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Minecraft FTB Utilities Mod Guide

Last modified on Nov 3, 2022 in mods

mc head By Nathan Young


When playing on a Minecraft server, there are often commands that are available to the players. While plugins like EssentialsX provide new commands and settings, Forge servers do not have easy access to these features. This problematic situation is resolved with FTB Utilities, an all-in-one mod that provides a variety of new additions to your server. This mod can be customized to suit your needs from teleportation to ranks, among other aspects. Due to all the commands and configurable options, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. Using the mod is easy after installing it from our user-friendly interface, so Apex Hosting created this guide to help you get started.


The FTB Utilities mod needs to be installed on both the launcher and server, plus an additional dependency mod to function properly.


  1. Head to the FTB Utilities and FTB Library mod pages, then click Files.
    FTB Utilities CurseForge
  2. Scroll down until you see the version you want, then click the mod file’s Name.
  3. Locate and press the Download button to obtain the file(s).
    FTB Utilities CurseForge Download

    Note: You can review our guide here for additional information about using CurseForge.

  4. Once all files are downloaded, drag and drop them into your localized mods folder for the game launcher.
    Note: This process varies depending on the client you use, but review this for the default launcher instructions.
  5. Startup Minecraft with your mods installed to confirm they load.



You’ll need the same mods you downloaded onto your client for the server-side installation.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press FTP File Access in the top left corner.
    Apex Server Panel FTP File Access
  2. Login with your password, then locate and enter into the mods directory.
  3. Near the top left, click Upload and drag the mod files into the respective area.
    FTB Utilities Server Installation
  4. Wait for the JAR files to reach 100%, then head back to the main panel to Restart the server.


Getting Started

The FTB Utilities mod was released around 2015 by LatvianModder and accumulated over 70 million downloads on CurseForge. It’s considered to be one the best Forge 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 mods on the market. There are a lot of features with this mod that can truly enlighten your server gameplay experience, especially with other players. We’ll be going through highlighted features and commands to help you get started with FTB Utilities.

Chunk Claiming

FTB Utilities Chunk Claiming

You or others may want to claim chunks in your Minecraft world to protect against thieves, griefers, or to establish a base against other teams. With the FTB Utilities mod, you can either use a GUI or commands to achieve that. The easiest way to claim chunks is through the GUI, which you can do by opening your player inventory and clicking the Claimed Chunks map icon in the top left. Afterward, simply left-click the spots you want to claim and your counter in the bottom right will keep track of them. If you’re needing to unclaim a chunk, then right-click on them to achieve that. For more information about the GUI, review the FTB Utilities Chunk Claiming Wiki.

Otherwise, you can use the list of commands down below to claim regions in the world.

/chunks claimAbility to claim the chunk your player is located at.
/chunks unclaimAbility to unclaim the chunk your player is standing in.
/chunks loadEnables loading of your claimed chunk.
/chunks unloadDisables loading of the claimed chunk.
/chunks unclaim_all [dimension] [player]Unclaim all chunks for a specific player in a certain dimension.
/chunks unload_all [dimension] [player]Unload all chunks for a certain user in a specific dimension.
/chunks unclaim_everything [dimension]Unclaim every chunk for all players.
/chunks unload_everything [dimension]Unload each chunk for every user.
/chunks infoDisplays information about the chunk you’re standing in.
/chunks claim_asClaim as a server-created team (ex: spawn chunks).


Teleport Commands

FTB Utilities Warp Teleporting

There are other commands that you and others can use in-game that will greatly improve gameplay on your modded Forge server. They are simple yet powerful ones that allow you to teleport between places. For example, a player might want to transport to the spawn or head towards their set home. Down below is a list of user commands for you to review, but you may review an entire list here.

/sethome [name]Allows you to set a teleportation to your specific location, called a home.
/home [name]The ability to teleport to your set home.
/home listDisplays all your defined homes.
/delhome [name]Ability to remove your configured home.
/setwarp [name]Creates a public teleportation to a specific spot.
/warp [name]Allows you to transport to a set warp.
/warp listDisplays every warp in a list.
/delwarp [name]Ability to delete a created warp.
/backReturns you to the last death location of your player.
/spawnTransports you to the world’s spawn.



FTB Utilities Rank Create Command

Players in your server can be assigned ranks to have access to the commands for any function from the FTB Utilities mod. This can be helpful if you want to limit the amount of power default users can wield. Ranks are enabled innately when you install the modification on the server, so you can immediately start setting it up. The majority of the setup is done through commands, but if you can configure it manually through its configuration file(s). You may visit the FTB Utilities Ranks Wiki to learn more about these functions and configs. You can check out the list of commands to get started down below.

/ranks create [name]Ability to set a new rank.
/ranks delete [rank]Removes an existing rank.
/ranks add [player]Adds a player to a configured rank.
/ranks remove [player]Deletes a user from a specified rank.
/ranks get [player]Displays the rank(s) a person has on their account.
/ranks getp [rank/player] [permission]Returns the defined permission from a rank or player.
/ranks setp [rank/player] [permission]Allows you to set permissions for a user or rank.

To find out what type of permission nodes you can use, review all of them here.


FTB Utilities Rank Set Power Command

The power level for each rank determines which one takes priority. It’s an important option for every rank so default players don’t use admin level permissions. The value can be anything you want, but it’s best to keep it within a reasonable range.

FTB Utilities Rank Name Format Command

The chat format for each rank is a good tool because other users can know if they’re talking with an admin or default player. It can also be used to make your chat colorful compared to the normal white colored Minecraft chat. The main placeholder is {name}, which returns the player’s username and you may format around that to your liking.

FTB Utilities Rank Max Home Command

Having unlimited homes might be a good function for admins or owners, but not other players. You can set the permission to true or false after the node in the command. This will apply to almost every node unless it requires different values such as the chat format permission.


The main configuration for the mod settings are located in the ftbutilities.cfg file, which you may find in the config directory via the FTP panel. You can toggle which commands should be allowed, disable AFK, chunk claiming, PvP, and configure specific functions such as spawn or starting items. In other words, you have a wide range of options to edit if you wish. You can review a short list of common settings down below.

commands {
login {
        {id:"minecraft:stone_sword",Count:1,Damage:1,tag:{display:{Name:"Epic Stone Sword"}}}
world {



FTB Utilities is a wonderful tool that helps you claim chunks, setup ranks, teleport, among other aspects. Your players will enjoy the new functions from the mod that hopefully will make the server more enjoyable. Everything is configurable through commands or a GUI, but you can view the files if you want even more flexibility. If you have a modded factions server or something similar, then this mod is certainly worth using due to all its unique and essential features. We hoped this guide helped you in installing and using the FTB Utilities mod on your Forge server!

Common Issues

Server is Crashing
Ensure that you installed the required dependency, FTB Library, to load FTB Utilities. If it continues to crash, then you may have corrupted a particular configuration file. You might want to revert recent changes or delete all files associated with the mod(s) to be freshly reinstalled. That’d likely resolve any issues, but if not then double-check the game version your server runs on and the mod versions you installed.

Ranks/Commands Not Working
Make sure you are using the power permission properly when configuring ranks. That controls if one higher powered rank overrides a lesser rank. Additionally, you would want to be the server's operator before running any of the admin commands.

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