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How To Install and Use the Minecraft Essentials Plugin

Last modified on Jun 8, 2022 in Plugins

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Essentially EssentialsX

When you think of server commands, you probably think of whisper, warp, weather, home, or similar commands. However, most of those commands don’t actually come with Vanilla Minecraft. These commands that we have all come to know and love are added to the game via mods or server plugins.

The original Essentials plugin defined commands as we know them today. EssentialsX is a revival of the original plugin. It is bigger and better than ever with over 130 commands and features available, not including the aliases those commands may have.

Setting up your server

The first step when installing plugins like this is to make sure your server jar is on a compatible version.

EssentialsX needs a Bukkit fork to run on your server. We recommend using Paper as it can run plugins and has a lot of optimization and anti-cheat features to help keep your server running smoothly. You can change to Paper by doing the following:

  1. Login to your server’s Control Panel
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the section labeled “Jar File”
  3. Click on the dropdown menu and start typing “Paper”
  4. Click on the version of Paper you would like to use
  5. If you are changing from Vanilla Minecraft, click on the “use existing world” option when prompted. If you are using a modded minecraft version, please create a new world instead.
  6. Restart the server

Selecting your plugin(s)

EssentialsX has a lot of features that it adds by itself, but it also has a suite of addon plugins that you can add for more features. These include formatting your chat, setting nicknames, and adding warp locations, among many other features.
EssentialsX still has regular updates on the Spigot website, but we suggest using their official website to download the plugins and addons you would like as well as view their wiki showcasing everything you can do with the plugins.
From the downloads page on the official site you can view all of the available addons and download any you would like, just be sure you get the main EssentialsX plugin as it is required for all of the others to work.

Installing EssentialsX

Installing plugins on your Apex server is fairly straight forward. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your Apex server control panel
  2. In the menu on the left side of the page click on “FTP File Access.” You will need to enter the same password you used to login to your control panel to continue.
  3. Locate your “plugins” folder and click on it. If you do not see a plugins folder you need to either restart your server or change your server version to Paper as mentioned above.
  4. Once you are inside the plugins folder, click on the “upload” button in the menu in the top left of the screen.
  5. Click on the .jar files you downloaded from the essentials website earlier and drag them into the big grey box on the right side of the screen. Alternatively, you can click on the words “add files” and navigate to the files in your computer’s explorer.
  6. The plugins will appear in the box on the left side of the screen with a progress counter below them. Once the counter hits 100% you are done. Just restart the server and the plugins will be ready to go
  7. You can join the server and run the command /pl to check that the plugins are installed correctly.
  8. How To use EssentialsX

    EssentialsX has dozens of commands and features meant to make your life easier. You can create a basic economy within your server so you can have your users trade and exchange with one another.
    You can also create anti-build protections to prevent users from building in certain areas and crete warps to common areas for your players to use.

    For instance, to create a warp point for players to use, just go to the location you want players to warp to and run the command /setwarp NAME. Just change the “NAME” to the name you want players to be able to use.


    You can also create player kits so users get gear when they join the server or as they need it. It is all up to you to decide!

    We strongly recommend browsing through the official wiki

    for the EssentialsX suite of plugins to learn about all of the different features that you can use.

    Common issues

    None of my commands are working!
    This usually means that the plugin was either not installed correctly, or you do not have permission to use the commands yet. Make sure you are opped on your server so you can run all of your commands.

    I can use commands now, but I don’t want to op my players so they can use them
    You will need to install a permissions manager like LuckPerms and give your players access to the commands you want them to have. We have a good guide for how to install and use LuckPerms here.
    A full list of the permissions added by EssentialsX can be found on the official wiki here

    My players get tools when they first join the server
    That is caused by a setting in the EssentialsX config files. You can remove this feature by doing the following:

    1. Find the config file in the config files tab of your control panel, or in FTP File Access.
    2. Use ctrl+f to open a search box on the page and type in “kit: tools” without the quotes. This will take you straight to the value you need to change.
    3. Change kit: tools to kit: ' '
    4. Save the changes and restart the server

    My player don’t respawn at their beds!
    This is similar to the issue above. You just need to make a couple of small changes to the config file to fix it.

    1. Open the EssentialsX config file and use ctrl+f to open a search bar
    2. Search for respawn-at-home-bed to go straight to the section you need to change.
    3. Change both respawn-at-home-bed and respawn-at-home so they are set to true.
    4. Save the changes and restart the server.


    Below are a few links with commands, downloads, and anything else mentioned in the tutorial

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