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Category - Installing The Game


As a straightforward Java application, installing Minecraft is an easy process. Unlike most other modern PC games, proprietary software like Steam or Uplay is not required for installation. In fact, the game’s accessibility is a big part of its ongoing success. These are the steps for downloading and installing the game on your PC.


  1. Visit the Game Website

After landing on minecraft.net, the top left icon on the website’s navigation bar will lead you to a download link. Before downloading, you’ll be asked to create a Mojang account or sign in to an existing one. The next page features a green “download” button which will save the game’s installer to your computer.

If you’re hoping to install the game on a Mac or Linux PC, or on an entirely different type of device, the bottom of this page includes guides for all installations.


  1. Run MinecraftInstaller.msi

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, running it will open the game’s setup wizard.

Clicking “Next” will bring you to a page which asks you to select a destination folder for the game’s files. In most cases, it will default to the “Program Files” folder on your “C” drive. This is the best location to install the game.

This page will also ask you whether to create a desktop shortcut for the game.


  1. Run the Install

The final part of the setup wizard is approving the game’s install. Depending on your PC’s account settings, you may need approval from an administrator to run the install.

Once approved, the installation will “unpack” the game files in your chosen destination folder. Depending on your PC, the whole process should take one to five minutes. You will have the option to launch the game immediately upon the finished install.


  1. Log In to Your Mojang Account and Play

When the game’s launcher starts, you’ll be asked once again to log in to your Mojang account. This will bring you to the final part of the installation.

Before playing the game, you’ll need to update to the most recent patch. Simply starting the game will automatically begin this update.


Final Notes

Before starting your first play session, it’s a good idea to tinker with your video settings. Graphics and performance will vary on different PCs, but the game is playable on most modern machines. Still, it’s best to start on “Fast” graphics with the default rendering distance. You can always scale the graphics up as necessary.