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How To Use Multiverse Core Plugin

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in Plugins

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Multiverse is another plugin you’ll often find in various types of Minecraft servers. The way that it is best applied in a survival server with an mcMMO focus like this one is by allowing you to separate a “spawn-world” from the main world that you’ll play in. Many servers do this, having a sort of “lobby area” that cannot be edited but where players can buy and sell items or learn more about the server before going off into the main survival world. In this particular type of server there is not much configuration needed for Multiverse, most of it revolves around how many worlds you have, the base command for the plugin is /mv and the entire command documentation can be found below.

This shouldn’t be a plugin that you need to touch too much unless you’re planning on adding worlds which is not recommended for smaller scale servers.


  • /mv list : Lists all of the worlds that you can enter
  • /mv : This is your base help command
  • /mv info : Gives you info on the world you’re in or the world you select in the command’s arguments
  • /mv create : Allows you to generate new worlds from scratch (be careful if your server is small, generating a new world or multiple worlds can cause lag and/or crash it)
  • /mv import : Allows you to import a world that you have previously uploaded to your server
  • /mv reload : Basic reload function, reloads config files and all world files


(Included commands above are not all the plugin commands. More can be found at the link above and by using the command /mv in game)


Multiverse is most often used to important and upload various different worlds that a server owner may want to put in their server. It can also be used to generate all sorts of different types of worlds from in game and is a useful tool for any server that needs more than the default three worlds!

Useful Links

Command page link: https://github.com/Multiverse/Multiverse-Core/wiki/Command-Reference

Link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-core