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How to Create a Map in Minecraft

So, you want to make a map in Minecraft?

When a map is crafted in Minecraft, it is blank until it is held and used. As you explore, the map will be drawn to show where you have been. Once the map is activated, the map that is shows the player’s surroundings from a top-down view. The top of the map will point north and the player, themselves, will be marked by a small oval pointer. This pointer will move in real-time as the player moves throughout the terrain. As the player explores, the map is recorded as the world is at that moment. If that area is modified, it will have to be “re-explored” for the map to be accurate. Another player can be displayed on the map as long as they have a map in their inventory that is a clone of the map that is being looked at.


minecraft map


A map is made of a total of nine items. These are eight papers and one compass, but you must make these items individually first. When you use the crafting table, a crafting grid of nine spaces opens up. To simplify things, we will number each space 1 through 9 starting in the upper left hand corner moving across the top row for numbers 1 through 3, then moving to the left side of the second row and moving across for numbers 4 through 6, then the bottom row will be 7 through 9 in the same fashion as the other two rows.

The first thing that should be made to create a map is each piece of paper. You will need eight pieces of paper total. Each piece of paper is made from 3 sugar canes that are placed across the second row within the crafting grid when you open the crafting table in spaces 4 through 6.

The next item to be made is the compass so that when you decide to use the map to track where you are going throughout the landscape, your journey will be marked down for you to be able to see. The items that are needed to make a compass include one piece of redstone and four iron ingots. To make a compass, the items must be placed exactly as needed for the item to be made. Within the crafting grid, the one piece of redstone must go into the center of the 3×3 grid. Then place each iron ingot in spaces 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Now that the papers and the compass have been made, now it is time to make the map. The compass must be placed in the very center of the crafting grid when you open the crafting table in space number 5. The pieces of paper fill the rest of the grid. To start mapping the terrain, make sure that the map is being held. Just remember that once the map is activated, that is the center point of the map. It does not center on the player but instead shows where the player is in relation to the center point of that area.