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Basic Description

This is a plugin used across a variety of servers in a variety of ways. It allows your everyday player to create a shop that they can then link to a sign and chest in order to sell or buy any items within the game. For a prison server this can be useful if you’d like to allow players to buy their own plots and set up shop in order to make more money or if you’d like them to be able to set up shops inside their cells.

In order to set up a chestshop you’ll need to put a sign above a chest. The first line of the sign will be automatically filled with your name by the plugin. The second line of the sign needs to list the amount of items to buy or sell at once. The third line is a combination of buy and sell prices for example you could simply type “B 10: 5 S” which would list the buy and sell prices for whatever you were selling. The fourth and final line of the sign needs to be the name or ID of the item. You can write “?” on the sign and the item will be auto filled with the one from the chest or you can click on the sign with the item afterwards. There isn’t really any configuration that you’ll have to do with this plugin, just drag and drop and you should be good to go!

Useful Links

Documentation – https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/chestshop