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How To Install And Use Essentials Plugin

Basic Description

Essentials is the quintessential (pun intended) Minecraft plugin, it enables all of the most recognizable and used commands in the game, from something as simple as setting a spawn point to creating kits, to setting warps, Essentials does it all.

Upon opening the Essentials folder you’ll see a multitude of configuration files that enable you to set up various aspects of your server, the most important amongst these is the config.yml file. It is conveniently broken up into various segments so that you can create the perfect feel for your server.

Each segment has an area above that explains how the plugin works and what exactly to do when configuring it so be sure and look there for in depth explanations

Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/essentialsx.9089/


Due to essentials being one of the plugins with the most commands that you can find on bukkit or spigot I won’t be writing them all down here. I’ll provide a link to it below this section, just be aware that this is the plugin that allows you to perform the basic commands that nearly all servers have such as /sethome and /spawn. As well as /ban and other important basic functionality commands. To list them here would be ludicrous as they are listed in perfect form in the link below.

Commands page: https://essinfo.xeya.me/commands.php


Essentials is used for all basic server functions that have been around in Minecraft since its early days. One thing to note as that the links on this page link you to EssentialsX which is a fork (different version) of Essentials due to the original essentials plugin no longer being maintained. EssentialsX has also added a few better functionality differences that make it a better version of Essentials.

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