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Setup and Play a Crundee Craft Server in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Crundee Craft Modpack Hosting
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Vanilla Minecraft offers many activities to try out, leading players on a grand adventure. However, this can easily become repetitive and underwhelming for some. Solving this scenario leads them to experiment with modifications, which adds new features to Minecraft. Combining these into large collections, known as modpacks, provide players with a completely unique experience. If you’re wanting to have a wide variety of equipment, special abilities, and new biomes full of surprises in your game, then using the Crundee Craft modpack is perfect for you. This implements tons of mods in Minecraft for you and others to enjoy, leading on a wild adventure through several dimensions. Setting this up to play with friends is easily done on our panel, as this pack comes preinstalled for your convenience. Unfortunately, some newcomers may not be familiar with our system and become confused along the way. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to set up and play Crundee Craft on your Minecraft server.


An extremely popular YouTuber called SSundee and a few others created the Crundee Craft modpack for everyone to enjoy. This was published on CurseForge in 2017 and gathered over 180k downloads. It’s for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 and contains 80+ mods that completely changes how you play through the game. The main premise is to survive and build in an enhanced version of vanilla by using brand new resources, items, blocks, and more.

Client Installation

Before starting your grand adventure with the Crundee Craft modpack, you’ll need to install the CurseForge launcher. This allows you and others to quickly install everything needed to play. The following instructions guide you through this process.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge, then click Download for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save and open this file on your computer to begin the installation process.
  3. Afterward, start the launcher and press the Browse Modpacks button in the menu.
    CurseForge Modpacks
  4. Proceed to enter “Crundee Craft” in the Search field and click Install once found.
    Crundee Craft Modpack Download
  5. Wait for everything to download, then press Play from My Modpacks to begin loading it.


Server Installation

This modpack introduces many different modifications to the game, so we highly recommend creating a new Server Profile on the panel. This provides you with a safe way to play Crundee Craft without any possibility of internal server conflict. However, this isn’t required for you to begin installing the pack. When you’re ready, review the steps below to start this process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section.
    Minecraft 1.19.4
  2. Press on the currently selected option to reveal a dropdown list.
  3. Continue to type “CrundeeCraft” in the text box, then click it once found.
    Crundee Craft Server Hosting
  4. Afterward, select Change Version, Create New World, and Restart Now.
    Crundee Craft Servers
  5. When you’re finished, join the server with your installed profile via CurseForge.


Getting Started

Crundee Craft Guide

Upon joining the Crundee Craft server, players will immediately notice the difference between Vanilla Minecraft. Whether you start off in an enhanced biome or near a fortified village, there’s bound to be features you haven’t seen before. This also includes brand new mobs, with the majority being friendly towards players. However, there are some that will attack on sight or easily become hostile. Keep this in mind as you begin playing through the modpack. Additionally, everyone spawns with three starter items in their inventory. These include Materials & You: Volume 1, World Domination, and a Crystal Ball. The first two are interactable books with information about the world around you.

Opening either of the books allows you to view valuable information about common resources, tools, blocks, and crafting recipes. Simply click on the arrows in bottom right or specific items to begin accessing these details. As for the Crystal Ball, this is used to create your character for NPC actions. Players can interact with them in villages, such as engaging in dialogue, trading goods, or having them follow you as a companion.

World Domination Book Minecraft

There are many essentials to keep in mind when enjoying the Crundee Craft, so review the subsections below to get started.

Basic Resources

Basic Resources Crundee Craft

Similarly to Vanilla Minecraft’s gameplay, collecting basic resources is required to begin your adventures. This involves gathering Wood Logs, Cobblestone, Coal, among other common blocks. Although, there are new minerals to find and obtain as well. These will be useful for later, so mining them is recommended. Additionally, make sure to focus on collecting wooden planks, as this will come in handy very soon.

Besides this, ensure to have some food items in your inventory to sustain your hunger.

Tinkers’ Construct

When you’ve obtained enough basic resources, open the Materials & You: Volume 1 book. This introduces you to Tinkers’ Construct, a mod that allows players to craft strong equipment. However, you’ll need to make Blank Patterns, Stencil Tables, Part Crafters, and Tool Stations before getting powerful equipment. These patterns are similar to blueprints, meaning you can use them for specific parts in your tool or weapon.

Tinkers' Construct

Make sure to read through the book since it contains valuable information about this entire process. Once you’ve created your first upgraded item, two rewards are granted: Materials & You: Volume 2 and Tinkers’ Weaponry.

Unique Mobs

Crundee Craft Jack O Man
Minecraft Elephant

As you continue playing through the Crundee Craft modpack, new mobs will slowly appear in the world. These are biome-specific, meaning some will only be available in deserts while others are elsewhere. For example, players may stumble into Jack O’ Man or an Elephant in their adventures. Both of these are passive mobs, but others might be unfriendly so be on guard. Keep in mind that most creatures in your world will drop items upon death, allowing you to farm for unique loot. Whether you quickly get a valuable ingot or some extra food, it’s encouraged to take advantage of the mobs you encounter.

Enhanced Biomes

Crundee Craft World Generation

There are countless biomes to explore and build within, but the majority are enhanced versions of default ones. This means you’ll find special trees in normal plains or extremely large mountains in savannas. The modpack also introduces Biomes O’ Plenty into the mix, allowing for even more amazing biomes. Besides this, there are unique terrain generations that impact everything in the world, such as random floating slime islands.

These disregard biomes, as they appear globally and aren’t limited.

Hostile Environment

While the biomes themselves are wondrous, there are lots of dangerous areas within them. For example, Quicksand locations will pull players underneath and begin suffocating them. Other kinds may include Oil pits or streams that significantly slows down everyone in its path. Avoiding these areas in your world is best for anyone starting out, but some of them may come in handy for later like oil sources for machines.

Quicksand Minecraft

Be cautious as you run around the map, as getting trapped isn’t ideal for anyone.

Better Villages

Crundee Craft Villages

Other areas of interest to find throughout the world are villages, which are completely redesigned compared to default types. There will be loads of NPCs wandering around, among guards in towers or alongside fortified walls. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of possible loot to collect. Whether you get lucky with unique weapons or found valuable resources, make sure to explore every building to gather materials.

Otherwise, this customized village can be a wonderful starting base for anyone.

When entering a village, NPCs will begin chatting with you and other players. If you’re wanting to interact with them, simply right-click to open a menu that gives you many options. Whether you’re trading with someone or requesting they follow you into battle, there are many possibilities. However, bear in mind that each character has unique moods and personalities.

Crundee Craft NPCs

These determine their role in the game, with some being tailored for combat more than others.

Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest Portal
Twilight Forest Dimension

Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, players have access to brand new dimensions. An extremely popular one is the Twilight Forest, which grants you the ability to discover an exciting world. Explore dungeons full of dangerous mobs, defeat bosses for powerful loot, among collecting unique resources around the environment. Before reaching this dimension, players need to create its portal by placing water in a 2×2 area, then placing different types of flowers around it. Afterward, simply drop a Diamond inside to transform the liquid into a portal. Once this is done, jump in and enjoy the Twilight Forest on your Minecraft server.

Chance Cubes

Chance Cubes Minecraft

Instead of hunting down structures or other areas in the world, players may stumble on a Chance Cube. These are unique blocks that will drop random items or spawn nearby events after breaking it. Whether you get fortunate and instantly collect valuable minerals or basic resources, it’s always worthwhile to try your luck. However, sometimes players will get unlucky and encounter a dangerous situation with these chance cubes.

Remember this when you’re breaking one of these blocks, as you never know what could happen.

Inventory Pets

As for special abilities, players can use specific pets that grant them strong powers. These are items that are supposed to be either in the user’s hand or hotbar, giving them access to a wide variety of features. For example, using a Cloud Pet provides creative flight and the ability to shoot lightning anywhere. However, each of these pets require food materials to upkeep their durability.

Crundee Craft Pets

Without having enough of these items, your powers won’t work. If you’re curious about a pet’s crafting recipe, then review the JEI menu on the left-hand side of your inventory screen.


Twilight Forest Final Boss

After playing through the Crundee Craft modpack for a while, players will find themselves in the “endgame” experience. This may involve battling the final boss of the Twilight Forest or simply building the ultimate xp machine. It’s important to note that there isn’t an ending to this adventure, as you are in control of the story. There are tons of achievements to unlock, giving players plenty of opportunities to enjoy this modpack.

With this in mind, there will always be activities to try out on your server.

Common Issues

Unable to Join Server
Occasionally, players may be unable to join the server due to a number of reasons. An extremely common one to encounter is using the incorrect server address to make the connection. Make sure all players are using a valid IP Address:Port or Subdomain when joining, as even one mistake will result in the same outcome. Another common problem is not using the latest version of Crundee Craft when making the connection. Ensure everyone has their modded profile up to date in CurseForge before joining the server. However, if the situation persists, then this could mean there’s an underlying issue.

Crundee Craft Isn’t Working
In cases where the modpack isn’t loading or functioning properly on the server, double check you’ve successfully selected it in the Game File area of the panel. Afterward, make sure to confirm the changes in the following prompts, then Restart to ensure everything gets loaded. Although, if this process is done on an existing Server Profile, problems may continue to happen. It’s strongly recommended to create a new one for your server, as this creates a separate FTP directory for all your game files. This allows Crundee Craft to safely load and store data without any conflict. Alternatively, manually installing the modpack may be your best option if nothing seems to be working. This is a bit technical, but should resolve the entire situation. As for any client-sided problems, redownloading it on the CurseForge launcher is the best option. Make sure you’re doing this for the latest available version since that’s what the server will use. Although, allocating memory to the application is another option to ensure everything gets loaded properly.

The Modpack is Laggy
Due to the modpack’s game version and the amount of mods loaded on the server, encountering lag or performance issues may happen. This can be countered by following our Modded Optimization Guide, which teaches you how to ensure stable gameplay for all players. However, client-sided issues might happen if you have not enough memory allocated on CurseForge. It’s strongly recommended to make sure the application has enough RAM to function properly. Sadly, players may still freeze or have other problems when loading on the server. Working around this may involve you installing performance enhancing modifications, but tends to resolve itself after a little bit of time.

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How To Make a CrundeeCraft Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your CrundeeCraft server will be created instantly