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What is a Permission Node?

Last modified on Aug 4, 2021 in Control Panel

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Playing on Minecraft servers, it’s highly likely you have been on a server that has a ranking/group system. Generally in this system, certain groups have certain commands such as /fly, /gamemode, etc. Having a rank system is definitely one of the most essential parts of owning a Minecraft server, but this is surely easier said than done. You cannot have ranks on your server unless you are using a permissions/group plugin. A good example of a plugin for this is PermissionsEx. Creating groups and setting prefixes is easy enough, but setting permissions for these groups generally causes a lot of confusion. In Minecraft, every command is linked to a permission node. These nodes are what is used in order to specify which commands you can access in-game.

At first look, permission nodes definitely seem a bit difficult to understand as they are not in a relatable command format. For example, if you have the EssentialsX plugin and you want to add a permission for the player to type /spawn. You would need to add “essentials.spawn” as the permission.

There is no way to know every permission node out there and there is no simple formula to figure it out without some research. However, nearly every plugin does include a section that has all of the necessary permission nodes that you may need to use. In this guide, we will be walking you through how you can find these permission nodes and how to use it with PermissionsEx.

How to find the permission nodes

Since every plugin is different in the way they do documentation, the permission node information can either be stored in the plugin wiki or just the main Spigot/Bukkit page. This sounds pretty basic, but really the most effective way to find the permission nodes is just by googling “pluginname permission nodes”. Doing this will almost always bring up a page that includes it.

As an example, we will use EssentialsX permission nodes. When I google “essentialsx permission nodes”, one of the first links shown is a page that has every single node for the plugin with descriptions.

On this site, if I wanted to add the /god command to a player, I can see that “essentials.god” lines up with the god command. So the permission node would be “essentials.god”.

How to add permissions with PermissionsEx

For this section, we will be using EssentialsX again as an example of commands we want to add to a group. These methods can be applied to just about any plugin as well.

The command to add permissions with PermissionsEx is “/pex group groupname add permissionnodehere”. So if you wanted to add the /home command to the default group with PermissionsEx, type “/pex group default add essentials.home”.

For more information on adding permission nodes with PermissionsEx, check out our tutorial here.

Commands/Permission nodes used

/pex group groupname add permissionnodehere - Adds the permission to the defined group
/pex user username add permissionnodehere - Adds the permission to the defined user
essentials.spawn - Permission node for the /spawn command
essentials.home - Permission node for the /home command
essentials.god - Permission node for the /god command


Permissions are by far one of the hardest to understand part of server hosting. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be set. These nodes may seem overwhelming, but as long as you follow the tips we gave in this guide, you should be set. Always check the plugins’ official pages to find the permission nodes. It’s likely if you do not see any, they simply don’t need to be added. Most big plugins such as Essentials will always keep proper documentation of the necessary permission nodes you may need.

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