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The Complete Guide To Minecraft For Parents

Minecraft is a sandbox game which means that players roam virtual worlds and can freely approach objectives or create their own. This non-linear gameplay makes it difficult for some to get started, but there is an abundance of information and opportunity to create many different enriching experiences within the game. This is why Minecraft has become the most popular game of all time. We created this guide to help consolidate all of the important information that you need to understand before getting started within the game. Our hosting services give you a reliable place to have fun in multiplayer Minecraft, but once you are logged in your adventure is completely up to you. We have create an overview of each important topic below to help you get started.

Terminology & Definitions
This History of Minecraft
Weapons & Armor
Food & Hunger
Structures & Buildings
Mobs, Creatures & NPCS
Game Modes
Installing the game
Playing single player and surviving the night
Creating Maps
Installing dowloaded maps
Playing multiplayer
Creating a server
Securing your server
Bukkit and Plugins
Forge Mods and Mod Packs
Mods & Plugins Together
YouTube & Twitch
Using Minecraft as an education tool
Minecraft Events