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We strive to provide you with the best in server hosting with our cutting edge hardware and top tier support to enable you to build an epic server for you and your friends. With this we’ve provided a quick start guide for those new to Minecraft Hosting and our services. The following information will outline the relative steps to get started in connecting to and managing your server.


All guides related to managing and playing Minecraft.


Ranging from basic billing tutorials to setting up a domain, learn how to manage all general aspects of your Minecraft server.


Explore a variety of awe-inspiring and diverse Minecraft maps created by Apex Hosting.


Learn how to install, configure, and use your favorite mods for your Minecraft Server.

Control Panel

Learn how to configure your Minecraft Server with Apex Hosting’s easy to use Control Panel.


Skip the long hours of server development by installing one of our many premade gametypes.


With thousands of Modpacks to choose from, learn how to play and install some of your favorite packs.


Manage and customize your server like no other with tutorials on installing and using plugins.

Server Errors

Dive into our comprehensive list of Minecraft server errors that coaches you on how to read them, and how to resolve them.


All other game and non-Minecraft specific guides.


Learn how to manage your Apex Hosting billing and panel account.


Learn how to manage your Valheim server hosting with our Valheim guides.


Learn how to manage your Rust server hosting with our Rust guides.


Learn how to manage your CS:GO Server Hosting with our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive guides.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Learn how to manage your Ark server hosting with our Ark guides.

Conan Exiles

Learn how to manage your Conan Exiles server hosting with our Conan Exiles guides.


Learn how to manage your Terraria server hosting with our Terraria guides.


Learn how to manage your Unturned server hosting with our Unturned guides.

Project Zomboid

Learn how to manage your Project Zomboid server hosting with our Project Zomboid guides.


Learn how to manage your Satisfactory Server Hosting with our Satisfactory guides.


Learn how to manage your Factorio Server Hosting with our Factorio guides.

7 Days to Die

Learn how to manage your 7 Days to Die Server Hosting with our 7 Days to Die guides.


Learn how to manage your Arma 3 Server Hosting with our Arma 3 guides.


Learn how to manage your Starbound Hosting with our Starbound guides.


Learn how to manage your Eco Hosting with our Eco guides.

The Forest

Learn how to manage your The Forest with our The Forest guides.

V Rising

Learn how to manage your V Rising with our V Rising guides.