX plugin allows you to do just that! You can configure everything for it, such as all messages, commands, how many ranks, and more. It requires additional plugins to get all features functional, and there are some other optional ones to use too. This Apex Hosting resource walks you through the steps to get them installed and configured so players can rankup.


  1. Head to the following plugin pages to download the files: PrisonRanksX, EssentialsX, and Vault.
    Note: PlaceHolderAPI and EssentialsX Chat plugins are highly recommended to use with these other ones for better chat formatting. In our example, we included all of these plugins.
  2. Once you downloaded the plugins, proceed to your Apex server panel and in the top left click FTP File Access.
    FTP File Access Apex Game Server
  3. Login with your panel password and navigate into the plugins directory.
  4. After doing that, press Upload from the left-hand side of your screen.
  5. Drag and drop the files into the respective area to begin uploading them.
    PrisonRanksX Server Installation
  6. When you see that all plugins reached 100%, head back to the main panel to Restart the server. That’ll load up the plugins you just uploaded!


Getting Started

The PrisonRanksX plugin has accumulated 27,000+ downloads over four years according to its Spigot page with great reviews. It’s updated to 1.19, but can also be used for 1.5 versions of Minecraft! That means this plugin is compatible with almost every online Minecraft server. It has many features and functions that are controlled by commands or configuration files. The main functionality from PrisonRanksX is that you can rankup, prestige, or rebirth in-game. They are all ways for you to manage certain ranks or groups that players can work towards.


PrisonRanksX Rankup Command

Using the main /rankup command is what most players will be doing, since that levels up your account to the next group. You can program unique commands to be executed after running the main command. For our example, it teleports the player to the “Rank B” warp by using EssentialsX, gives them a diamond, and runs broadcast messages in-chat. This is really useful for Prison servers, but can be implemented into Factions, Skyblock, or others. As for adding or removing specific ranks, that’s Inside the ranks.yml file from the PrisonRanksX folder in the plugins directory. An example of that is down below to demonstrate how it’s done.

    'A':  -  Default rank for all players
      display: "&7[&1A&7]"  -  Rank prefix
      nextrank: B  -  Next rank to be
      cost: 0  -  Money required to get this rank



PrisonRanksX Prestiege Command

Similarly to ranking up, prestiges are reserved ranks for high-tier players on your Minecraft server. The main /prestige command is how players will do that, but the default cost for it is $5 million, which can be completely configured to what you need. For instance, you can make the cost $10,000 instead, force teleport the player somewhere just like ranking up or giving the user items/blocks. Essentially any command that’s available on your server is acceptable for this configuration. You can edit all that in the prestiges.yml file from the plugin’s folder. Down below you can review the default first one.

  'P1':  -  Name of prestige
    display: "&8[&9P1&8]"  -  Prestige prefix
    cost: 5000000.0  -  Amount of money needed
    nextprestige: P2  -  Name of next prestige
    executecmds: []  -  Set of commands to run
    broadcast: []  -  Global chat message
    msg: []  -  Private chat message
    rankup_cost_increase_percentage: 125



PrisonRanksX Rebirth Command

After prestiging 9 times, you’re allowed to rebirth and it’s essentially higher than a normal prestige. Using the /rebirth command is what’s required for this functionality. This can be used for the best players on your server, which takes a lot of money by default due to that. Being reborn is another way to rankup just like before, but it’s completely configurable if you want in the rebirths.yml file. You can check an example down below for the first rebirth level.

  R1:  -  Name of rebirth
    display: "&c&l[R1]"  -  Rebirth prefix
    cost: 123456789.0  -  Amount needed to be reborn
    nextrebirth: R2  -  Name of next rebirth
    executecmds: []  -  Automatic commands to be executed
    broadcast: []  -  Global chat message
    msg: []  -  Private chat message
    prestige_cost_increase_percentage: 125
    required_prestiges: 10  -  number of required prestiges before being reborn



PrisonRanksX Configuration Files

Some may find it easier to use the files to edit the ranks, prestiges, or anything else with the plugin. It might even be suggested to do for specific customizable options, such as configuring what commands are sent after ranking up. As noted previously, PrisonRanksX is completely controlled through its files, which means there are tons of options for you to review. Although, not everything needs to be programmed so we’d only be going through the important ones for you to get started.

Automatic Commands

Using commands for your ranks or prestiges is applicable in the ranks.yml, prestiges.yml, and rebirths.yml files. The exact format isn’t the standardized command that you’d use in-game, but rather a prefix to determine if the Console or Player sends the command. Below is an example of both types of commands that can be used for your configuration.

      - "[console] give %player% diamond 1"  -  This command is sent by the server to the player.
      - "[player] warp %rankup%"  -  Players automatically use this command with their permissions.

Note: If the user does not have permission to use their [player] command, then nothing will happen. The [console] commands would execute for the user despite permissions.


Other Options

Inside the config.yml file of PrisonRanksX, you can find a complete list of all options to edit. This is the area where you can control how aspects of it act in-game, such as chat formats, toggling rebirths, and a lot more. Due to the amount of settings in the file, you might get overwhelmed so down below are important ones to note.

force-display-order: '{rebirth}{prestige}{rank}'  -  Controls chat prefixes in your format
format-chat: true  -  Enables or disables all chat formats from the plugin
per-rank-permission: false  -  Toggles if players need “prisonranksx.rankup.[rankname]” to rankup
enable-leaderboard: true  -  Allows a leaderboard of highest ranks, prestiges, and rebirths
rankup-vault-groups-plugin: Vault  -  Used to determine the permissions/groups plugin

If you’re wanting to view a detailed overview of the config file(s), head here.

Admin Setup

PrisonRanksX Createrank Command

Instead of using the configuration files, you can also create, edit, or delete ranks from command usages. It may also be used to remove ranks from players if that’s required, among other functions. However, not everything can be configured by using admin commands. You may find a list of them down below to easily control ranks in-game.

/prx createrankAbility to create a new rank for your players.
/prx setrankcostDefines an existing rank’s cost to rankup.
/prx setrankdisplaySets an existing rank’s prefix for chat format.
/prx setrankpathMoves a created rank to another pathway.
/prx delrankDeletes a known rank from your list.
/prx setdefaultrankControls the default rank all players start on.
/prx setlastrankAllows you to define the last rank a user can be.
/prx setrankManually move a player to another rank.
/prx resetrankResets a user to the default rank.
/forcerankupBypasses parameters to force a rankup.
/prx saveSaves configuration from commands.
/prx reloadReloads the plugin to apply new edits.

Note: The prisonranksx.admin permission node is for all of these commands.

Player Commands

The main point for this plugin is to allow your users to rank themselves up, which requires commands and permissions to do. You can review them for default players down below. If you want a detailed list of them, please visit PrisonRanksX’s Command Wiki.

/rankupprisonranksx.rankupAbility to advance to another rank.
/rankupmaxprisonranksx.rankupmaxRankup to the maximum one that a player can be.
/autorankupprisonranksx.autorankupAutomatically ranks up when enough money is available.
/ranksprisonranksx.ranksDisplays an entire list of ranks.
/prestigeprisonranksx.prestigeAbility to advance to another prestige.
/prestigemaxprisonranksx.prestigemaxPretiges to the maximum one a player can be.
/autoprestigeprisonranksx.autoprestigeAutomatically prestiges when a player meets the requirements.
/prestigesprisonranksx.prestigesShows the full list of prestiges.
/topprestigesprisonranksx.topprestigesLists the top player prestiges.



Having ranks on your Minecraft server is an amazing tool to manage your players and have them use specific abilities. Giving your playerbase goals to reach promotes gameplay, which is why PrisonRanksX is a wonderful plugin to give your users that opportunity. They can rankup, prestige, and be reborn to constantly promote growth in-game. Everything about the plugin is configurable through files or commands, and that makes it easier for admins. We hoped you found this guide helpful in creating a rankup system for your server!

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